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02/01/22 11:43 PM

#33 RE: Doc.007 #29

Here Links About "Acyclovir" & "Selenium" Use !!

Acyclovir By US Clinic Used :
When COVID Symptoms and Test-Positive :
Use Acyclovir 200mg Tablets 25 Packing as Anti-COVID-Pill :
At Adults for 6 Days, Daily 2x 400mg / 2 Tablets at every 12 Hours.
At Smaller Children for 6 Days, Daily 3x 100mg / 1/2 Tablets at every 8 Hours.

Essential Selenium-Yeast for Improving / Strengthen The Immunsystem Also At Elderly !
Essential because the Body can't producing itself and Can't Live Without.
Selenium-Yeast with Best Bioeffectivity by its natural Protein-Base similar to fresh Tuna.
Take Daily 200-250mcg as Prevention to ensure A Good Functioning Immunsystem.
It like this will also improve the general Health Conditions by Feeling Good.
Here in the US NIH.Gov Link from World famous Charité University Berlin by Prof. Dr. Lutz Schomburg and Colleges with the Title "Selenium Deficiency Is Associated with Mortality Risk from COVID-19 ( July 16, 2020 )"
( Within first 5 Pages will find its recommendation For Daily Selenium. )
Charité University Berlin is World famous because over 300 Years Old, has over 4500 Scientists & Doctors, 15'000 Employees and together with its Humboldt University Berlin since 1902 received 29 Nobel-Prizes !

There is more to say about Selenium, but this for now.