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10/06/17 2:14 PM

#60671 RE: FastMny #60661

A very logical explanation and I agree it plays a large part, although I think in general, our volume has never been really high ie >10 million which I always felt was partly due to Amfe being a stock that is not easy to understand and needs more DD than most, so many pass it by. Longs here know what we have, but getting newbies by droves has been difficult. Uplisting may fix that it a very large way. Time will tell...


10/06/17 2:35 PM

#60677 RE: FastMny #60661

Spot on


10/06/17 2:36 PM

#60678 RE: FastMny #60661

I believe volume is low because float is tightly owned while at the same time there hasn't been much demand. But again longs are not selling.

So either longs will get fed up and eventually some will sell or the perfect storm will come together and ignite the flame for a mega spike in share price as new investors try to buy in size.