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Suicide by Central Bank from Athens to America

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TheRaveninexile   Thursday, 04/05/12 08:04:06 PM
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Suicide by Central Bank from Athens to America and All Around



This morning I woke to the story of a 77 year old retired Greek pharmacy owner whom had chosen to commit suicide near the Parliament building in Athens the day before. After devastating austerity measures, his pension decimated he had lost all hope of continuing. His suicide note read as follows,

“The Tsolakoglou government has annihilated all traces for my survival. And since I cannot find justice, I cannot find another means to react besides putting a decent end [to my life], before I start searching the garbage for food and become a burden for my child.”

The reference to Tsolakoglou apparently was meant to indicate that he likened the current goverment to that of the one run by the Greek collaborationists under Georgios Tsolakoglou during the Nazi German occupation of Greece during WWII.

Why is this important? Because it is happening right here in the U.S. now every single day. They just aren’t doing it in front of state capital buildings or on the steps of the halls of Congress…. yet.

Within minutes of posting this article a cousin of mine who still lives in my home state of West Virginia related to me that in February and March there had been 4 domestic case murder-suicides in the area. Incidences of husbands killing their wives and themselves over debt and foreclosure related issues. One of these cases involved a couple whom had been previously served an eviction notice by the Sheriff. They received a visit from the Sheriff’s department on a Sunday to make sure they would vacate the property the following day. “The sheriff says Robert Nusser told deputies he didn’t know where to go or what to do.” Afterward this 68 year old man called his daughter to tell her where ”some money was, just in case anything ever happened to them”. Nusser then called 911 on Monday, reported that there had been a murder-suicide at his home address and added “I did it”, then hung up. By the time the police arrived both he and his 64 year old wife were dead from single gunshots. He too left a note saying he didn’t want to be a burden to his 39 year old daughter.

These and many, many more tragic deaths never should have occurred but let us not allow their deaths to be in vain. Many have already forgotten and far more never even knew that those tremendous uprisings in North Africa last year were sparked by the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi, a poor 26 year old Tunisian street vendor who had been so harassed by local police authorities that he could no longer make a living. The police took his vegetables and then tried to take his scales leaving him no way to support his widowed mother and six siblings. After trying to complain to the local police authorities and being rebuffed he eventually grabbed a gas can, ran into the middle of the street yelling “How do you expect me to make a living?”, doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire. Ten days later the uprising which ensued had topple the Tunisian government. The unrest of the young underclass of downtrodden soon spread to neighboring Algeria, Egypt and Libya, included their middle classes resulting in regime changes across the region.

What we must realize is that the cause of all these deaths, the suicides are but attempts to be released from the clutches of something these people felt powerless to fight. Every death comes back to the very same root cause, the banking system. Tunisa with $45 billion in debt and a growing trade deficit was doomed to be forever poor. Greece, it’s $349 billion of debt and austerity measures that now have people dumping their children on the streets, the country now without even aspirin in it’s pharmacies is truly lapsing into dismal despair. The U.S., it’s real estate market crash, the loss of $16.4 trillion in U.S. household wealth, $8 trillion in U.S. economic bailouts loaned to the banks and businesses by the Federal Reserve and now we have the Europeans announcing a $1 trillion “firewall” to prevent the collapse of their peripheral economies. Most believe the European like the American escapade can’t possibly be nearly enough. All these interventions by the Central Banks has now effectively put every man, woman and child in economic shackles.

Who pays for it? Of course we all do and the folks mentioned in this article are the ones currently paying the highest of prices. Their deaths are both public cries of injustice and the canary in the coal mine for those who have yet to be touched by this global Depression. I could bore you with statistics here for hours to back up that claim of global Depression but really there’s no need to. Anyone who takes their gaze away from that glowing flat disinformation screen hanging on the wall of their living room, gets up, walks away from the talking heads and makes it outside can do a 360° to actually see it. They might not recognize it because they don’t know what they’re looking at but the evidence is there.

