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$Pistol Pete$

05/01/17 12:03 AM

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Sticky it


07/13/17 9:33 AM

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$$$$ AMFE $$$$

California Says No To Pesticide Use In Cannabis:

Looks like a lot of Product suppliers to the Marijuana Industry are carrying the GroZone Products now:

This GroZone Systyem was invented by Ambrose Filis and A.C.T.S originally for the Food and beverage industry, but is applicable to the Hrdroponic Marijuana Grow Industry now.

Get Some Shares Folks.


07/14/17 11:14 AM

#18558 RE: recinvestor #17993

********* AMFE **********

California Says No To Pesticide Use In Cannabis:

GroZone has the solution:

Regarding GZ/RG JV: As previously mentioned, future growth strategies include expansion into the food sector, targeting areas challenged by factors such as climate, contaminated water sources, making it difficult to grow crops utilizing traditional farming methods. The GROzone systems were developed from existing technology which has been successfully utilized in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years, providing units for major companies such as Pepsi, Sun Pacific and Nestle. The GROzone management team intends to use their technical knowledge, expertise, and proven track record in the industry to further grow and expand the reach of both companies moving forward. A number of synergies between the two companies are being explored and the respective management teams are anticipating a unified expansion of both entities as a direct result of this strategic partnership.

The immediate action would be to provide clients currently utilizing the Roto-Gro system with the option of upgrading their setups by adding the GROzone EcoPro3 Antimicrobial system allowing them to complete their growing facilities with an all encompassing and automated system. The EcoPro3 technical team has calibrated a system to integrate specifically with the current rotary hydroponic systems. This would ensure a smooth transition for current users, whilst adding the peace of mind of an organic antimicrobial solution to eliminate the risks associated with contamination. Further to the EcoPro3 upgrade for current users, the companies aim to develop, manufacture and distribute a fully integrated hydroponic system, aiming to be the global leader in hydroponic technology, providing the only hydroponic system to provide full automation of plant rotation, nutrient delivery, hydration, and fully organic antimicrobial and sanitation process, completely eliminating the risks associated with contaminated crops due to mold, pathogens and pesticides . All of this, combined with greatly reduced floor space requirements, reduced water and electrical requirements, larger yields, as well as bigger, stronger, faster growing plants which have already been produced using the patent pending Roto-Gro rotary design.


08/07/17 11:25 PM

#18930 RE: recinvestor #17993

$ AMFE is a solid Stock play with a commodity that guarantees pure growth.

Snakes and Lattes Game Board Cafe's that customers are waiting up to a 1/2 Hour to get in to eat and play their games and get all snookered up!

3rd location will have 2 floors as well as all future Cafe's will be structured just like this one to be opened September the 1st, 2017.

Then 2 more locations coming in either 2017 or 2018..then Franchising will begin.

I came to AMFE on a Marijuana Gamble that has paid me rewards beyond My original expectations.

How did I know at the time what would take place with Snakes and Lattes making all this money per the last 3 quarters.

Their GroZone system[Eliminates Mold, Mildew, Pests] has yet to make money, but I am in no hurry to see all Marijuana growing organically....but California is!

Get Summ.....Folks!