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03/16/17 4:51 PM

#30651 RE: Dragon Lady #30635

This is the reason why I'm pulling out. This guy is clearly more educated in this industry and has proven nothing but factual information. Penny's are risky.


03/16/17 5:43 PM

#30687 RE: Dragon Lady #30635

Just to response to your question:

Of course this is all anecdotal and I am unaware of how be practices medicine-

Raised in Rudrapur, Dr. Himanshu Bansal completed his medical school residency and post graduation from King George Medical College in Lucknow, U.P. During his post graduation, he actively pursued work focused on spinal cord injury and after having subsequently presented his work at variety of forums, he decided to enrich himself in Hip and Knee replacement at Aarhus University Hospital at Denmark, Hip replacement unit of Guy's Hospital of Kings College at London and Orthopaedic Traumatology unit of Wurzburg university hospital at Germany & microsurgery at Osaka city university Japan.

Because of his interest for Striving excellence in management of spinal cord injury decided to work exclusively for spinally injured, he undertook various visits at:

Miami Project to Cure Paralysis (Miami University) USA.
Reeve-Irvine Research Center, California USA.
Queen Elizabeth Spinal Trauma Centre, Glasgow,
Neuroscience Center-Rutgers University USA.
Egaz Monis hospital, lisbon , Portugal.
European spinal cord research institute, Brescia Italy.

In one of his quests for treatments for Spinal Cord Injury worldwide, he got an insight on stem cell application in Spinal Cord and Neurological disorders. This was followed by various visits at the Institute of experimental medicine Prague, Beatson Institute, university of Glasgow and Saint Gerkatuen Hospital, Germany.

He has developed MRI based classification of Spinal cord injuries and developed a comprehensive treatment with autologous tissue like BM stem cells, dural nerve graft, nasal olfactory tissue and omental transposition after assessment of type and severity of SCI on MRI.

He has built a charitable hospital for orthopedic traumatology at Rudrapur, Uttrakhand, providing charitable treatment to poor masses and also established the first microsurgery unit of the state. He has been successful at inventing new types of cost effective implants to aid in successful fracture surgery outcomes like the patented forearm interlocking nail, locked nail for fracture of lower end radius.

He is currently developing a facility of Institute of Spinal Injury & Stem Cell Research at Rudrapur. Currently, he works Pan India in the following capacities as:
Scientist Spinal Cord, Neurodegenerative Disorders & Stem Cell Therapy
Institute of Spinal cord Injury, Rudrapur
Uttrakhand New Delhi Chennai

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon & Traumatologist
Anupam Hospital Rudrapur

Prof. Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
C.H. Medical College Kumaon University

Consultant Implant Development Research
Treu-Instrumente GmbH, Germany

Also, if you have ever been to India that is what all the clinics look like. Having traveled abroad multiple times and unfortunately having the need to visit ED/clinics, the reality is not everywhere is nice like our costly hospitals.