Unfortunately sometimes it requires acts like these suicides to jolt people awake, see what is before them and to take action against the oppression that the banks now impose on humanity world wide. This transcends mere oppression and has created a state of perpetual debt slavery for all concerned. Even people who have a little bit of money don’t get a pass anymore. All are being effected if you are not part of the very elite upper 0.001% of the world who are the true movers and shakers. Forget about the 1% because if you’re pointing at them, a goodly percentage of them are doctors, dentists and small business owners that actually still work for a living like the other 99%. We really need to single out who the enemy is and it’s a far smaller percentage than what has been popularized by the Occupy Movement. People are now tied to mortgages where they owe far more than the value of their homes. Credit ratings have become determining factors as to whether you are deemed employable or not. Lose a home, incur so many medical bills you can’t pay, late too many times on your credit card bill or be forced to file bankruptcy and you can easily find yourself completely unable to find work in any company of any size which uses credit scores as a criteria to judge you. Many of the factors that can create a bad credit score today have absolutely nothing to do with people’s level of responsibility or integrity. It is just the fact that most people were unfortunate enough to buy into the idea that buying things on credit was an ok idea (hard to avoid that when every single message in the mass media and social structure tells you to do it), then later to also find out the shocking fact that there really is no such thing as job security and that the stock market is nothing more than a rigged ponzi scheme. You really can’t win anymore. All most people do is hope that they aren’t one of the folks who gets completely squashed in this economic downturn with no definable end in sight. Are you starting to notice that it’s really the banks that rule your life maybe even more so than a government which enacted 40,000 new laws for 2012?

They’re beating the hope out of people with the constant fear mongering in the press. Of course in the main stream media it’s a game. One day the stock markets are falling and the next day the jobs reports boost everything back to the previous level. It’s a form of passive aggressive psy-op to keep the masses confused and questioning their own good senses. It also has a tendency to make those who still have jobs just put their heads down and press their noses to the grindstone. I see folks on the edge, people living paycheck to pay check who now are scared to death that the whole ball of wax is going to unravel upon them. They’re just a pink slip away from complete and total loss of hope themselves. A few years back they were sure that everything would just work itself out as it always has seemed to during their lifetimes. After a few years of this economy though even the most dull have figured out that things are not only not getting any better but are decidedly getting worse.

I participate in an online political discussion group which predominately consists of people from my home town in WV, most still live there, some have moved away and there is a smattering of folks from other places around the state. I have found that some people of late are becoming increasingly agitated by and frantic over some of my economic posts such as this one from the other day. It’s an article from one of my favorite hedge fund managers and economists Dr. Marc Faber. He’s not particularly saying anything new in it. I’ve posted plenty of articles like this one on the forum over the last twenty months or so but apparently it’s finally hitting home with some folks. Now that the realization is sinking in it seems that to a lot of people the idea that the system is headed for an inevitable currency and market collapse globally is something that they just can’t emotionally handle. People who four years ago hadn’t a clue that anything was truly amiss are now suddenly finding their eyes being forced open to the light of day but it’s all gloomy and doomy as far as they can see over this new horizon. They are now either only seeing for the first time or are just finally willing to admit to themselves what has been apparent for quite some time, that they have been living in Mordoresque world for most if not all of their lives. What is being missed though is that as it is we are actually looking at a possible new beginning not necessarily THE END. There is no way to the light of the next day until this system does implode. It’s broken beyond repair. We can’t fix it. We must replace it. This mass awakening is our chance to make massive social and economic change.

