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Friday, June 08, 2012 5:23:47 PM

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FBCD - Since the newly created entity (FBC holding Inc) is in default, I don't think that they could do a new corporate amendment.... their only option was to amend an old corporate action.

This is not a legal way to do an authorized share increase, but nothing about most of the past amendments and other corporation actions executed by Christopher LeClerc were legal either

FBCD is a fully reporting company... they are required to file a pre14c for any corporate actions which must be approved by a majority of all shareholder votes ... they never followed the legal process

That and they created a new business entity to raise the authorized share count instead of using the already existing entity that is legally linked to the publicly traded shell


They have broken so many regulations now that it is ridiculous.

Since they allowed the legal Nevada business entity associated with this shell to get revoked FBCD has now put itself at risk of a court appointed custodian and a possible SEC revocation.

It is obvious to me that LeClerc is trying to issue as many shares as possible to satisfy old dirty debts he created with friends, relatives, old colleagues, and other associates before the shell is inevitably taken over by a court appointed custodian so that other past dirty insiders can start a whole new round of dirty dealings with the FBCD shell.


Read the following court document and it will shed a whole new light on the way that Jehu Hand and Norman Meier allegedly funneled borrowed money to purchase the FBCD shell (then known as Wave Uranium) to run an illegal pump&dump spam campaign on the stock with the help of Len Demelt, Marc Levy, Chad Smanjak, and Jordan Shapiro.


Make sure you pay close attention to the exhibits. Especially the following pages from the cross complaint filed by Jehu Hand:

Those exhibits explain how Jean Demelt allegedly wired $375,000 to Jehu Hand and then how Jehu Hand allegedly used that $375,000 to pay Chad Smanjak and Jordan Shapiro to do a hard copy mailer spam campaign for Wave Uranium (currently FBCD). And further explains how the mailer was a failure and how Marc Levy (aka Mr. X) came to Jehu Hands office making certain demands of Hand because of the failed campaign.

Here is an interesting email sent from Chad Smanjak to Jehu Hand and Benjamin Hoskins on January 2, 2008 making suggestions about how to best run the email spam campaign:

Chad Smanjak is on the run as a wanted man indicted for his role in other illegal pump&dump campaigns including Rudy Nutrition:



The exhibitions also give some more background into the origins of Wave Uranium and how it was Jordan Shapiro that found the Iron Link Ltd shell and then was directly involved with Jehu Hand, Chad Smanjak, and Norman Meier with taking over control of the shell with the intent to run the shell as a pump&dump using a spam campaign to dump shares held in a swiss account controlled by Levy and his partners.

The exhibitions further explain how Jean Demelt's husband, Len Demelt, was made the sole officer and director of Dana PC which was another company taken over by Levy/Shapiro/Smanjak/Hand - renamed Dana Resources (DANR).

Jehu Hand was the attorney and corporate secretary for Dana Resources starting right at the start when it filed an SB-2 in 2006 (notice yet another Russian CEO)


Adam Hand would be involved in some various agreements with the company

Demelt took over as the sole officer/director in April of 2008


Jean Demelt (aka Jean Sui) knew Marc Levy because her and her husband Len Demelt were employed by Norsemont Mining in 2006 while Levy was the President of that company.


The case was eventually dismissed by both parties (probably because they agreed on an out of court settlement), but the information in that that document is just shocking and some of it very much illegal.

I noticed that Marc Levy and Len Demelt both show up as shareholders of Yellowcake Mining (now known as SKYC) in this old S-1 filing (lots of swiss entities are shareholders):


Also you may recall on page 42 and 44 of the complaint I linked in this post it mentions that an entity called Fangos Consulting wired Hand the other half ($375,000) of the $750,000 that Hand received then used for payment of the illegal spam campaign.

I found Fangos Consulting mentioned in another lawsuit allegedly involved in the passing of money through Jehu Hand for yet a stock promotion for Cleantech Biofuels, Inc (CLTH)

Quite the dirty world these people live in.

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