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AMFE news: Signed deal with Roto-Gro (ASX: RGI)


Apr 30, 2017
OTC Disclosure & News Service

Toronto, ONT, Canada -

Amfil Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: AMFE) is pleased to announce that the company has signed an agreement with Roto-Gro World Wide Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Roto-Gro International Ltd. (ASX:RGI) to form a joint venture to integrate and distribute the GROzone EcoPr03 Antimicrobial System with the revolutionary Roto-Gro Rotary Hydroponic systems.

The Roto-Gro automated rotary hydroponic system was designed, developed, and manufactured in Canada in 2006. The system has been recognised by several cannabis producers and distributors in Canada, Europe and the US and has an established client base, including Canadian based, Nutrilife Products, being one of itâ??s largest customers with sales to the group already exceeding 600 units. They have also recently entered into an agreement with EuroAg Corporation for the supply of 240 Roto-Gro Units over a 12-month period. The company recently debuted on the Australian Stock Exchange through IPO in February 2017.

The Roto-Gro system is an automated rotary hydroponic vertical farming system designed for use in the rapidly growing medical marijuana industry. The Roto-Gro system was developed in 2006 and is based on a flood and drain system. Plants are inserted into â??quick drain traysâ?, then inserted into a motorized wheel which revolves the plants 24 hours a day around centre-fixed grow lights. Through gravitropism and many other features, plants experience accelerated growth rates. The compression resulting from the rotation results in plants with more internodes and better flavour profiles. Their patent-pending design is also configured to be stackable. The ability to stack multiple units vertically within a compact footprint, together with a rotational growing bed provides a growing area equivalent to approximately ten times that of a conventional 'flatbed' hydroponic system. These efficiencies result in significantly greater crop yields per square foot and consume approximately 40% less electricity than other hydroponic systems. The system has also been designed to deliver fluids, nutrients, and carbon dioxide more effectively and efficiently than conventional growing systems. Additionally, through the agreement with GROzone, the Roto-Gro system will also deliver ozone through the integrated EcoPro3 Antimicrobial System, resulting in the ability to offer cultivators an all encompassing, highly efficient, and eco-friendly system to produce medical grade marijuana.

As previously mentioned, future growth strategies include expansion into the food sector, targeting areas challenged by factors such as climate, contaminated water sources, making it difficult to grow crops utilizing traditional farming methods. The GROzone systems were developed from existing technology which has been successfully utilized in the food and beverage industry for over 20 years, providing units for major companies such as Pepsi, Sun Pacific and Nestle. The GROzone management team intends to use their technical knowledge, expertise, and proven track record in the industry to further grow and expand the reach of both companies moving forward. A number of synergies between the two companies are being explored and the respective management teams are anticipating a unified expansion of both entities as a direct result of this strategic partnership.

The immediate action would be to provide clients currently utilizing the Roto-Gro system with the option of upgrading their setups by adding the GROzone EcoPro3 Antimicrobial system allowing them to complete their growing facilities with an all encompassing and automated system. The EcoPro3 technical team has calibrated a system to integrate specifically with the current rotary hydroponic systems. This would ensure a smooth transition for current users, whilst adding the piece of mind of an organic antimicrobial solution to eliminate the risks associated with contamination. Further to the EcoPro3 upgrade for current users, the companies aim to develop, manufacture and distribute a fully integrated hydroponic system, aiming to be the global leader in hydroponic technology, providing the only hydroponic system to provide full automation of plant rotation, nutrient delivery, hydration, and fully organic antimicrobial and sanitation process, completely eliminating the risks associated with contaminated crops due to mold, pathogens and pesticides . All of this, combined with greatly reduced floor space requirements, reduced water and electrical requirements, larger yields, as well as bigger, stronger, faster growing plants which have already been produced using the patent pending Roto-Gro rotary design.

