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ROSV/Louis Carrillo/Shull family/GTCP/Douglas Roe

As previously mentioned, Carrillo Huettel LLP can be linked to LUXE/SUNB, NTRO, NSRS, EDVP, RARS, GTCP, HDSI, and SNPK

All of these shells have various ties to each another not just because of Carrillo Huettel LLP but also because of individuals like Robert Shull, Mackie Barch, Douglas Roe, Harry Lappa, and Eric Van Nguyen.

I showed numerous connections between Douglas Roe, Harry Lappa, Robert Shull, Carrillo Huettel LLP, and Eric Van Nguyen in this last post:

Now I want to point out a few more


Georgetown Corp (GTCP)

When GTCP was first taken public it was called Yukonic Mineral Corps and the attorney used for the S-1 filing was Dean Law Group of Seattle Washington.

To help the shell go public the S-1 filing used a doomed to fail before it was put together business plan that included a signed agreement with Oro Quest Inc, a Yukon based entity to purchase control of a Whitehorse, Yukon based claim for $15,000.

Karl Gruber signed the Yukonic Mineral Corps/Oro Quest Inc agreement, but the most important name associated with Oro Quest Inc is Douglas Roe.

If my research is right both Karl Gruber and Douglas Roe graduated from FH Collins High School in Whitehorse, Yukon (class of 1991).

Later after Yukonic Mineral Corps went public, Mackie Barch took over as the CEO and the name was changed to Georgetown Corp (GTCP)

Carrillo Huettel LLP took over as the legal counsel.

Only seems fair that Douglas Roe was given 15,750,000 shares of SNPK for next to nothing to dump during the promotions for his role in helping GTCP go public as well as his roles in the following Harry Lappa linked companies:

Global Resource Energy Inc (GBEN)
Sunbelt International Corp (SUNB) [formerly known as Lux Energy Corp (LUXE)] = Shull family + Carrillo Huettel LLP

The same Harry Lappa also linked to:

Endeavor Power Corp (EDVP) = Carrillo Huettel LLP
Boundary Bay Resources, Inc. (BBRE) (now known as EMBA)
Nitro Petroleum Inc (NTRO) = Shull Family + Carrillo Huettel LLP
Rarus Technologies (RARS) = Carrillo Huettel LLP
North Spring Resources Corp (NSRS) = Eric Van Nguyen + Carrillo Huettel LLP

Past research on GTCP:

Impala Mineral Exploration Corp (IMXC) [formerly known as Harborside Ventures, Inc.] also once signed an agreement with Oro Quest (Karl Gruber) for some Whitehorse, Yukon based claim.

The CEO of IMXC at the time, Robert Skelly, was an officer and director of Silica Resources Corp (SRCN) the same time that Karl Gruber was serving as a director of that shell.


Rostock Ventures Corp (ROSV)

Rostock's S-1 filing was made effective in September of 2008.

On June 29, 2009, the Shull family (658111 BC Ltd, Paradisus Investment Corp, and Zander Investments Ltd) and 4 anonymous foreign entities (Takam International Ltd, Tucker Investments, HB International Ltd, and Highlight Holdings Ltd) bought up controlling interest in the ROSV shell

The same 7 entities took control of Nitro Petroleum Inc (NTRO) and used the shell for insider enrichment through dirty debt notes:

Signatories for some of the entities at this time included:

Takam International Ltd - Gail Waters
Tucker Investments - Robert Banfield (aka Robert Bandfield)
HB International Ltd - Miguel Adolpo de La Rosa (aka Miguel Adolfo de La Rosa)
Highlight Holdings Ltd - R. Seeley (aka Robert William Seeley)

On October 23, 2009, Louis Carrillo of Carrillo Huettel LLP (which was already acting as the legal counsel for the shell) was appointed as the new CEO of ROSV

The Shull family (Leo Shull, Patricia Shull, and Robert Shull) held their shares for 2 years (probably as a requirement). Then in the summer of 2011, a paid promotion was run on the stock and the insiders all dumped their shares.

Louis Carrillo resigned as the CEO in the spring of 2011 (just ahead of the pump&dump), but Carrillo Huettel LLP remains the legal counsel for the shell even today.

Robert Bandfield the NTRO filing signatory for Tucker Investments Inc was also the signatory for Blue Lagoon Capital, the anonymous Belize entity that provided the original funding for Sunpeaks Ventures Inc (SNPK). Bandfield (who works for IPC Corporate Services LLC) just hold those shares for somebody else who wants to remain anonymous. Somebody who Bandfield may have some previous history with.

Andrew Godfrey the ROSV filing signatory for Tucker Investments Inc shows up as a signatory with Robert Banfield in the S-1 filing for Tiger Oil Energy Inc (TGRO) that is currently waiting for SEC approval each owning just over 5% stake in that company. Robert Bandfield through Belize based Palm Harbour Int’l Inc and Andrew Godfrey through Belize based Chancery Lane Investment Group, Inc.

Robert Seeley, the NTRO filing signatory for Highlight Holding Inc, and Miguel Adolfo de La Rosa, the NTRO filing signatory for HB International Ltd, also have some history together. Robert Seeley was the long time CEO and debt holder for Caribbean Villa Catering Corp [now known as Globotek Holdings, Inc (GBTO)]. Miguel Adolfo De La Rosa shows up as one of the original shareholders of the shell.

Following the three Shull linked entities (658111 BC Ltd, Paradisus Investment Corp, and Zander Investments Ltd) lead to many interesting connections including such names as Sandy Winick and Pearl Asia, but that research will have to wait for another post.

And of course Carrillo Huettel, LLP has a shady connection with the Kirks (Skymark Media Group Ltd) - infamous Canadian spammers that got in hot water with the authorities.

Eric Van Nguyen has close ties to the Kirks.

Rumor has it that Skymark Media Group passed their spam data base on to Eric Van Nguyen to use with the awesomepennystock group of companies after the regulators shut Skymark down. Combine that with all the subscribers Van Nguyen stole from Dan Ryan and porno site data bases, the help he gets from John Babikan and some seasoned Canadian and Florida based spammers, and his cult following of coat tail riding promoters and it is no wonder that awesomepenny stock is able to spit in the face of the SEC and help move worthless shells up to billion dollar market caps before the inevitable crashing of the shells back down to nearly worthless where they belong crushing bag holders on the way down.

I look forward to the day that this organized crime ring is shut down and hope that all of its leaders end up in prison.