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06/27/17 10:18 AM

#103 RE: asp42001 #99

Payment Data Services Have To Adopt Email Security

One way to stymie hack-attacks... only use your homePC to access your banking and/or other payment accounts. Never use a homePC to send, or receive emails that could disrupt communication.

Zix Corp today mentions Health Care & email data protection.

Digital Payment Data Systems must adopt state-of-the-art email security that protects personal data.

ZIX Corp., Dallas, Texas and Payment Data Systems, San Antonio, Texas are still in the EBPP&H development & deployment stage.

Texas back-office application service providers, must wait on Dodd Frank, rules & regulation roll-backs, before more money comes off the sidelines and invests in companies like ZIXI and PYDS. Investors want to know how long it takes to get a R.O.I. This won't happen until rules and regulations governing the payment networking industry iron-out.

E2E networks with help from ZIXI, will expedite electronic billing, payment, security, e verification and record keeping in the 21st. Century; albeit slow.

Inbound/Outbound Email protection, or BUST!