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11/18/17 7:19 AM

#8863 RE: Thor Von Thorson #8860

Ok lol you keep saying that! The ones who took my PM alert are up 400% on @SC$! Good luck trading, your gonna need it!


11/18/17 7:58 AM

#8864 RE: Thor Von Thorson #8860

Did you happen to see how much more toxic debt that OTTV added in the last filing? I'm guessing he wants to see another shareholders slaughter like this past Fall.


11/18/17 4:47 PM

#8881 RE: Thor Von Thorson #8860

Hey, Thor azclown PM'd me too about Asck after I took a grenade for the OTTV board and got both douchebag and myself booted. It wasn't my intention, I was defending the company with facts while exposing BS' sickness. I could file a complaint for him harassing me by pm about Asck, then a day later the says see I told u so, I'm not going to give anymore tips. I didn't ask him too or ever had any relationship with him except to counter his falsehoods about ottv. He won't stop bitching about the CEO and his family, when in fact, JF has way more going on than BS' opportunity to vie for cheaper shares. He got lucky on Asck. Anybody can get an an alert on a low float penny, do a quick peek on upcoming news. Takes a few seconds. If that's all it took, then we all would all be filthy rich. BS got lucky. I would never take any blindly buy something given anyone's advice. He posted his picture and begged everyone else do the same and called them wimps for 3 days for not doing so. He looks like he's got one foot in already. Out of shape. And a sick bully narcissistic personality. And a stalker. Cant imagine why he wants pictures of the investors. Your post is spot on. Good luck Thor, BS is BS.