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FBCD - a little history of Jehu Hand's stake in that company.

FBCD was originally known as Iron Link Productions Inc, a Nevada entity that was incorporated on 5/31/06. Iron Link Productions Inc filed to go public on 9/27/06 as Iron Link Ltd with a couple of Russians at the helm

Alexandre Routkovski was the CEO, CFO, Treasurer, and Director

Viktor Krukov was the Secretary and Director

Each held 2,500,000 shares that they received for $2,500.


The attorney used to do the SB2 filings for Iron Link Ltd was Dennis H Johnston.

Dennis H Johnston would later be suspended by the SEC following his December December 15, 2009 disbarment by the California State bar due to his engagement in "multiple violations of the California Rules of Professional Conduct":


The SB2 filing was made effective by the SEC on 12/12/06.

As part of the public offering to go public, Iron Link Ltd sold 2,008,000 shares to some unnamed investors for $.025/share for proceeds of $50,200.

The company had very small level of debt at this point.


Wave Uranium

On 3/16/07, a company called Wave Uranium was registered as a business entity with the state of Nevada. The resident agent for the company was Jehu Hand.

The sole officer of Wave Uranium was Cady Johnson.

The sole shareholder for the Wave Uranium shell was Norman Maier (aka Norman Meier aka Dr. Norman Meier) originally of Zurich and now of San Deigo, CA.


Norman Meier has a past history with Tecton Corp (TTNC) and Hemis Corp (HMSO) (more about this later in this post)


Norman Meier takes control

On June 18, 2007, the Iron Link Ltd shell was sold to Norman Meier.


The author of that 8K was Jehu Hand


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<TITLE>Converted by EDGARwiz</TITLE>
<META NAME="author" CONTENT="jehu">
<META NAME="date" CONTENT="06/25/2007">

Norman Meier was issued 2,666,667 newly created shares for 100% control of Wave Uranium.

Norman Meier also purchased 2,500,000 shares from Routkovski and Krukov for $387,500.

As part of the change of control, Routkovski and Krukov resigned from their officer/director positions.

Cady Johnson became the new CEO

Christopher LeClerc became the new CFO

Norman Meier would end up purchasing the other 2,500,000 shares from Routkovski and Krukov for $112,500. That gave Norman Maier 7,666,667 shares for the cost of $500,000.

Those 7,666,667 shares would get 15:1 forward split on 8/07/07 and become 115,000,005 shares. 75,000,000 of those shares would get cancelled leaving Meier with 40,000,005 shares.

According to the 8K, Norman Meier borrowed all but $195,000 from JK Advisers Hedge Fund LLC, Panthera Bridge Fund LLC and Arrakis Inc

JK Advisers Hedge Fund LLC is a Nevada business entity controlled by Jehu Hand



Panthera Advisers Bridge Fund, Llc is a Nevada business entity controlled by Jehu Hand




Jedu Hand authors the filings

Jedu Hand shows up as the author of all of the Wave Uranium filings between 6/25/07 and 10/27/07

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<META NAME="author" CONTENT="jehu hand">
<META NAME="date" CONTENT="10/27/2007">


More on Norman Meier's borrowed funds

An SC 13d filed on 8/21/08 confirms that Norman Meier borrowed the $500,000 used to purchase control of the FBCD shell. $305,000 was borrowed three entities affiliated with each other = JK Advisers Hedge Fund LLC, Panthera Advisers Bridge Fund LLC, and Arrakis Financial, Inc. The other $195,000 was borrowed from another unnamed investor.

The SC 13D filing goes on to explain that Norman Meier was required to pay back the $500,000 loan by September 30, 2007 (later extended to October 31, 2007 and that the loan was secured by all of Norman Maier's shares and all of the assets of the Wave Uranium shell.

Norman Maier did not pay the loan back.



JK Advisers Hedge Fund LLC

The Reporting Person obtained its investment capital from a private placement to its members. An affiliate of the Reporting Person, Panthera Advisers Bridge Fund LLC, also obtained its funds from a private placement. Another affiliate, Arrakis Financial, Inc., obtained its funds from personal investments. Another investor provided $195,000. The total funds provided by these persons is $500,000. These funds were loaned to Norman Maier and secured by a pledge of all of the common stock held by Mr. Maier. Mr. Maier used the $500,000 to purchase his shares of the Registrant. Mr. Maier’s purchase of his controlling interest was solely funded by this group, as disclosed in a Current Report on Form 8-K dated June 18, 2007 filed by the Registrant. The $500,000 was due on demand and the loan is now in default; therefore the Reporting Person and the other members of this group have the right to receive these shares now.

Further, Panthera loaned $51,000 to the Registrant secured by a pledge of the 40,000,005 shares held by Maier. The loan was due on September 30, 2007 but was extended until October 31, 2007 and Panthera loaned an additional $100,000. This loan and the pledge of the shares was disclosed in the Registrant’s Form 10-KSB for the year ended July 31, 2007. The loan is in default and Panthera has the right to the 40,000,005 shares by virtue of this default. Panthera also received a security interest on all the assets of the Registrant, and was to receive 51,000 shares of common stock on this loan, but the shares have not yet been received.


