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Thursday, 03/16/2017 4:40:41 PM

Thursday, March 16, 2017 4:40:41 PM

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Think the "BLIND" thing is bad, INDIA IS WORSE !

Bioheart/USRM ole "INDIA" it's even worse IN MY OPINION, than the 3 blind ladies (Hard as that is to believe).

Check out USRM's "India" supposed "hospital" and the Indian "doctor" who they collaborate with, including being a co-sponsor/author on a Kristin Comella published ole "stem cell research" paper (co author and co funded by the Indian dude who runs the "clinic" slum in the picture below. YEPPER. Google IS YOUR FRIEND).

Makes the THREE BLIND WOMEN disaster look like tinker toys to me. A freaking Slum Dog Millionaire "hospital" and some "doctor" with hack credentials and a bull crapped up "resume" performing CASH-FOR-TREATMENTS at some dump-slum "clinic" in India, and USRM/Bioheart is all over it. Yep, got their names plastered all over that stinking mess.

SEE THAT. NOTICE, "Revita Life Sciences" and this clown Indian "doctor", known as "Himanshu Bansal, MD (FAKE enhanced resume and all), the study manager, said,". PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION, cause this dude and his "Revita Life Sciences" and his Anupam "hospital" of ole India is where USRM has apparently done "other" likely CASH-FOR-TREATMENT bull crap under the guise of legit "clinical trials".

GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND, WHO THE HELL IS "Himanshu Bansal, MD" and what's his "India facility" look like?

Well, turns out there's a LOT of info easily found on the Web about this dude, and it's some scary sh*t IMO. AND, ole Bioheart and Comella and now USRM are in tight, doing biz with this clown, having him co-fund "studies" at his Anupam ole "hospital" (translation slum/clinic).

Read these two stunning articles on the dude, ole Himanshu Bansal MD and his faked resume, his slum-dog "clinic" which Bioheart has used for CASH-FOR-CLINICAL-TRIAL procedures, etc. Does the BLIND WOMEN surprise you now, LOL???

A female Indian investigative journalist traveled to his ole "clinic/hospital" (THE SLUM) and took a photo of it. REMEMBER, he's on Bioheart/USRM PR and also a co-author and co-sponsor of Kristin Comella published "paper". Some stem cell bull crap in a "journal" where the "review/editorial board" appear to be Indian buddies of this sham MD in India.

A REAL BEAUTY "facility" eh? CHECK THE NAME of the "doctor", it's ONE IN THEE SAME as the Bioheart "PR" and also listed on the following Kristin Comella "research paper" with this being a "clinical trial site" and "co-sponsor". WOULD YOU SEND YOUR FAMILY MEMBER THERE FOR A "stem cell treatment", LOL????

THAT is USRM CSO Krisin Comella's "research paper". NOW LOOK AT THE AUTHOR TITLE PAGE and then the "sponsor" page. Oh, looky there. H. Bansal, and

"Consultant Regenerative Medicine, Mother Cell Spinal Injury
and Stem Cell Research, Anupam Hospital, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand 263153,

This study was partially funded by Anupam hospital, US Stem Cell, Inc., andRegenerative Medicine Institute.

Competing interests
KC is an officer of US Stem Cell, Inc. JL is an officer of the Regenerative Medicine

AND, who approved the "clinical trial":

"Ethics, consent and permissions
The trial was approved at one site by the ethics committee of Anupam Hosptial called the Institutional Committee for Stem Cell Research and Therapy
(AAH 002/12-13).

LOOK AT THE PHOTO, the "hospital" is a "slum clinic" by any standards of Western medicine, LOL! You really think they have a legit "committee" or is it the dude and his couple of buddies, doing CASH-FOR-TREATMENT stem cell human "experiments"??? YOU FIGURE IT OUT AND MAKE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT, I sure as hell know what I think and believe, and it stinks to high heaven IMO.

SHAZAM, imagine that. Anupam "hospital" is IN THE PICTURE just posted. ONE IN THEE SAME LOCATION. Now read below about the good "doctor" ole Himanshu Bansal, MD and his "Revita Life Sciences" and the "Mother Stem Cell" and the other bull crap listed on Comella's ole "research paper". REAL "WORLD CLASS" stuff, LOL !! Bet the FDA is gonna be all over it, for "APPROVAL" and all, LOL ! can't make this sh@ t up, it's so freaking bad to me. SCARY BAD, it's that bad IMO.

THAT, THAT IS ONE OF THE LARGEST NEWSPAPERS IN THE NETHERLANDS, they also sent a medical investigative journalism writer to check out this "Himanshu Bansal, MD" and his "Revita Life Sciences" and "Mother Stem Cell" bull crap and all the rest. AND BULL CRAP THEY DID FIND, waist deep BULL CRAP.

Quoting the article, a major credible newspaper:

"Bluff Poker?

