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08/23/22 9:50 PM

#129919 RE: iron-eagle #129918

Wowzer Now that’s some good stuff!!!!! Good Things Are Coming Very Very Very Soon !!!


08/23/22 10:01 PM

#129922 RE: iron-eagle #129918

The non-assert with MCC was signed in 2016. BioAmber still had big plans at the time for additional plants and capacity. Didn't work out.


08/24/22 12:26 AM

#129929 RE: iron-eagle #129918

BioAmber doesn’t own a dam thing. The non assert means absolutely nothing since BioAmber was liquidated for $4.34 mil to LCYB. BioAmber has no deals, no toll manufacturing, no assets, no employees, no BOD hell they don’t even have a corporate charter anymore for nonpayment of taxes. BioAmber hasn’t filed anything in years.
The shares are still attached to the debt loaded assets less, name less and finally charter less shell.

Show actual proof that BioAmber is anything but liquidated as described in the court docs and monitors reports.

Show actual proof that LCY purchased the shares of BioAmber. Not some made up string together fantasy BS actual proof. The offer letter from LCY for the BioAmber shares from any shareholder will do as proof that LCY bought the shares.


08/24/22 12:29 AM

#129930 RE: iron-eagle #129918

Well you sign a non asset that high thinking BioAmber and it’s affiliates might get to or pass that number.
Since this was signed BioAmber was liquidated. It has no affiliates anymore. BioAmber has nothing anymore unless you can provide actual proof otherwise


08/24/22 1:11 AM

#129934 RE: iron-eagle #129918

Ya. good questions IE. This digs into me as well. Things looked good over in Asia. I mean they are going to " take part in the formulation of the bio-based SA industry standard in china" that is pretty important I would say......