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Treff out of control.

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dia duit   Wednesday, 08/04/10 09:53:05 AM
Re: Pedro2004 post# 314243
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Treff out of control.

very_tired15: I am trelling you.. this info is going to get out.. even if the bansters control most of the media. There will be defectors in the media who will get it out... especially when they get some of the Deli shares as an enticement

very_tired15: The SEC is headed for some dismal times

very_tired15: I would not want to be in the SEC when more of the facts do come out... their lives will be in danger

very_tired15: Think about this one - if the federal attorney defending the SEC directors discovers that they are illeglaly holding funds, will they file charges against them as the federal prosecutors should? Interesting potential for a conflict of interest

alan treff 8/3/2010

very_tired15: yes.. I received over 100 phone calls within 90 minutes
INES1OO: hey alan
very_tired15: you have that one right
INES1OO: i am listening to that court recording.
INES1OO: again.
INES1OO: i like hearing hodges
Wheres-da-BEEF: ground_fog: the 6 minute mark on the mp3, hodges said Glenn raised the a/s "at the request of the sec" I find that interesting..wtf is the sec to ask mgmt to dilute our stock
very_tired15: I felt very good afterthgat hearing.. strongly confirmed in my mind that there is a trust or trustsd awaiting us
wodan11: ines hey lekker stuk