California Asset Recovery Solutions

On November 6, 2008, Jehu Hand transferred all causes of action held by Panthera Advisers through their loan of $151,000 to Norman Meier and Wave Uranium over to California Asset Recovery Solutions (another entity controlled by Jehu Hand)



On November 7, 2008, Jehu Hand (California Asset Recovery Solutions) filed suit against Wave Uranium

Jehu Hand alleges in his Complaint that on June 26, 2007, when he loaned the $51,000 (with 12% interest) to Wave Uranium (a company for which he served as the resident agent registering the business entity), Wave Uranium represented that they were going out of business (despite being only 3 months old) and that the president of the Company, Cady Johnson, was about to quit for three month's non payment of salary.

$15,000 of the $51,000 loan went into Cady Johnson's bank account. The other $36,000 went to the bank account of Wave Uranium Holding where it was supposed to be used to purchase some mining claims.

The loan was due to be repaid by September 30, 2007. On September 30, 2007, Jehu Hand loaned an additional $100,000 to Wave Uranium and agreed to extend the due date to October 10, 2007.

Jehu Hand says in his Complaint that he was never repaid one penny of the loan and never received the 51,000 Wave Uranium shares that he was supposed to received as part of the loan agreement.

Jehu Hand alleges that he was intentionally defrauded by Wave Uranium and that Wave Uranium never had any intentions of honoring the loan agreement.

On December 9, 2011, California Assets Recovery Solutions was granted a writ of execution over the assets of FBCD


"California Asset Recovery Solutions received a judgment against FBC Holding, Inc. in case number 30-2008-00114550, and has already been issued a writ of execution against the assets of the toy company. The amount of the judgment with interests and costs is now in excess of $300,000"

And is now going through the formality of gaining control of the shell through the assignment of a receiver.

"California Asset Recovery Solutions, LLC announced that it has filed today a motion to appoint a receiver over the business of FBC Holding, Inc. (FBCD.PK), including its Super Rad Toys business. The hearing for the motion has been set for May 31, 2012 in Orange County Superior Court."

The hearing will take place on May 31, 2012, the same day that the true FBC Holding Nevada business entity will get revoked by the Nevada SOS:


The appointment of the receiver by Jehu Hand (California Asset Recovery Solution) will take place at 1:30 pm on June 1, 2012.


Russian Connection?

I do find it interesting that when the FBCD shell was first taken public it was controlled by a couple of Russians.

According to Jehu Hand's own autobiography, he speaks fluent Russian.

Jehu Hand was also the long time CEO of Mendocino Partners, Inc starting in 1994. In 1999 the shell went public as Marin Technologies Inc. In 2004 with Jehu Hand still at the helm, the shell became Russian Athena Inc which was in the business of helping people find Russian brides until it was revoked by the SEC on October 24, 2008



On November 18, 2001, Russian Athena, Inc. formerly known as Marin Technologies, Inc., a publicly reporting corporation formed in April 1994 solely to seek for and make an acquisition, acquired rights to certain satellite technology for exploitation in Eastern Europe and changed its name to Myercom, Inc. Russian Athena was unable to find practicable market to this technology and abandoned this business. Subsequently, management began to explore the possibility of opening a marriage agency in Eastern Europe. The Company's name was changed to "Russian Athena, Inc." to reflect the new business. We operate in Russia under our wholly owned Russian subsidiary, "Ruskaya Afina" which means Russian Athena.

The "Mail Order Bride" Industry

The term "Mail Order Bride" is a misnomer. No one to our knowledge in modern times has merely ordered himself a bride via the internet or catalog. The modern foreign bride industry is a product of the internet facilitating international communication. Russian Athena is part of the internet dating phenomenon. Our male customers generally are from the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In this prospectus we refer to these men as "Western" men eventhough not all are from the West. Most women who seek for international grooms are from Asia, Latin America or Eastern Europe. Our agency operates in the Russian Federation, which is the principal country for the Eastern Europe women seeking marriage to foreigners. Russia has population of approximately 135 million people.

There have been many reasons advanced for the desire of the Russian woman to seek a husband abroad. Better economic conditions and the perceived better ability and predisposition of a western man to sustain a marriage and raise a family are often given as reasons by the women themselves. Western men who seek for brides in Eastern Europe do so for a variety of reasons, including beauty, higher educational standards, and the perceived higher interest of such women in family life. The popularity of internet dating attests to the fact that, in any population, there will always be a certain percentage of persons who for whatever reason believe they cannot find their soul mate where they live or through conventional channels.

We will market our services through the internet at our proposed website, RussianAthena.com. We will also link to RussianAthena.com at an agency website, athenaagency.com, operated by our management in Ukraine. In addition, more than 20 Angelika network sites such as angelika.net, bluesapphires.net and onetruelove.net market our ladies. As a result of the Angelika network, we can receive revenue immediately upon posting the profiles of our first ladies in the cities we open.

