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02/20/19 11:34 AM

#51403 RE: BullNBear52 #51402

Recently Forbes puzzled about employees who don't take advantage of corp stock matching. They used Boeing as a typical example. BA does full matching up to 4%, and 50% matching from 4% to 8%. Free money! Yet millions of Boeing stock matching funds aren't used every year. Boeing employees have a huge array of dirt-cheap funds to chose from... employees don't have to invest only in Boeing stock. (although that would have worked out fabulously).

I disagree about private bankers/hedge funds. As Buffett would point out, most aren't worth their ludicrous fees. Many of them got suckered by Madoff. What you get from a private banker is snob appeal... a fancier office with a gorgeous leggy secretary... and not much else.