Amfil Technologies Inc. intends to continue their mission to eradicate contamination issues and completely eliminate the use of chemicals and pesticides in the production of all medical marijuana products. Roto-Gro will be receiving the first unit(s) currently in development by Amfil Technologies Inc. in the coming weeks. Amfil Technologies Inc. is very excited to be working with a leading technology provider such as Roto-Gro World Wide Inc. to further enhance and sustain the Roto-Gro system as the most cutting edge hydroponic system in the world that is available to the market. We will keep shareholders informed on the progress as it develops.

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Further to the recent launch of the EcoPrO3 GROzone Antimicrobial System, Amfil Technologies Inc. is in discussions with a number of companies regarding purchase and integration of the unit. As significant contracts materialize, our shareholders will be updated on the progress for this subsidiary which is expected in the near future.

For more information on Amfil Technologies Inc. please visit our website at or follow us on twitter at @AmfilTech. For more information on the GROzone technology visit For more information on Roto-Gro International LLC visit their website at

About Us

Amfil Technologies, Inc. is the parent company to three wholly owned subsidiaries.

1). Snakes & Lagers Inc. holds the trade name and is the owner of Snakes & Lattes Inc. which currently operates a 6,000 sq. ft. and a 7,500 sq. ft. tabletop gaming bar and café located in Toronto, Ontario that brought in over $7M CDN in revenue last year. It is in the process of opening a third location at 10,000 sq. ft., the largest to date. Snakes & Lagers Inc. is also the procurement officer of all existing and future Snakes & Lattes Inc. franchises and has the exclusive rights to sell franchise locations globally. Snakes & Lattes Inc. was the first board game bar and café in North America, is believed to be the largest in the world and have the largest circulating public library of board games in North America for customers to choose from. Snakes & Lattes Inc. currently has a 90 member staff and recently acquired the exclusive distribution rights throughout Canada for some of the most popular board games in the world such as Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens. recently named Snakes & Lattes Inc. the best late night café in Toronto and has also been named the best fulfillment house in Canada by Jamey Stegmaier, the most influential blogger within the board game fulfillment sphere. For more information on Snakes & Lattes Inc. feel free to visit the website at

2). The GROzone System was jointly developed between Amfil Tech and A.C.T.S. Inc. which recently rebranded its technology under Advanced Ozone Integration as an extension of the existing ozone technology being utilized in the food and beverage industry and integrated by A.C.T.S. into companies such as Pepsi, Nestle, Sysco, Sun Pacific and many others. GROzone is a triple-function sanitization unit capable of naturally eliminating 99.9% of water and airborne pathogens and the typically problematic pests that wreak havoc for cultivators (like aphids, whiteflies and spider mites), as well as bacteria, fungus, microbes and mold on surfaces, all without chemicals. The unit can also constantly regulate a given facility's water supply, oxygenating the water and maintaining a consistent PPM infusion of ozone that prevents the formation of algae, bacteria or mold (allowing for comprehensive water recycling), simultaneously removing the need to use pesticides and/or dangerous, often carcinogenic products to treat production problems, as is common throughout the industry today. This environmentally-friendly solution also eliminates odors, while slightly reducing the air temperature, lowering energy consumption by the HEPA filtration and HVAC systems and could potentially allow for a facilities process to be labeled certified organic in the U.S.A. when the crop is no longer considered illegal on the federal level, otherwise "Clean Green" or "Certified Kind" in the meantime. The GROzone unit recently passed product review by a registered USDA certifying agent for use in California as well as Pennsylvania and surrounding states. More information on the GROzone line of products can be found on the website.

3). Interloc-Kings Inc. is a hardscape construction company servicing the Greater Toronto Area. This subsidiary is an authorized Unilock installer, Unilock being, North America's premier manufacturer of concrete interlocking paving stones and segmental wall products. Interloc-Kings Inc. has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a 10/10 rating on Specializing in stone and wood installations between $5,000 and $150,000 per project, Interloc-Kings Inc. has quickly become a top, high quality installation company of outdoor living areas in the GTA. More information on this subsidiary can be found at the website

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Roger Mortimer

Amfil Technologies, Inc.

Telephone: (647) 880-5887


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