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06/11/22 12:15 PM

#313 RE: Middleborder #311

Wonderful find MB & PM! Search is already working closely with the Canadian government & USA Rare Earths.

C$1.5B to invest in new critical minerals projects, with priorities for mineral processing, materials manufacturing, and recycling for key mineral and metal products in the battery and rare-earths supply chains

Search may be looking for a partner (USARE already owns shares) moving into a feasibility study & for project finance. As I have stated before USA Rare Earths will need "SEVERAL" suppliers of REE's as the Round Top project cannot alone supply what USARE needs as it moves to start it's mine to magnet strategy into 2023/2024
West Texas Rare Earth Mine Operator Announces First Fully Integrated U.S.-based Rare Earth Metal and Magnet Facility
Also note:
MP Materials has partnered with GM to establish another REE to Magnet Facility.
MB you also bring up a very good point as well-

Search is receiving funds from Newfoundland and Labrador, I do not know if CA funding will be provided to them and what strings would be attached. (This would probably explain SHCMF decision siting of processing facilities in Newfoundland.)

(Bro- Search has a wonderful Resource that can grow 3X into a REE District. They have the backing of the local peoples & wonderful Team ;& almost completely "Proven Process at Scale!") Long term hold for me IMHO...
Worth watching for sure! & folks can pick their own strategies...