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Monday, 10/03/2011 7:50:01 PM

Monday, October 03, 2011 7:50:01 PM

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Criminally negligent promoter, The Stock Psycho at is pushing the worthless shares of no longer existent Independent Bancshares, (IBFL). The last time The Psycho pushed the shares of an out of business bank, he deemed it an accident, but only once we publicized his criminal activities. He even brags about the success of the scheme on (CAPB) in his current email in which he touts IBFL. A lot of people lost a lot of money to this thief in the CAPB scam and now he's bought up shares of IBFL and will try and steal some more money.

The Stock Psycho is Ryan Franks

His website and accompanying email newsletters are owned and operated by his company IPR Agency LLC

Registrar: MONIKER

Record created on: 2005-08-05

Registrant [1981698]:
Ryan Franks rwsemail88@
13650 Marina Pointe Drive
Marina Del Rey

Administrative Contact [1981698]:
Ryan Franks
13650 Marina Pointe Drive
Marina Del Rey
Phone: +1.3106120085

Billing Contact [1981698]:
Ryan Franks
13650 Marina Pointe Drive
Marina Del Rey
Phone: +1.3106120085

Technical Contact [1981698]:
Ryan Franks
13650 Marina Pointe Drive
Marina Del Rey
Phone: +1.3106120085


Here is a copy of the newsletter put out by Ryan Franks (The Stock Pyscho) for IBFL

Ryan Franks seem to always put out his email newsletters about 30 - 45 minutes after the open and then investors race to buy the stock with very few being able to buy in before the price jumps too high and the profit line is crossed = welcome to bag holder land.

IBFL did jump up from $.03/share to high of $.50/share during a 1 hour window between 9:45 am and 10:45 am, but after that the stock fell very quickly and hovered around $.20/share the rest of the day. It closed at $.25/share.

Let me explain how these low float dead stock plays work. Some tout front loads by slowly buying up small chunks of a completely dead stock that no longer has any business operations or trading volume that has been inactive for several months if not years. They spread out their buys over a long period of time to avoid moving the stock price too much and drawing attention to the stock. Then once they have accumulated a fair amount of shares they run their own private pump and dump with the stock. I say private because it isn't supported by news from the company because the company is dead and because the front loading tout is the main person looking to sell.

Now there is the possibility that an insider from the company that has been holding shares for a long time may also be looking to sell some shares and contacts a promoter and works out some sort of undisclosed agreement to share some of the shares or profits with the promoter if they help pump the stock - whatever the case the pump and dump is on.

The promoter sends out a bunch of email blasts to his/her followers often times full of flat out lies about the company. In this case Ryan Franks made no bones about it - he pumped IBFL as a low float play and listed some of his past low float pump and dumps to try to trick buyers into coming in thinking they could use IBFL for a ten bagger.

In reality very few people besides the front loaders or insiders were able to buy the stock under $.20/share today. It took very little volume to move the stock price from $.03/share to $.20/share and by 10:45 am the dumping had begun.

The front loaded pump and dumps have extremely short life spans. The front loading promoter starts dumping almost right away leaving most of the people that he tricked into buying the worthless dead stock he was promoting as bag holders and big losers.

IBFL will follow the same pattern as the other low float pump and dumps that Ryan Franks has pump and dumped in the past.

Tomorrow IBFL will see the share price drop closing probably closing under $.15/share. By Friday it will probably be below $.10/share. Disillusioned clingers that bought into the pump and can't come to grips with the fact that they own worthless stock in a dead company will hold on way longer than they should hoping for the stock to bounce. One by one they will finally get a grip on reality and sell their stock slowly taking the IBFL stock price back down close to where it started hovering around $.03/share. Maybe a year down the road if the stock might get abused by another immoral promoter looking to fleece a whole new group of investors with a new front loaded pump and dump. I hope not.


The last low float stock that Ryan Franks front loaded and pump and dumped was CAPB

Here is his newsletter for that pump and dump from July 27, 2011

Again the email blast happened at 9:42 am

This time the newsletter was full of flat out lies. Ryan Franks put numbers in the email newsletter that belonged to another company (CBCR) not CAPB. CAPB delisted in March of 2009. The public shell no longer had any assets or operations after that. It was by every definition of the phrase - a dead shell.

But to Ryan Franks it was a low float play. A chance to make money at the expense of other investors. Front loading share then doing an email promo full of lies then dumping on the unsuspecting followers is very much illegal.

Here is what happened to CAPB on July 27, 2011.

The promo shot the price up from $.015/share at the open to high of $.04/share in the minutes following the email blast.

Just like with IBFL the dumping started shortly after the email blast and the price tanked back down from $.40/share to a close of $.113/share. A whole bunch of bag holders were created because very few people were able to get in before the profit line was broke and many that did were not smart enough to sell before their profits disappeared.

The next day the stock continue to drop closing at $.069/share
On July 29th the stock closed at $.05/share
On By August 2nd the stock was down to $.04/share
It gradually sank from there closing at $.02/share today.

The pump&dump prompted to write this:

We label the Stock Psycho at, its owner IPR Agency, LLC and its publisher Ryan Franks criminals. And we've sent this to the SEC. We strongly urge all hurt by this scam to do so as well.


The other two low float plays listed in today's newsletter also followed similar patterns


At around 9:42 am on June 2, 2011, Ryan Franks did an email blast for PLLX

PLLX was not a dead shell, but it was an inactive company that had been hovered between $.02/share and $.04/share for the past several months.

The pump and dump was on.

The stock price went from $.02/share to a high of $.40/share back to $.04/share 4 days later.


The morning of March 11, 2011, Ryan Franks did his email blast for OLDW

The price quickly shot up from $.02/share to $.49/share then the dumping started closing the day at $.29/share

The price continued to drop from there back down to $.07/share by April 4th and $.05/share by April 15th


Ryan Franks doesn't just do low float pump and dumps

He gets involved as a paid promoter for POS scam companies too.

He did a newsletter promotion on GSTP in October of 2010

He did a newsletter promotion on ALZM in March of 2010

He did a newsletter promotion on AAST in June of 2010

I could list several others, but I think I've made my point.

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