Our president, Jehu Hand, controls Athena Marriage Agency and its Ukrainian subsidiary, Afina International. Athena operates seven offices in Ukraine, separately from Russian Athena. Mr. Hand intends to link the website for Russian Athena and Athena and to market them jointly to male customers

Jehu Hand has been President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of Russian Athena since its inception.

The author of the Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation filing from Iron Link Ltd to Wave Uranium Holding included as an amendment
to the 8K filed on 7/10/07 by Iron Link Ltd was Kimberly Peterson



<!doctype html public "-//IETF//DTD HTML//EN">
<TITLE><U>Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation</TITLE>
<META NAME="author" CONTENT="Kimberly Peterson">
<META NAME="date" CONTENT="07/10/2007">

Kimberly Peterson was a long time major shareholder of Russian Athena Inc

Kimberly Peterson is also Jehu Hand's long time legal assistant.

Kimberly Peterson can often times be found as a shareholder and/or officer in companies linked to Jehu Hand going back many many years.

News put out today by VitaminSpice, Inc (VTMS) alleges some pretty serious offenses by Jehu Hand:



VitaminSpice, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VTMS) announces that the Federal Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has dismissed the involuntary bankruptcy petition that was filed against the company by its former attorney Jehu Hand, Ray Suprenard (IBT Florida), Jeremiah Hand, John Robison (Orange, California), and Esthetics World.

The Honorable Court further ordered that a Hearing be held regarding attorneys fees and damages. Furthermore, the Court Ordered that a Hearing be scheduled to hear VitaminSpice's "Bad Faith" Motion regarding the Filing of the petition. The Motions filed before this court included explicit documents provided to the court that demonstrated forgeries by petitioners, specifically Jehu Hand. One of the most outrageous documents that VitaminSpice provided is a back dated and notarized (by Jehu Hand's assistant, Kimberly Peterson) that was submitted to the offices of The United States Federal Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania's District Court Judge, Michael Baylson.

During the proceedings, petitioner John Robison admitted to providing investment funds via Kevin Lee Woodbridge, a convicted felon on securities violations. According to the SEC website, Woodbridge was banned for life from working with any public company in addition to Woodbridge's incarceration.

The Court will schedule a separate hearing to allow the parties to augment the present record with regard to the issue of whether VitaminSpice is entitled to fees and costs pursuant to 11 U.S.C. section 303(i). At that time, the Court will consider the issue of bad faith as it relates to VitaminSpice's section 303(i) requests, stated the Judge Madeline D. Coleman in documents issued by the court. VitaminSpice, by and through its attorneys will be submitting actual, compensatory, and punitive damage claims against all parties that filed the involuntary petition.

There is a lot of interesting information online about Jehu Hand. Both George Sharp and AbuseofLaw make some interesting references to Jehu Hand in their blogs.


More on "Dr" Norman Meier


Norman Meier used the following address in the FBCD filings:

Norman Meier
Bettlistrasse 35
8600 Dübendorf Switzerland

That is the same address used by Tecton Corp (TTNC) and Hemis Corp (HMSO)

Other companies that can be linked to Norman Meier include

MASS Petroleum Inc (MASP)
Athena Capital Partners
Windfire Capital Corp. (C: WIF)
Refco Minerals
Aviara Mining
Condor Gold

David Baines article from October of 2008:



In an almost identical case, the SEC concurrently filed a complaint in New York against New York stock promoter Jason Jadidian, alleging he paid kickbacks to an undercover FBI agent to purchase shares of Tecton Corp., another U.S. over-the-counter company with ties to Vancouver.

As in the Zanic case, the undercover agent told Jadidian he represented a group of brokers with trading discretion over the accounts of wealthy clients, and would arrange for them to buy shares for a 30-per-cent kickback.

In another "test transaction," the undercover agent bought 80,000 shares for a total of $18,672, for an average of 23 cents per share. Jadidian subsequently wired the agent a $5,000 kickback through a third party. The stock has since slumped to one-tenth of a cent.

Tecton went public on the OTC Bulletin Board last year as an exploration company, with properties in B.C. and Saskatchewan.

The company's president is Norman Meier, a former Canaccord Capital broker who claims to have PhD in Human Behaviour from Newport University in Switzerland.

The company's filing solicitor is Penny Green of the Bacchus Law Group in Vancouver. Green has helped numerous companies go public on the pink sheets and bulletin board on extremely dubious business premises. Most have ended badly for investors.

Boca Raton Stock Promoter - Jordan Shapiro - can be linked the following Norman Meier companies - MASP, TTNC, HMSO, and WAVE (Wave Uranium - now FBCD)

Lots of interesting reading material is available online doing google searches for Norman Meier.


What an ugly mess

The whole "Uranium Mining" operation touted by the FBCD shell was nothing but a sham.

FBCD was nothing but a scam (in my opinion) right from day one. I have posted lots of information in the past about the questionable filings, misleading press releases, fake business operations and business agreements, millions of dollars in shady stock compensations, shady debt arrangements, and other questionable activities perpetrated by the FBCD shell by Meier, Johnson, and LeClerc.

What an ugly mess.

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