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Monday, 12/08/2014 11:57:45 AM

Monday, December 08, 2014 11:57:45 AM

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I don’t know if anyone noticed, but it appears none of SWHI’s officers are the current registrants of the the SWHI domain name. The current registrants are outside the company.It also appears they’re involved with some private companies, so it does bolster the credibly of those SWHI RM rumors.

Rumors are nice, but they’re akin to having Pigs feet for dinner when unsubstantiated. I like me some T Bone with all the trimmings;)

Outside personnel, Scott Forsythe and ROBERT CLARK are the current owners of the SWHI domain name. What does this snippet of info convey to us....keep reading to find out;

Whois Record for
Registrant Org Scott Forsythe is associated with ~8 other domains

Name Server(s) NS1.RAGSTOROCKSTAR.COM (has 35 domains)
NS2.RAGSTOROCKSTAR.COM (has 35 domains)

When I checked the name server for SWHI, I came up with Robert Clark (he’s involved with a slew of domain names and companies)
Whois Record for
Registrant Org ROBERT CLARK is associated with ~591 other domains

Bobby Clark’s About me page:
“I am a serial entrepreneur. I like smart ideas and creating companies. I am the CEO/Cofounder of a portable lift assist device company, an action sports apparel company, and a Internet startup. I enjoy every step of the process from designing to coding to sewing. My left and right brain continually try and outdo each other. I like to make things happen.
My Companies”

Upon further digging, I happened on an application to transact business in Florida for a company called PLAD Inc. (the possible RM candidate for SWHI) with Robert Clarke and Scott Forsythe involved:

Application to transact business in Florida:\2014\0606\60545789.Tif&documentNumber=F14000002399

Note the CEO of PLAD Inc: Robert Clark
Directors of PLAD Inc: Matthew Nicoletti and Robert Forsythe

LinkedIn account of PLAD (Portable Lift Assist Device):

Founded in 2014 by Fire Fighter/Paramedic Mike Pannucci and Project Manager/Designer Bobby Clark, PLAD Inc. has set out to offer the most portable, lightweight, and efficient portable lift assist device on the market, the PLAD. They set out to not only to provide a solution to the rise of back injuries from lift assists within the field of Emergency Medical Services, but also to make it possible for any individual to safely lift another individual when they've fallen and cannot get up under their own capacity.
Industry Medical Devices
Type Privately Held

Key Term in LinkedIn account: Privately Held .This gives some substance to the RM rumors, as the people connected to the registration of SWHI do indeed have a private company (indeed several private companies) that are RM candidates.

It also seems like things are getting revved up at the PLAD end:
PLAD's Successful Launch at ClinCon in July 2014:
“We recently launched our new Portable Lift Assist Device at EMLRC's ClinCon 2014 with overwhelming support and positive feedback.  We had a great time talking and demonstrating to members in the EMS field and even got many of them involved in the demonstrations.  Thanks EMLRC for a great convention!”

Additional Note: The ClinCon Annual Conference is designed to create an educational experience that will help Emergency Department and EMS Personnel to obtain information and skills to better assess and manage their patients and scenes.

PR on November 15th About the release of PLAD:

“PLAD, INC. recently showcased its revolutionary Portable Lift Assist Device at this year’s EMS World Expo in Nashville, TN.
We recently launched our new Portable Lift Assist Device at EMLRC's ClinCon 2014 with overwhelming support and positive feedback,” stated Bobby Clark, Chief Executive Officer of PLAD, Inc. “We were excited to demonstrate the PLAD again at the EMS World Expo to key decision makers in our industry."

“The product speaks for itself and will be showcased at an amazing event," stated Matthew Nicoletti, Managing Partner of PLAD, Inc. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) reported that approximately 81,000 firefighters in the United States were injured during 2002 at a cost of $3–8 billion. Most injuries to firefighters occur on the fireground, and many of these injuries are musculoskeletal-related.

“Being a firefighter/paramedic I am happy to present our Portable Lift Assist Device to firefighters throughout the nation to prevent back injuries,” stated Michael Pannucci, President of PLAD, Inc. “We are dispatched to perform lift assists almost every shift we work, which causes tremendous stress on our backs. The PLAD will save thousands of backs a year and keep Firefighters working longer and pain free for many years to come.”

PLAD website:

Matthew Nicoletti, one of the Director’s of Plad Inc:

He was involved with UNQT and I believe also SLNX.
Scott Forsythe and Matthew Nicoletti have had their fingers in many’s an allusion to them on the RTXB board:

“Jerry Grisaffi, Chief Executive Officer, stated, "We thank Scott Forsythe, Matthew Nicoletti, and everyone at Empire Capital for this resolution and support of our Chapter 11 reorganization plan and wish them every success in their future endeavors."

Nicoletti and Forsythe also involved with QUANTUM CAPTIAL GROUP LLC:,%20Ltd./Page1

Misson Statement outlined on the SWHI website:
“What We Do
SW Innovative Holdings Inc was created as a public holding company to:
1.Acquire controlling interests in profitable small to middle market businesses in attractive niche industries.
2.Work with the management of those companies to pursue growth opportunities, provide strategic support and increase cash flow in the intermediate to long term.
3.Provide investors an opportunity to participate in the ownership and growth of businesses that traditionally have been owned and managed by private individuals or families.
4.Assemble profitable operating subsidiaries into one public vehicle.
5.Provide an incubator for companies to go public by spinning them out of our public vehicle into their own separate public company.
Our goal is to maximize our shareholder return by diversifying our business portfolio and sharing public company expenses over a diversified revenue stream.”

Bullet points 3., 4. And 5. detail a road map to RM “private” companies (Plad Inc. & other private companies) into “one public vehicle” (SWHI). Tick tock...RM about to punch the clock;)

The dump has been on for awhile and SWHI was scuttled down to the Loading Dock at .0001 x .0002. Clearly, the wizards behind the curtain are experienced with penny stock companies and know how to play the game. At this point, I think ole Norman is merely a figurehead for SWHI..the real players (those behind the curtain) are pulling the strings. SWHI has an RM and a potential mega run emblazoned all over it. The inanely low float of 315m will pole vault SWHI “when” the puppet masters choose to take center stage.

SWHI Security Details

Shares Outstanding 517,755,528 a/o Nov 20, 2014
Float 315,336,108 a/o Nov 20, 2014
Authorized Shares 15,000,000,000 a/o Sep 30, 2014

Question for the weary masses...Is SWHI a monumental POS or a glistening diamond in the rough? I bought 2’s (waited patiently;)) on the guesstimate that ole Norman will shat out a diamond when he “publicly” abdicates his porcelain throne;).