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03/07/15 12:08 PM

#73 RE: asp42001 #71

The Cisco Kid Is A Friend of Mine

The ZIXI and CSCO hook-up will help stymie bogus transactions and theft of personal data.

Merchants and others must become transaction security compliant in 2015. For this and other reasons ZIXI stock value has more upside potential than downside risk.

If it's "secure," trusted, user-friendly and NOT cost prohibitive for the masses... it'll FLY in a FLASH!

Where is a ZIXI-CSCO-NXT-ID & PYDS accretive consolidations and an action-hero Icon that the investing public can identify with?

Back-office billing, payment, security and record keeping solutions are out-of-sight; thus, out-of-mind. This will change if the aforementioned payment data service providers adopt a Guardian security Icon like the FLASH action hero.

Everybody thinks in pictures. Movement cements images in the minds of the masses and can draw attention to back-office operations.... And you can take that to the banks and merchants needing help to become transaction security compliant.

Email encryption, the Cisco Kid is a ZIXI friend. ZIX-IT & fix it!

ASP42001 Shareholder


04/18/15 11:42 AM

#77 RE: asp42001 #71

Back Offices Dallas, Texas & San Antonio

Back-office operations that deal with billing, payment, "security," records and record keeping methods, tend to be out-of-sight; Thus, out-of-mind.

Cisco Systems teamed with Zixi. Zix-IT and fix-it with Cisco's help. There will be back-office "growth" through accretive consolidations. This will enable small cap back-office operations to bring a bigger bat to the plate and remain competitive globally.

Payment Data Services (Systems) that caters to merchants, banks, the non-banked masses & others, must adopt ZIX-IT email security. Located in Texas and soon to be listed on NASDAQ, back-office Payment Data Systems, symbol PYDS, is PCIC (payment card industry compliant) and TSC (transaction security compliant). Working with billing & payment solutions since 1998, this company and others must adopt email security ASAP!

The business of America [business] is compromised when email is hacked and personal data stolen.

Network & secure emails, or BUST!