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01/31/17 6:37 PM

#66748 RE: TenKay #66747

Oh no !

The Wizard4Sale

01/31/17 6:40 PM

#66750 RE: TenKay #66747



01/31/17 6:43 PM

#66753 RE: TenKay #66747

Is this good or bad? Tenkay

lloyd Banks

01/31/17 7:11 PM

#66776 RE: TenKay #66747

wow..Correct me if I am wrong but this allows more shares to be bought and more money to go into USMJ Knocking down the ask day after day week after week.

If this gets to silver I retire. In at .0004


01/31/17 7:34 PM

#66795 RE: TenKay #66747

this is bad bad news why the hell did they do dat?


01/31/17 8:26 PM

#66829 RE: TenKay #66747

Oh never mind oh my gosh another 2.5 billions shares added.


01/31/17 9:23 PM

#66857 RE: TenKay #66747

They added these shares on Jan. 26th. So correct me if I'm wrong but I believe these shares have already been scooped up. Due to the fact that we've had 1+billion volume days for a week. On that note, this will do nothing to the share price but, it will give the company more money. Remember Feb 2nd is going to be a big day. (As you can read in the releases if you've done your research) Don't sell based off of the scare tactics of others. IMO grab as many as you can before Feb. 2nd and you'll be in the $$$$. The scare tactics of some of you guys is just unreal. The only people that will sell now are the people that are afraid and have weak hands. No weak hands here. This stock will make many millionaires. Mark my words...


02/01/17 12:22 AM

#66898 RE: TenKay #66747

I sold. I can't see the market allowing its MV to get much higher until they announce a plan to generate more revenue. Imo any higher MV would be speculative in regards to future success. If I'm right I'll get back in when it goes down to be part of the ALYI deal. If I'm wrong I still made over 300% :)


02/02/17 10:13 AM

#67424 RE: TenKay #66747

This is what 2.5 BILLION shares looks like when it comes to market.


02/02/17 5:03 PM

#67675 RE: TenKay #66747

Dilution happening here BIGLY everyday into FAKE news. I would never buy a pig like USMJ. This has R/S written all over it.


06/19/17 2:16 AM

#73886 RE: TenKay #66747

That means this company is going no where anytime soon........dilution stock in the making


08/01/17 11:42 AM

#74421 RE: TenKay #66747

They can't even sell the shares they have already god this is never going anywhere putting in a sell order screw this stock and all it's related stocks


09/08/17 4:32 PM

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11/22/17 12:20 PM

#75351 RE: TenKay #66747

Don't understands unless just have editions to gains up with percentages. I'm expecting them to be brings in their reruns as well MJ solid DD. A $USMJ its great next year asd tasting products product's an revenues should be climbing in at next year.