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GM, JetFuel, example post I'll sticky-note for a while.

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SuperC   Saturday, 06/08/13 08:30:44 AM
Re: JetFuel post# 61405
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GM, JetFuel, example post I'll sticky-note for a while.

Here are the basic rules when trying to identify a symbol with potential using the 10Day Alert System:

1.) You MUST know symbols that trade a lot here on iHub, which can include:
a.) They have a high authorized share count
b.) They are discussed a lot [always check to see how many pages so far on iHub: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/msgsearch.aspx?searchstr=duss [there are plenty, this is just one example] since you are not a subscriber, this can wait.
Remember the more discussions on a particular symbol by many, the more possibilities of what we call bag-holders. Those that are now stuck at a higher price, waiting to exit to the next play.
2.) By knowing symbols that trade here on a regular bases, this enables you to know the one's that do not WHEN they come up in real-time using your software system.
Example: If 20 symbols passed by you each minute in real-time during trading hours, would you be able to spot the one's that don't come up on a regular bases? This is KEY smile

Everyone trades penny stocks, more and more each year. Less on a percentage bases hold penny stocks more than a day or two, or run.

*** That's why when one finds something unique [volume disparity], a symbol less played, a symbol that hasn't been run over with a freight-train of chatter [10's and 10's of pages on iHub], has a decent share structure, hasn't been promo'd to death, but has something also unique in one's research to include volume disparity... this may be the START to research even further.

Before I move on, this pretty much sums up what's needed to pursue the possibility of unique from one symbol:

"You need to know what NOT to play, in order to know what MIGHT be a good play. That means with say 3,000 symbols below .02 [I don't know the exact amount and could care less], you need to know how most of them trade, or how many times they come up, or how many post pages have been said about them, or/and, which the 'and' here can be continual... how the basic chart looks.

Example of a chart I wouldn't play, yet, this one has a lot less chatter, which is one point positive when going through the process of elimination. Don't forget that, the process-of-elimination

Consider all this material when I'm speaking of EMOT, not just one point: http://stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=EMOT&p=d&b=2&g=0&id=p17970548896


EMOT .006 HOD, just having a look SuperC 01/16/2013 01:38:47 PM

re: EMOT moving up above 52wkhi, 1.9milvs43k_vol10dayavg SuperC 01/16/2013 01:38:26 PM

Now, in regards to EMOT at first glance it meets some of the requirementa of 'uniqueness'.

It's not played a lot, only 4 pages this year on iHub
Right now the float is excellent: Float 48,586,635 a/o Mar 31, 2013
It is a unique biz model? http://www.electricmoto.com/ YES
But what are it's trading patterns?
What is the overall view of how this trades and has traded for the last year, to include all the above points?

For one thing the chart doesn't have a nice flow to it, up quite a bit then slowly retreats. Historical shows the same thing, look at the 200 days, consider all. Also considered too when reviewing all the above data is HOW it's trading the day spotted?
One MUST use both L2 & Time_Sales, you can't trade well without both. Since Market Makers set up plays [outside what most see as usual BS], they have plays for different circumstances, i.e. upcoming promo's, allowing one's to buy into a pre-event play with a big chunk bought out of no where. Latest perfect example of this was RAFA. Pre-event loading stated at .10c, then the Market Makers drove it down [buying as they drove it down to the .04c area within a short period], then whamo!, after seeing average buys, 40, 20, etc... someone was allowed to buy 432,000 shares at .0432 worth $20k, then after everyone including MM/Group their Gang [who ever got it], then ran it back up to .11c area close. Now it's .23c

The point is there are systems within systems when watching L2/TimeSales, and not the usual buy/sell, or the status quo [there's a sell for every buy] that is bullshit down here in Penny Land. If you go by the book-of-law that's suppose to govern' stock's down here you'll get ate up! :)

So, EMOT was not trading the way I liked after reporting it:
EMOT .006 HOD, just having a look SuperC 01/16/2013 01:38:47 PM
re: EMOT moving up above 52wkhi, 1.9milvs43k_vol10dayavg SuperC 01/16/2013 01:38:26 PM

Yes it had a great 10day Alert, but again after reviewing all available data, I saw nothing there to support a good trade.

Bottom line is you cannot trade unless you know your adversary, and... your adversary is every penny stock that's played at the level of playing field you pick. You might pick .0001 to .01 or ?

