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Actually_Wrong_Again_Cafe_Revs_Neutral_Negative_Net_Losses_ARE_GROWING BubbaInSC 12/21/22 8:28 AM
***** Ben should open up DA books and 1vman 06/06/22 8:20 PM
I said Roger was a problem over 4 Sheepdog 03/15/22 12:34 PM
This is what it's all about...S&L brand recognition Juancy 05/15/21 4:38 PM
At least the bid is not far from RammageRaul 10:24 AM
How about for flipping? shajandr 9:54 AM
I don't look at $FUNN as suitable for
dealerschool2006 1:33 AM
Thats how nasty this thing trades not for RammageRaul 06/06/23 10:34 PM
I doubt that very much but there is
dealerschool2006 06/06/23 9:56 PM
That "strategy" is called chasing losses. shajandr 06/06/23 9:56 PM
My avg is .018...I don't feel trapped so
dealerschool2006 06/06/23 9:53 PM
Help me Im trap in this turd RammageRaul 06/06/23 9:08 PM
ROFLMAO Positive Net Profitability Will NEVER Be Realized.... BubbaInSC 06/06/23 5:36 PM
Wow, SPIKE in volume>$520...
DeerBalls 06/06/23 5:19 PM
....in every large college town in the country. JACKPOT 06/06/23 4:05 PM
S&L great getaway from the norm. Especially families. Cruzcontrol 06/06/23 4:03 PM
buy buy buy go bucs 06/06/23 3:49 PM
welcome go bucs 06/06/23 3:20 PM
They start with a morning paint on the RammageRaul 06/06/23 2:51 PM
Wrong it was reduce salary of execs, and BubbaInSC 06/06/23 2:08 PM
HILL-LARRIOUS: Two trades>>>>1000 shares EACH! Two $11
DeerBalls 06/06/23 1:48 PM
Your stuck now it’s traded 2000 shares today Noghawbuck 06/06/23 1:17 PM
Get out as soon as you can, this I am a realist 06/06/23 1:11 PM
I need to bail this mistake please pump RammageRaul 06/06/23 12:21 PM
This became a bottomless POS if you bid RammageRaul 06/06/23 6:29 AM
Why would anyone want to cut FUNN's hard Russ777 06/06/23 6:09 AM
The company is building and expanding and planning Russ777 06/06/23 5:39 AM
it was reduce payroll by cutting BenDodger (and BubbaInSC 06/06/23 5:09 AM
dealerschool2006 06/06/23 4:35 AM
I am sure that is what that moron Sheepdog 06/06/23 1:24 AM
Brilliant, just brilliant. Reduce wages for all Russ777 06/06/23 12:42 AM
Well....I guess after buying at .20, the .005 Sheepdog 06/05/23 10:21 PM
Or one of those hold 'till death things? Sheepdog 06/05/23 10:18 PM
Time for weak management to engage shareholders and Shawn22 06/05/23 8:53 PM
I think snakes is going to make it Noghawbuck 06/05/23 8:35 PM
Got a picture today of couple guys I Noghawbuck 06/05/23 8:28 PM
I am more realistic in my analysis...TOO $FUNN EE!!!
dealerschool2006 06/05/23 8:25 PM
"you think the drop in pps today is
I am a realist 06/05/23 6:08 PM
you think the drop in pps today is
dealerschool2006 06/05/23 5:53 PM
People still excited about this falling knife lol RammageRaul 06/05/23 5:16 PM
LOL@Explosive Diarrhea BubbaInSC 06/05/23 5:02 PM
actually only 3 years buying cheapies...covid dump was
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Put a stink bid...GTC, just in case. JACKPOT 06/05/23 4:54 PM
I need to put in a bid to go bucs 06/05/23 4:51 PM
VWAP= $ 0.00856 Total$Vol= $ 6,925 shajandr 06/05/23 4:44 PM
Around 400k between .0071--.0073 JACKPOT 06/05/23 4:27 PM
how many shares traded at .0071 ? go bucs 06/05/23 4:25 PM
Lower lows for 3 weeks no bottom RammageRaul 06/05/23 4:24 PM
Today was the day to add more "cheapies". JACKPOT 06/05/23 4:10 PM
Six years of buying cheapies Noghawbuck 06/05/23 4:08 PM
$FUNN is a long term hold...OR of timed
dealerschool2006 06/05/23 3:38 PM
5 months for this explosive diarrhea? lol RammageRaul 06/05/23 3:17 PM
Gotta love market orders in pennyland. LOL JACKPOT 06/05/23 3:02 PM
its just $FUNN filling the gap...no worries...HUGE opportunity
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Amfil Technologies Inc (FUNN)

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Snakes and Lattes, Inc. is the parent company to four subsidiaries
(Formerly known as Amfil Technologies, Inc. - waiting on FINRA for official name change)

Org Chart


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**** Snakes and Lattes Investor Presentation Deck **** 

