01/31/18 1:53 PM

#96734 RE: Breadcrumbs #96721

I don't have PM. The"Quite Period" is very sensitive to the SEC. I really don't see any updates (HC included) till it is lifted.


01/31/18 8:31 PM

#96932 RE: Breadcrumbs #96721

I hope they lift your ban... This is the EXACT attitude I hope all longs have!

Good luck man!

Dogman 1955

01/31/18 8:48 PM

#96945 RE: Breadcrumbs #96721

Sorry you are in jail Breadcrumbs , Brutus and I will bake you a cake tomorrow ( check for saw) sometimes we all wear our emotions on our sleeve. Maybe you will get out in time for the Amfil Up-List Party.