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06/05/14 9:18 AM

#69464 RE: CGardener #69462

Nice find CGardener, says it all.


06/05/14 9:21 AM

#69466 RE: CGardener #69462

If you compare this Q thru March 31, 2014 with the Annual Report for period ending 12/31/2013....there is no consistency. They are not all. Look at the change in cash...the starting cash ($0) on January 1, 2014 is different than the ending cash on Dec 31 ($43,645). And the intangible assets (which make up almost 95% of the company assets) drop significantly between periods with no treatment on the income statement.

So if this Q is audited and we are awaiting the 2013 and 2012 audits....there will have to be significant and material restatements of those previous financials.

This isn't even close...


06/05/14 9:23 AM

#69467 RE: CGardener #69462

Not a shining report is it.


06/05/14 12:25 PM

#69491 RE: CGardener #69462

Drake & Klein merges with Peter Messineo (Messineo is a well know PnD attorney). The new merged firm is called Drake, Klein, Messineo, CPAs.

janice shell

06/05/14 1:50 PM

#69496 RE: CGardener #69462

Interesting indeed.