Click here for the Snakes & Lattes Presentation Deck

**** Last Reported Share Structure ****

As of 03/31/2022
Authorized: 800,000,000
Outstanding: 757,486,406
Float: 501,525,187



  Company Highlights
Wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures across many high potential and growing industries:
  Game board cafés (Snakes & Lattes)
  Hardscaping and heavy equipment services (Interloc-Kings)
Multimillion in quarterly revenues
Authorized shares 800 million
No toxic debt, reverse split or recapitalization in the 38-year history of the company
Total of 8 board game cafe locations in the U.S. and Canada:
  Tempe, Arizona, US
  Tucson, Arizona, US
  Chicago, Illinois, US
  Virginia Beach, Virginia, US
  Provo, Utah, US
  College location in Toronto, Ontario, CA
  Annex location in Toronto, Ontario, CA
  Midtown location in Toronto, Ontario, CA


Snakes and Lattes Logo

Board Game Café

Snakes & Lattes is Canada’s premiere board game café. Enjoy healthy and comfort food, drinks and spirits, coffee and tea while playing games from their vast selection. The games are organized so you can quickly find your favorite or discover something new. Don’t know what to play or want a suggestion? Snakes & Lattes has game gurus at every location willing to help! Waiting lines are typical at each location and each is highly positively reviewed on social review sites. Snakes locations also have periodic exciting events like Game Designer nights for upcoming game creators to test out their creations with real game enthusiasts..


Corporate owned/Franchising/Joint ventures

There are currently 3 locations in Toronto, Canada and the FIRST location in the U.S.A. opened in Tempe, Arizona on October 12th, 2018, with their largest and most extravagant acquisition in Chicago as their SECOND U.S.A location. The company has created a Snakes & Lattes USA Expandion and Buildout (SLUEB) team for rapid expansion via corporate location funding and joint ventures across North America, with the ultimate goal of reaching Europe and Asia. The Expansion team is currently on tour with interested parties for corporate locations in major cities across the USA. They are in active negotiation with multiple interested parties and continue to receive high interest as awareness of the brand and expansion effort grows.


Game retailer

Snakes & Lattes sells games direct at each location and online. As a master distributor, Snakes & Lattes buys below wholesale; capturing a higher margin on sales.


Event planning

Snakes & Lattes flagship Midtown location is the alpha model which all franchises and joint ventures will be based. The 10,000 sq.ft. café offers event services for parties; both private and corporate. Snakes provides a unique and enjoyable experience: Supplying a variety of foods, beverage, and games. On site Game gurus will help ensure a maximum good time. More and more corporate and private events are discovering Snakes as a great place to hold their events! This is one of the many rapidly growing segments of the business. Snakes also has a ‘Snakes-On-The-Go’ experience, a mobile version where they will bring the Snakes experience to you.



Snakes & Lattes has game launching services for up and coming game publishers. Snakes’ experienced Gurus provide critical feedback and test play. Snakes marketing services for potential new game publishers including decor, themed cocktails, pastries, drawings, sales displays, online videos in the same way Hollywood launches movies. This provides Snakes with a unique advantage in being able to secure exclusive distribution rights with game designers once the game is launch ready.


What sets Snakes and Lattes apart?

There are many game board cafes out there, and more popping up all the time. This is a good thing! Game Board Cafes (GBC) is a fledgling industry, and has many years of growth ahead of it. There will be many one-off cafes and just as there are coffee shops, there will be some great ones! However, there is only one Snakes & Lattes Game Board Café. There is only one GBC that is also a brand, where the café location is only one part in the entire supply chain.

Snakes and Lattes has everything: Design, Publishing, Distribution, Fulfillment, Online and Retail Sales, Casual Food and Entertainment and Event Services.

More information can be found at: www.snakesandlattes.com

History of Snakes & Lattes: 

 Unique idea, strategy fuel game cafe's success

• About Snakes & Lattes

Snakes and Lattes Org Chart

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Interloc kings was established by Roger Mortimer in April of 2009. Interloc Kings is the premier landscape construction and snow removal service provider serving the GTA and York Region of Canada since 2009.

The team of designers and installation technicians delivers cutting edge landscape designs.

The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau since becoming a member in 2011.

The company has a 9.7/10 rating on HomeStars.

Specializing in stone and wood installations between $5,000 and $150,000 per project, Interloc-Kings Inc. has quickly become a top, high quality installation company of outdoor living areas.

Mr. Mortimer brought this company into the Amfil Tec. umbrella in 2013 and as a result, he became CEO of Amfil Tech. at that time.

As the company continues to grow, the vision is to spin Interloc Kings off into a public company (shareholders will receive free shares of the new company) and grow Interloc Kings into a franchising network that will cross the United States border.

More information can be found at www.interloc-kings.com

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FUNN Revenues 

Shares Outstanding


FUNN Timeline Presentation

Snakes and Lattes Investor Presentation

A visit to Snakes & Lattes Midtown - with Zee

Sam's Day Trip To Snakes & Lattes Midtown in Toronto


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