Find a trading range, download all symbols within that trading range http://www.otcmarkets.com/research/companyDirectory
There are many software systems you can use to store these, and most of all get to know a little about each one that trades.

ADXM Example:

Adex Media, Inc. I know you've been around a while, look SuperC 06/05/2013 10:47:31 AM

Pro Traders Forum ADXM .0019 SuperC 06/05/2013 10:41:17 AM

Pro Traders Forum not only ADXM,but also XPRT can be Nplay,was ash111 06/05/2013 10:25:40 AM

Adex Media, Inc. GM mike, we found a few old items SuperC 06/05/2013 01:21:31 AM

Adex Media, Inc. ADXM went up right at the end of mikembte2005 06/04/2013 11:07:47 PM

Pro Traders Forum NHYT NDAC FROZ EACR ADXM HDRX SuperC 06/04/2013 04:08:02 PM

Pro Traders Forum FYI, ADXM 2012: Board Subject Author Date/Time SuperC 06/04/2013 03:56:35 PM

Adex Media, Inc. ADXM .002 787kvs0k_vol10dayavg SuperC 06/04/2013 03:38:27 PM

Pro Traders Forum ADXM did I say Nplay? :) SuperC 06/04/2013 03:24:44 PM

Pro Traders Forum re: ADXM .0023. 15-12g Filer. 32 Million O/S pennyonfire 06/04/2013 03:17:03 PM

Pro Traders Forum ADXM .0009 365kvs0k_vol10dayavg having a look 'only': http://www.otcmarkets.c SuperC 06/04/2013 02:16:37 PM

I can't post everything I'm thinking when I find something I want. Time is important during trading hours as I'm always looking for the next symbol to research. ADXM wasn't all about HOW it traded, but helped. It was too about looking at OTC to see if it had a good share structure, webpage, webpage updated this year, was there something recent in regards to IR, then go to historical what does it say, then scan back looking at both L2/TimeSales what does it say, then read about whos saying what, then go to thread and find any old points, then go back and keep reading l2 and times sales, then how fast are trading going off, when was the last time of trade when you first spotted the symbol, then check chart if there's one, the google to look for clues i.e. management, etc. How extreme was the disparate volume? question after question after question...
Bottom line is, are you comfortable enough to put a few bucks in a symbol knowing you might have to wait a while? I seldom if ever put more than $50 bucks in a play like this.

Remember this:
One either plays on news
One plays on everything else

That means when news hits you buy? Seldom a good idea buying on news.

One plays on everything else.

That means all data you are gathering up shows that there's something coming and without news the day you decide to buy, and, there has yet to be a move. Worst thing you can do is buy into an existing run.
Buy on rumor Sell on News, still has it's advantages!

Buy before everyone else spots it, but buy on enough data that suggests it'll run sometime, and also... I'm buying at a low I can feel comfortable with knowing it may not go down any further.
No guarantees, that's why we diversify even with penny's.

Diversify to me means:

Buy something with financial value, penny stock with cash and intellectual property a fortune 500 company would desire, you need to figure that out and be up on what's hot in each sector if possible.

Buy something at a 52wk low showing promise, but has a huge range between high/low

Buy a high risk / high reward symbol

But always try and buy something others have yet to over play.


Get to know your symbols
Get to know who plays here
Get to know who to trust, and the pumpers/bullshitters
Get to know how a symbol trades
Get to know symbols that trade to much
Get comfortable with the basic's of a chart
Read patterns into historical
Have all available websites at your disposal using tabs.

When you get fast enough, all the available data suggested above, website, threads, OTC, SOS sites... historical... etc.

That when a symbol comes up you can know enough, find out enough information within 2 minutes or less whether or not you want to buy it or let it go.

Get to know each adversary at least by name, and how it trades... because each penny stock should be considered as your adversary!

If someone tells you it's a jungle down here, that's not even 1/100th of the story, LoL.

One last thing, you need to spent hundreds of hours during trading hours to get to know your adversaries! wink

You also need a subscription! If you decide not too keep it, ok. But at least try it for a few months.

One thing for sure, it's good to know when a play starts, who starts it, and other very important tidbits you can get within seconds [even with just the first line] http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/msgsearch.aspx?searchstr=nhyt

Above all, don't CHASE!

Collect trading tools, but most of all get very very comfortable with the one's you select.

errors abound, I did not proof read this.

Check iBox for the above and more.


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