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02/02/22 8:39 AM

#35 RE: Doc.007 #33

The WHO General Director Personally, about this with More Details I also repeatedly informed, but naturally without receiving any Reply or Thanks for !


02/02/22 1:50 PM

#38 RE: Doc.007 #33

There is a reason Myself Also Mentioning About The Essential Selenium To Improve The Immunsystem As It Can, The CDC Fauci never talking about, but it's Common Immunological Science Facts, that the Immunsystem If Works Properly, can within 3-4 Hours, after its Evaluation, starting To Produce Any Kind of Antibodies The Body May Needs !
This is something as We became to know The Pharma For The Same Needs 3-4 Months To Do, with at a Kind of Fast Mutating Virus As At COVID, that in the meantime it already Has Some Other Virus-Variation To Fight Against.
That Prof. Dr. In Virology from South Africa, which mentioned in Middle of 2020 "That By The Kind of Vaccines Applied It Will Be a Cat & Mouse Game, by every 3-4 Months some Different Vaccine !" that one should be Chef of CDC and Pres.-Advisor and not the Present Booster-Booster-Boy, or not ?!

Also to keep in mind, that An Improved Immunsystem is also improving The Effectiveness of Any Vaccines, under the consideration, that It Needs The Immunsystem To Produce The Antibodies The Vaccines Desired To, but naturally under the view Of The Right Kinds of Vaccines able to apply.

At the Selenium-Yeast I informed, there is also The Opportunity for at COVID-Symptoms with Body-Temperatur above 37C, quickly for 5 Days to use 350-380mcg 2x Daily every 12 Hours followed for 3-7 Days of Daily 1x 350-380mcg to until The Body has reached again As Stable The Normal Body-Temperatur of 36,3 - 36,6 Celsius, for afterwards to get again into the Prevention Mode of Daily only 200-250mcg.
About Thermometers, sorry I have to mention, That The Mercury-Once are still the more precise and reliable once even it takes 10 Minutes !
Related to Selenium something important, because it Should Always Been Taken 2 Hours before or 2 Hours after Any Other Substances or Medications, for the good Selenium-Effect not getting destroyed and that explains also That Selenium Should Never Be Part of Some Multi-Substances-Products and should always be alone by itself.
Selenium does never interfere with Any Medications, contrary only supporting them to function besser.
If you take 350-380mcg at Fever caused by Infections & Inflammations, then after 2-3 Hours you can check by Thermometer and see Temperatures reductions, because The Selenium has Immunsystem Intensifying & Modulating Properties, where the Selenium is only an Immunsystem Motivator to understand and by this works against Any Infections or Inflammations, as you can also see at Teeths when Pain will disappear !
I'm using it already since over 15 Years as a result and would not like to be without it and its Like that I could quickly eliminate My 2x Corona Alpha/2020 and Delta/2021 and realized, the Delta was about double as Strong As Alpha which for one Day made me a little worry in 2021.

Hopefully I'm not confusing your People too much and can be of some help I like to be in my live !

Happy Day To Everybody

PS : Don't Worry, I will not be writing that much everyday beside others I also have to do.