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Dogman 1955

11/01/17 9:15 PM

#68784 RE: KOGT #68771

Thank you so much . LMAO My wife is working late , trial today but she will love it as well. I do consider this a very prestigious award which I 'am delighted to receive .
I had another great day felt pretty good and took my mom to the mountains to visit my brothers grave and nearly hit a very large bull elk on the way out of the cemetery.
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11/01/17 9:28 PM

#68787 RE: KOGT #68771

Way to go KOGT!!!! "Best long of the year goes to Dogman1955." Very deserving and he is such an inspiration to us all in how he is handling adversity over the years which would crush many of our spirits!! God bless you dear DM!!!!


11/01/17 10:43 PM

#68819 RE: KOGT #68771

I love this!


11/02/17 12:49 AM

#68825 RE: KOGT #68771

I make a motion that from this day forward "The long of the year" award should be called "The Dogman"...more prestigious than the Oscar!
Happy your feeling well Dogman!