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06/11/18 1:24 PM

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Senti, I think the key there, and this is just speculation, was that they made lysate from the evolved tumor. The tumor cells that had previously escaped twice. Therefore, it was like a form of enrichment. That's probably the most dramatic of any DC response I've ever heard about. That was literally as close to Lazurus as you get in this disease.


06/17/18 6:52 AM

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thank you for transcribing every testimony of the ASCO presentation!

Kristyn Power? @KristynPower 7 jun.

I'm unbelievably grateful to $NWBO for the treatment options offered to GBM patients. In addition to very encouraging interim results for patient survival, there are also significant quality of life advantages to their treatment. My Dad is the "60 year old man" in the article.

Larry Smith @SmithOnStocks
$NWBO Five Spectacular Patient Outcomes for Patients Treated with DCVax-L as Reported at ASCO See the report at this link.

And thanks for the attention for this article: Can Immunotherapy Succeed in Glioblastoma?
Subscribe May 24, 2018, by NCI Staff

This post was updated on June 6, 2018.

“Another vaccine, DCVax-L, is currently being tested in a phase III trial of patients with glioblastoma whose tumors could be removed surgically. DCVax-L is a dendritic cell vaccine, meaning it uses immune cells known as dendritic cells, which are collected from patients and engineered to provoke an immune response against multiple proteins, or antigens, on tumors.
Preliminary data from the trial were recently published, but only included survival data for the entire population of patients in the trial, not by treatment group. According to a statement from Northwest Biotherapeutics, which makes the vaccine and funded the trial, another round of data collection from the trial is ongoing.

Dr. Sampson’s team at Duke, which developed rindopepimut, has been testing a dendritic cell vaccine...…."