The Indian stem cell doctor Himanshu Bansal turns out to be the common denominator of a whole cloud of institutes with posh sounding names such as ‘Mother Cell Research Center’, ‘Dr Himanshu Bansal Foundation’, ‘Institute of Spinal Injury and Stem Cell Research’ and ‘Revita Life Sciences’. They all share the same address: Anupam Hospital, second floor, Bansal’s private clinic. Interesting detail: according to the address information, the clinic is situated ‘next to Pantnagar University’, an agricultural university at least ten miles away. Well, it does sound more impressive than ‘next to the cash dispenser’."


"It doesn't take long to find out that Bansal is deep into healing practices one is unlikely to encounter in western hospitals. For instance, he claims to be 'professor' at the 'C.H. Medical College', which turns out to be a small homeopathic centre. His company Revita Life Sciences also offers stem cell treatments, Ayurveda, coloured light therapy, mud therapy, and 'naturopathy', a pathology that denies that viruses or bacteria are the root cause of certain diseases. In addition, Revita offers 'miraculous stem cell therapy' in matters ranging from ageing to breast and penis enlargement.

Bansals CV is no less miraculous. It lists dozens of fellowships, positions and distinctive secondary jobs in places such as London, Glasgow, Berlin, Würzburg, Arhus, Prague, Osaka, Lisbon, Italy and the United States, all held by the man who wants to wake the dead. That is, until you make enquiries at the institutes mentioned.

'I have never heard of this person', says Wise Young, the head of stem cell research at Rutgers University, where Bansal claims to have received a fellowship. 'He never held a fellowship with us', we are informed by department head Frank Madsen from the University of Arhus. 'She doesn't know him and never worked with him', emails the assistant of senator Eva Syková, eminent neuroscientist from Prague. Guy's Hospital doesn't know him either - 'besides, he doesn't get the name of our institute right', a spokeswoman pointedly remarks.

He just looked around places rather than doing a formal fellowship

Only at Glasgow University someone actually seems to know the jovial Indian. 'He visited me to see how we made a certain type of cells', says Professor of cellular neurobiology Susan Barnett in an email. But was he a 'fellow in stem cell research', as he claims on his website? Certainly not. 'It was very informal. I am pretty sure he just looked around places rather than doing a formal fellowship.'

A place where they do know Himanshu Bansal, is an Internet chat room for paraplegic patients. Many of them relate in detail how they paid tens of thousands of euros to the Indian doctor for stem cell treatments that they describe as amateurishly executed, painful, and ineffective. The doctor also treated deaf and blind children. 'Luckily my son was too young to remember this', one father writes. 'STAY AWAY FROM HIM', warns another person. 'The man is a fraud', yet another."

THAT is the type of "clinical trials" ole Bioheart/USRM/Comella has been involved with. AND THE FDA IS SUPPOSEDLY GONNA TAKE THIS BULL CRAP SERIOUSLY?? LOL?? REALLY? They proudly "PR'd" the India "partnership" with this dude's "REVITA LIFE SCIENCES" which is a classic SHAM of SHAM, a scam of scams, once a simple medical writer/investigative journalist took a few hours to look at all the bull crap being peddled.

It's highly likely Bioheart CHARGED CASH-FOR-TREATMENT at this India "SLUM-HOSPITAL" and did it again (like the blind ladies) under the bull crap line that it was part of some supposed "legit medical clinical trial" blah, blah, blah.

Read this attorney's detailed commentary on one of those BLIND LADIES CASE, where he describes Comella and their little "clinic biz" in GREAT DETAIL, and makes serious, serious allegations as to what was taking place there:

That amended complaint, is like a BAD DAMN SOAP OPERA, comical if it wasn't so damn serious and sad, the allegations being made in it, by a highly reputable medical mal-practice attorney with stellar credentials.

Some AMAZING SH@T below the surface, when one does a little REAL DUE DILIGENCE about the long and sorted history of ole Bioheart/USRM. No wonder the BLIND WOMEN STORIES are getting national press. Wonder who's gonna go to that clinic now????

Lets do a check and see if anyone knew is carrying the story by afternoon now (U.S. Stem Cell Inc and U.S. Stem Cell Clinic LLC and WOMEN MADE BLIND by sham stem cell "treatment" done under the guise of a "clinical trial" according to the New England Journal of Medicine authors, in one of the oldest and most prestigious medical journals in WORLD HISTORY):

OH, Oh my, my thee NY TIMES..hitting the big leagues now. Don't think the "clinic" might hhave a little "reputation" problem going forward? HOW MUCH REVENUES DID UUSRM JUST BOOK from the "clinic" in this 10-K??? What was the number again???

Yahoo news. OUCH, that's some pretty big coverage:

San Fran chronicle, that's a paper on-par with the L.A. Times in size:

Oh...REUTERS too...biggy there...lots of exposure:

GUARDIAN UK even picked it up, GOING "ACROSS THE POND" now...:

Uh oh, STANFORD MEDICAL, one of the most prestigious medical journals/sites in the world. FDA folk gotta know that one too, no? They published it:

UK Independent (LIST IS GROWING)

UK Mirror, so it's all over Euro land now:



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