I do understand why so many people seem to be completely paralyzed once the realization that all is not well starts to sink in. These folks see nothing but death and destruction ahead for themselves and do you know why? It’s because for many people the erosion of the family as a unit and destruction of the community as a cohesive group has left these folks with ZERO safety net. Many out there have no one to rely upon if and when things really go to shit even if it is only for a little while. I do understand that there are still families out there who will do whatever would be necessary to help their extended family and friends but some people aren’t even in a position to do it. People who are middle aged to seniors now have adult children who are barely living above poverty level in many cases as it is. I would imagine this is why the Greek fellow and the couple from Southern Ohio were so adamant about not burdening their children. Many people today are estranged from their own extended families for the most part and their relationships with their neighbors so superficial that they couldn’t ever ask them for assistance. Add to this the fact that hardly anyone is even a member of a church or civic organizations anymore which might have in earlier times lent a hand, today they’ve got nada and nowhere to go. If anything bad happens the best some can hope for is possibly a car if not it’s the possibility of a cardboard box. Those prospects aren’t so good considering that so many cities and townships in the U.S. have made it illegal to feed the homeless huh? When governments move to quell the most basic of human instincts like helping your fellow man you know you’re living in a bad, bad place.

My best friend has been out of work for 3 months since his last employer, a restaurant shut down after New Year’s. Oddly enough the same scenario occurred for him last year after New Year’s when the restaurant he was at prior also had to go out of business. At any rate, this guy who’s gone from a career restaurant manager for the better part of three decades has now been waiting tables for the past 3 years and understandably after three months without a paycheck is at the very end of his financial rope. With savings gone and a $167 a week in unemployment he could have been forced out of his home soon if it were not for the fact that by some miracle he managed to land another job this week. He has no family support and no children to rely upon. His only solace was knowing that if worse came to worse that he did have one person in the world who could and would be willing to help him if necessary. There are countless millions world wide who don’t even have that to fall back upon. Many, many people out here have no safety net and as this demise of the the global economy accelerates we’re going to see a lot more bodies giving up and piling up. People need to form better relationships with those around them. We can no longer survive as tiny islands unto ourselves. We have to relearn how to be the social creatures that humans are so that we can ALL move forward together.

So what’s the solution? First we have to come to the realization that our priorities are screwed up and have been since the mass media first figured out how to mass market. We have since the beginning of the industrial revolution been literally programmed to consume and those folks who make all the stuff they sell to us have designed their products with a limited lifespan so that we have to keep buying and buying frequently. It’s called planned obsolescence. That along with the banking system in general and even more so after the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 have spurred on not one, not two but three major depressions and now promise to spark yet a Third World War in the span of time. It is after all how this economic system is set up and how it survives.

When did it become so important to protect the profits of private banks or even publicly held banks for that matter at the expense of humanity? How do most people not recognize that the priorities instilled in society today are completely dysfunctional? Yes we are a horribly neurotic population from one end of the globe to the other. We’ve been rendered half nuts by either the constant drone of commercial manipulation to consume more and more, pushed on by corporations which organize to ensure planned obsolescence is a part of almost every single product manufactured and then we’re all poked and prodded to believe that if we do not consume that we cannot possibly be happy. That’s our half of the world. The other half is made crazy by constant privation, war and the encroachment of the consumer economic/debt model being used on and against them.

We are led to believe it is all important to keep these banking institutions solvent even over the lives of people who more often than not had absolutely nothing to do with the actions of the banks which lead them to become insolvent (the publicly held banks like Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, ING, UBS, RBS etc) and then to not only bail them out but to create cash flow great enough to allow these institutions to pay multi-million dollar bonuses to their employees. The whole bailout scheme has allowed the privately held Federal Reserve to profit $88 BILLION last year alone! Here’s the thing………. you take the Federal Reserve out of the pictures and all the sudden you’ve got an extra $88 BILLION the US isn’t shelling out in interest to these loan shark hucksters. You let the banks that are insolvent fail. Put the creation of money back in the hands of Congress and the Treasury Department. This is the only Constitutionally legal way for money to be made in the first place, not by 500 bean counters at the Federal Reserve sitting there pounding out 1's and 0's on computers using two fingers like monkeys 24/7. Maybe the idea of a National Bank which makes loans directly to small businesses and consumers would make more sense? If we had that why would we possibly want to continue to shovel TRILLIONS of dollars into the pockets of the Central banksters, the middle men who add ZERO VALUE to the equation? The banks and especially the Federal Reserve have now become parasitic ticks that are bigger than the flea bitten dogs (us) they are continuing to suck dry!

