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Thor Von Thorson

11/17/17 11:23 PM

#8860 RE: CA$H I$ KING #8858

Lmao!! Hey ASSCLOWN! Drop the charade already. You got so much to say but but nobody buys your BS.

I know you've built this delusional conception of yourself as a some sort of master businessman and penny stock trader, who is "only stating the facts" and therefore must be right. And maybe you are clinically insane and you truly believe the shit that you type, but that's unlikely.

What's more likely is that your actual physical self is an insecure little bitch, too pathetic and so depressed by your sad existence that you've built this tough guy bull$hit internet persona to escape from the ever enticing concept of ending it all.

But whatever your reality is doesn't matter to me. You don't matter to me. So cut the "oh I'm so innocent just stating the facts" bull shit. No one cares about your opinion or believes the crap you spew, save for some unsuspecting newbs.

So if you want to have an actual conversation, start by ditching the "who me?" routine. But in the end, we both know that's your goal anyway. Pretty sure you're just another dooshbag doing what dooshbags do best, which is: acting like a dooshbag.