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Mr. Zen

11/03/22 6:05 AM

#33 RE: DZ #32

Well I am a little early talking about this one, I am still trying to gather a position.. but with winter coming on I do not see much action around here.. most do not look at the long term but that is where the real wealth is made.
Follow the market cap rather than the share price, my buy orders are all in below the bid and I would like to get about 250k shares down here over the next month.
Yes these are long term holds, and I am getting stoked on a tidbit (rumor) that there may be a megafactory just outside Montreal within a year or two.
This is large flake lithium which demands a higher sale price, so a one year hold should be a 10 bagga at least, if the company moves forward and is not another mining company that just drags out the drill holes for years.