12/08/14 2:40 PM

#17645 RE: Talonss #17593

Wow great in-depth DD. Thank you!


12/08/14 2:56 PM

#17647 RE: Talonss #17593

nice work. thanks for the info.


12/09/14 3:54 PM

#17713 RE: Talonss #17593

Talonss- the puppets you speak of that will run this already did it twice in the last yr.....once to .125 and last time to .0625 both times from about this range or a tad higher....No question the will do a third time cause easy money is easy money...question is when?


12/18/14 8:05 AM

#17987 RE: Talonss #17593

Talonss, when the puppets going to run this as you claim.


01/14/15 8:49 AM

#18682 RE: Talonss #17593

you have some serious DD here pointing to a MERGER here in SWHI ! great post ! dots are well connected !


01/17/15 5:23 AM

#18904 RE: Talonss #17593

Hey all. A RM with PLAD might be better than I thought initially.

I can see a Portable Lift Assist Device (PLAD) becoming standard equipment at every nursing home, hospital, or ambulance. They'd sell millions of these things!

The PLAD could replace a hoyer lift (http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=hoyer+lift&qpvt=hoyer+lift&FORM=IGRE#view=detail&id=5435B51FD4A5F93AB8936E1FDF0C5CA2F2AC148E&selectedIndex=15) in many circumstances.

You can't take a hoyer lift with you when you go somewhere either. I'm a nurse and I think this would be useful in many places I work, especially for some of the smaller woman.

Would be useful for the elderly as well.

What are everyone's thoughts?


08/13/15 3:40 PM

#20106 RE: Talonss #17593

I have noticed now...lol. You may be correct in your summation here. No dry powder to load more, but, hopefully soon. I think your 2's are golden. JMO of course. GLTA