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07/21/15 4:17 PM

#92004 RE: nodummy #91997

Here is the DOJ Criminal Complaint against Joshua Samuel Aaron, Gery Shalon, and Zvi Orenstein (Stock Castle associates)

The criminal Complaint mentions two co-conspirators that were not named as Defendants. One was a promoter from New Jersey the other was a promoter from Florida. These "promoters" seem to be important people even helping with setting up some of the tickers and taking them public. Hopefully they will be named in future litigation.

Odd that they don't name the stocks in the Criminal Complaint despite naming tickers in the SEC Complaint. They also avoid mentioning the two brokerage firms used for the illegal share selling.

Interesting that the US Secret Service played a big part in this investigation.

Gery Shalon and Zvi Orenstein were arrested today. Joshua Samuel Aaron remains at large.