We’ve got people killing themselves so that a few thousand people in the world can continue to grow fat, control more, and scoop up ever more real assets from the four corners of the Earth just to pay for debts that most people had nothing to do with. They now hold huge amounts of both private and commercial seized properties in the U.S. and are now especially in Europe squeezing sovereign nations for their payola by extracting things such as water rights, dam projects, forests, publicly held lands and landmarks and they aren’t going to stop taking it until the very last moment when the paper money scheme falls completely apart. That will be the point when all the dollars, Euros, Yen, Pesos and Lira world wide become virtually worthless. That’s why they’re grabbing those tangible assets now because they know the paper soon will hold no value. The way they plan it is that we all go broke and they hold the only stuff still of any value. The wealth now held by them in all that seized property AND THEN………… they get to start the whole game all over again.

We must abolish the Federal Reserve and quit feeding the illiquid banks world wide. If it can’t be done by putting someone in the White House who will take away the Fed’s power as President John F. Kennedy did with Executive Order 11110 in 1963 then it will have to be done by each individual state nullifying the debts owed . If you had never heard about E.O. 11110 before, you now know part of the reason why J.F.K. was killed. He took the power of money creation away from the Federal Reserve and put it back in the hands of the Treasury Department. The other way to end run the Fed would be for every state to nullify the personal income tax. You ask how can we do that and not have the entire government collapse? How would the government get it’s money to operate if we all stop paying taxes? Well the fact of the matter is that NONE of your tax money goes to the government to keep the light bill paid or the paychecks funded as it is. No, all of that money the IRS takes or you end up having to send goes to the Federal Reserve to pay the debts that we owe it. All money that is used to fund the government is newly created debt issued by the Federal Reserve. Are you starting to see how the cycle could be broken with a few simple steps? First we have to wipe the casino’s books clean. Tell the bad guys that the game is over, they’re not collecting any more money, take what they’ve made, go away quietly and they get to live.

It’s time to shut down the Federal Reserve, their global Central Banking System and the ponzi scheme that has become the stock markets world wide. We have to reset the clock otherwise the bailouts will not stop. The banks will continue to need more and more cash infused to keep them liquid going forward. That was evident even when they were telling us the $700 billion TARP program would do the trick. Here we are $8 TRILLION later and they still keep the presses going day and night. If they are not stopped we’re slated to go Zimbabwe style, inflate everything until there are so many zeros on a printed note you can’t count them without a calculator and like so many other countries in the past , eventually if they can hold it all together they end up just whack all the zeros off the bills and call it a $1 again even though the value has been decreased by multiple factors of 10 on the way down. This is why your gasoline, bread, milk, peanut butter and tuna fish now are costing you substantially more already. Don’t believe it’s gasoline supply problems or speculation alone that you are causing you to practically need financing just to fill up a tank. They’re lying to you, it’s the money supply. It’s the trillions of dollars sloshing around in the banks now leaking out into the real economy that is the problem.

Whether we choose to sit on our collective assess world wide, let the banks starve us out and steal every thing we own or we decide to take back our freedom, our liberty and our dignity it’s going to be a rough road. The former option will be far harder and confer no reward other than the perpetual opportunity to lick the boot pressing upon the throat of humanity. If we however choose to push that boot off and take back our natural rights we will have to seriously pull together as a species and help one another as the world goes through a period of tremendous change. If we don’t, they’ll have us at each other’s throats for what profit can be made of it. We live in exciting times, one guaranteed for the history books either way it goes.

One head cannot contain all wisdom.
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