08/24/22 2:17 AM

#129935 RE: fireballka7 #129934

It again means nothing. How could it mean anything when BioAmber was liquidated in 2018. This month asset no longer exists as BioAmber no longer exists.
How can anyone think something else could come out of the liquidation of BioAmber? The creditors didn’t come even close to being paid in full. Not the secured or the unsecured. Since Shareholders are last in line for recovery that makes it impossible for shareholders to see anything at all. Let’s not forget that BioAmber has Zero assets of any kind, zero employees, zero BOD and like I stated earlier they don’t even have a valid corporate charter.
So since BioAmber has not said a word since it was liquidated and shut down why would anyone think this non assert survived?
How can anyone actually believe that BioAmber is still alive, doing business, had a secret transaction for the shares where the owners were not notified and is somehow taking in payments and paying out royalties on their toll manufacturing affiliates?