07/12/22 9:35 AM

#17678 RE: Bobwins #17676

sqz.l +.41.4 to GBP3.465 big pop in Euro nat gas due to Russians shutting off Nord 1. Will they turn it back on after the turbine gets installed? I think they will but they'll make the Europeans squirm before they do it.

Serica is almost all ngas so it should respond to Euro nat gas pricing.

VET is puzzling. They get 20% of their revs from European nat gas and they are down today because oil is down. Investors don't seem to get it. Amazing free cashflow is coming from the Euro nat gas. Oil is the major source of revs but their competitors don't have the same pricing on the nat gas. Oh well, have to wait for Q2 p&l to wake folks up. VET will be debt free in 2023 from free cashflow and are talking about raising dividends and buybacks after that happens.