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08/26/15 8:42 PM

#32171 RE: Flobewan #32170

To add color to Title Bars in W10

Do it yourself by editing the Windows Folder:

Or download this program that will do it for you:

Three weeks using W10 with ZERO problems, after a few initial tweaks...


P2O I'm from MO

08/26/15 8:57 PM

#32173 RE: Flobewan #32170

Here's a starting point....<g>

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01/30/16 12:53 PM

#33017 RE: Flobewan #32170

First thing I would add is that win 10 freezes a lot. One of the culprits is Edge. Whenever I try to access it my laptop will freeze for about 20 seconds. It may do it a couple of times. Remove Edge for now. You will be far less frustrated.

Especially if you're in the middle of your trading day....

Eliot Ness

03/01/16 10:37 AM

#33242 RE: Flobewan #32170

flo I have a HP Office Jet 5610 all in one printer. I can not get it to "scan to email". Its says i must associate an email account to the computer/scanner. Can you help?


04/26/16 3:29 AM

#33543 RE: Flobewan #32170

Incase this has not been discussed here.

Windows 10

Been using it for a year+ now and made that recovery drive on a UBS stick from Control Panel > Recovery (for when pc can't boot)

But I hit a problem with the Restore Points feature.

How to create and use restore points is well known on this board.

But during my attempt to set my pc to a prior made restore point, the final result was that this was unsuccessful because some spyware or malware program running prevented the restore point from completing. This eventhought I don't have any spyware or malware program loaded on my pc, just have Windows Defender On all the time.

So I tried to activate a prior made restore point prior to the Windows activation by pressing F8 during a restart as I seem to remember Windows XP allowed this.

My F8 attempts did not do anything as Windows would load each time.

Question: I'm I doing this wrong with F8, and if so what do I need to do.

I don't want a recovery of Windows files to when I made the Recocery Disk, just a simple last restore point.

I Googled restore points and all discusions were based on Windows being up and running, except for the following for which was new information for me.


... use a restore point when things go wrong in your system, but only when you can still operate the PC and OS.

However, there will be a time when you have created a manual restore point, but your computer won't boot because a certain specific error after you have modified Windows.

In these cases, you use the system advanced options during boot to access the "System Restore".

Simply, try to boot your computer three times to trigger the automatic repair environment in Windows 10, and then:

Click on Advanced startup.
Click on Troubleshoot, Advanced options, System Restore.
System Restore will load, and you can use the previous steps from Using System Restore to restore your system.


That "boot your computer three times to trigger the automatic repair environment in Windows 10" was totally awesome knowledge.

I do realize that my pc does boot each time, so this is not the F8 method I need.