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02/26/18 3:48 PM

#133010 RE: 1manband #130785

This is interesting, would have thought this is a FINRA issue.


07/13/20 2:22 PM

#175120 RE: 1manband #130785

It is about time. promoters also push the idea the SEC approves filings.

Dragon Lady

08/10/22 10:13 AM

#202377 RE: 1manband #130785


Well - FINALLY the "FEDS" are going after a lot of these "Buy our day trading or magic charting-system program for only $3,100.00 bucks and make yourself rich and quit that job you hate and be like us, rich and trading from a laptop on an island only 1 hour a day" blah blah blah.....

CRACKDOWN TIME - serious bust of these con "Buy your trading program costing $1000's and get rich by easy fast day trading and "with help from our super duper chat room and magic scanner program and Ouija board chart reading tricks and super tools system..." -

Smacked the con for $3 million in damages and that's just the "civil" case by the FTC so far.

This dude IMO might be looking at CLUB FED and a DOJ criminal charge before the dust settles-

ALL these "day trading courses and charts to get you rich" use fake "See, see my trading account statements" and "Here is the testimony of Joe, who was broke and working nights slinging hash at the slop chute - but he took our course and now lives on a yacht and day trades sitting around tropical islands and only trades 1 hour a day using just a mobile phone" blah blah LMAO !!

Good ole scam WARRIOR TRADING and the idiot "Ross Cameron" - who I believe is just another "incarnation" of a well known dude made of clay :)

The entire website he uses and created is ENDLESS BAIT - never just showing, "HERE IS THE COURSE and here is the MEGA BUCKS COST" - it's an endless series of "Want to know more - click here" and then "Really want more - then click here" and then "Really want to know how to get rich - check out our pro-package by clicking here" = the scam of scam of old "trick" setting the bait n hook !!

JUST LIKE "REAL ESTATE HOUSE FLIPPING COURSES" - IF if if some jack ass was "GETTING RICH FLIPPING HOUSES" then WHY would he be wasting his time giving daily "seminars" and then selling "$4,999.00" super training packages to "TEACH YOU HOW TO GET RICH LIKE I DID" WTF ????

IF you had a way to "get rich" - you'd be DOING THAT and not "teaching others about it, cause God told you to help them other poor folk and give back to the little people after he blessed you" - I sat through several of those real estate cons back in the day.

These $thousands of bucks per course "Day trading" or "Chart trading" scams are EXACTLY the same - to the dirty tee. LAST THING YOU CAN FIND - is the actual PRICE OR COST = the big red flag to run like hell !!


"In its online advertisements, Warrior Trading exhorted consumers:

“Learn to Trade With Certainty Towards The Financial Freedom You’ve Always Wanted”

“Learn How I Made over $101,280.47 in Verified Profits Day Trading Part Time in Under 45 Days Using 3 Simple Strategies that You Can Use Immediately to Increase profits and Reduce Losses NOW!”

“Start trading over my shoulder side-by-side with me because I guarantee you that next week, the week after, the week after that, I’ll be trading the one or two stocks each day that move up 20 to 30 percent.”"