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06/23/18 8:28 PM

#179341 RE: sentiment_stocks #179338

Thanks senti, congrats on your daughter graduating HS. Hope Brad Silver contacted Sen. John McCain.


06/23/18 11:04 PM

#179371 RE: sentiment_stocks #179338

This was one of the stories that helped get me invested and it is good to see Mr. Silver’s progress get updated. Too bad that so much time has been lost with L stuck in a holding pattern and even more with Direct and that there are many patients who will never be up on that stage, patients diagnosed years after Mr. Silver was successfully treated.


06/24/18 10:35 AM

#179395 RE: sentiment_stocks #179338

This is one of the most moving posts I have ever read. I hope to read more like this.

MI Dendream

02/14/22 7:52 AM

#443829 RE: sentiment_stocks #179338

The results will be GROUND SHAKING.

If you are a neurooncologist right now you are thinking, even that 10% I gave 3 extra years where never really GBM. I can’t do anything but a small boost at a heavy cost.

Then , the will see about 35% of those originally treated make 3 years and like 25-30% see 5 years where it levels off.