INES1OO: af_vet: I heard in the courtroom audio that Hodges aledges that Maheu presented a video and powerpoint to the different entities of their proof of NSS to get them to pay up...........I would like to know how he knows there were such presentations and where are they now, in who's possession.
INES1OO: hey lekker !
wodan11: lol
INES1OO: alan.. how about that video from maheu?
INES1OO: is that something somebody is in possesion of still?
very_tired15: It was awesome
INES1OO: and would it be pertinent?
INES1OO: yes it was awsome
dj lancerock: doesnt Tyler have the CD?
INES1OO: really liked listening to hodges.
taylor911: royal, ITA. I loved hearing about all the facts we thought were rumor
Wheres-da-BEEF: man we are so golden if Al can back all this up.............imagine if he plays that video for the jury to see
very_tired15: I am trelling you.. this info is going to get out.. even if the bansters control most of the media. There will be defectors in the media who will get it out... especially when they get some of the Deli shares as an enticement
klinkerke: vetzak
Wheres-da-BEEF: SEC has to be pooping their depends imo saying how in the heck does hodges have all this evidence?
very_tired15: The SEC is headed for some dismal times
golddigger_8: flopping like a fish
very_tired15: I would not want to be in the SEC when more of the facts do come out... their lives will be in danger
pardonmi: its thier fault allen
wodan11: lol benny
aguili_2_1: if they pay all this dirt won't won't be spilled
Wheres-da-BEEF: Jimmy52B: Dennis said big things were going on behind the scenes
Wheres-da-BEEF: they better pay us before Mt. Saint Hodges explodes
very_tired15: I feel a sense of pity for these criminals.. they are totally lost souls
INES1OO: i think that hodges is turning SEC inside out.
INES1OO: and they need it.
dj lancerock: NO PITY!!
INES1OO: they could have released the funds already.
INES1OO: they need more exposure.
very_tired15: I would imagine.. but they will likely have a contingency plan to get blood from them...
very_tired15: jail and an open cover
INES1OO: i dont have any pitty on them.
ground_fog: yes sec just doesnt want to pay us imo
pardonmi: it already did mount st hodges blew its top yesterday
Wheres-da-BEEF: me neither
INES1OO: none
Wheres-da-BEEF: i pitty their momma
Wheres-da-BEEF: and kids
INES1OO: they proved to us that this late in the game, they still dont care.
very_tired15: I hear you Ines.. just a general statement.. they are total losers.. a waste of life
INES1OO: and want to keep status quo
INES1OO: they need more exposure and more embarasement.
INES1OO: just when i remember all the stone walling and ridicule of the shareholders.
INES1OO: it was discusting.
INES1OO: sec and tyler gang.
pardonmi: the doj imo is going to have a field day with this
aguili_2_1: allan do u still think that the sec will eventually pay us?
dj lancerock: I want to go eat at their fancy restaurants and just be LOUD!!
INES1OO: i dont like tyler gang in how they treated shareholders.
INES1OO: i guess i never will.
royalstarofthelion: There's the old quassi gov agency SEC , and the new and improved SEC , two different animals imo
Wheres-da-BEEF: i'll get over it..............if they pay us
INES1OO: they are the same sheit royal
INES1OO: shows by them still not wanting to release our fundds.
INES1OO: and wanting simply to throw the case out.
INES1OO: just look at actions.
INES1OO: nothing else.
GW -sometimes-in-Ga: Hey Cash Cab Ines
pardonmi: its the judge who we needed to hear this
jacbert: He was listed on the mtd... as one of the attorneys
cobrajock123: Greed is the devils tool, but justice is the lords
Wheres-da-BEEF: true
jacbert: keith staub
pardonmi: it was not thrown out
wodan11: ines works for debeers
ground_fog: it's the same people mostly too
dj lancerock: hard to disagree
ground_fog: even Shapiro was at finra-finra is corrupt too
Mike_Laura: That is what I was thinking.
tokenjo: they bought more time
rt12diamond: vood ..zip it
ratnaraj: But it's the "new and improved" SEC..
wodan11: et
wodan11: lol
silver108: SEC controlled by Wall Street
INES1OO: but as alan said its not time for evidentary stuff
seemseek: SEC bought time
INES1OO: yes seem
INES1OO: they are the same crooks
gkhaus1: you're on fire ines! good to hear that.
dj lancerock: what kind of tune is K Dubya signing these days?
seemseek: we best be paid this week or next
INES1OO: but pardon mi you are talking about .. judge, which is not sec
Wheres-da-BEEF: seemseek.........................Hodges also gave them more time by asking for an additional 15 days
ratnaraj: Yeah.. but it's the "new and improved" SEC..
very_tired15: At this stage of the case, evidence is not for consideration, ONLY the form of the complaint
oneday_w suport: bottom line we all gotta relax cuz we dont know the why how or anything else going on, and never will, just pay us, im very impressed by ah though
SiriusNews: wow well said
INES1OO: alan did we find out who wrote that thing from last week, is that from judge or sec?
INES1OO: you are saying it came from finra?
SiriusNews: exactly. now put the heat on SEC. no one knows where that line item came from
INES1OO: sec had to do something wigth that.
Aztecs: At the hearing yesterday Al Hodges said Bob Maheu gave the SEC control over when they release the funds! What's done is done I
very_tired15: Think about this one - if the federal attorney defending the SEC directors discovers that they are illeglaly holding funds, will they file charges against them as the federal prosecutors should? Interesting potential for a conflict of interest
seemseek: I was impressed with the little info we were supplied in the case
INES1OO: rite
SiriusNews: dead on Royal
INES1OO: but info did not have to come from official source in sec but a person that does not think its right.
wodan11: hey sirius
INES1OO: see thaT PART
SiriusNews: hello wodan
wodan11: go and get them
goldengirl_777: Interesting! Hey, Just PAY us!
rcar202: Allan, What next? What are the next steps/stages to go through?
pardonmi: thease people were crooks
Mike_Laura: They didn't think anybody would see that line.
ground_fog: maybe some good guys at the sec leaked it, they can't all be bad
ratnaraj: Shapiro
marantz03: shapiro
wodan11: i think ines lives in the same cave like tiger now
wodan11: or in bad
ground_fog: exactly ines imo
pardonmi: and aquire
SiriusNews: SEC will be forced to come out and confess about the sting
readmylips_2: PJ, Check your IM
marantz03: whistleblower
very_tired15: Gary Aguirre is a stud - plain and simple
INES1OO: i have never seen tigers cave
INES1OO: his is in nyc
very_tired15: A hero
JustLucky: (11:21 AM) very_tired15: Think about this one...if the federal attorney defending the SEC directors discovers that they are illeglaly holding funds, will they file charges against them as the federal prosecutors should? Interesting potential for a conflict of interest.
pardonmi: lol allen
SiriusNews: I have two of those videos on twitter about Fox and SEC . need to find the other video with President Obama and transparency spin on it with SECrecy
pardonmi: he had help imo
Skylope: good title for a movie SECrecy
mrsbillyray: just came in, has anyone said anything about what cn happe if the money is not released by the 9th?
pardonmi: harry had help
oneday_w suport: for sure
fiddlehead_39a: fix financial system to make funds safe
very_tired15: An economy is like a pool. Different sectors at the shallow end and others at the deep end, according to their percentage of total value. If you have a leak in one part of the pool, it drains the value of all assets. Wall Street is responsible for your homes losing value, your stocks and bonds, the reduced value of money. The only thing that may survive unscathed are precious metals.
fiddlehead_39a: before payment made to us

INES1OO: alan, burden of proof falls on hodeges, but at what point can judge just flat out ask sec if such funds exist?
oneday_w suport: ah starring in, raiders of the lost trades
oneday_w suport: hehe
readmylips_2: IBM: "We are in a PARTNERSHIP of sorts, with the GOVERNMENT".
readmylips_2: Disclosure, Ines, which the SEC can NOT allow.
BTHotwheels: Even if the judge ask that... I dont think the SEC will tell anything truthful... imo.
tigerherb: Isn't it said that the best chess player is the one that is thinking several moves ahead
royalstarofthelion: I do NOT believe it will get that far , jmo
pardonmi: yes tiger
tigerherb: Hey Spiderman
INES1OO: well now they have additional 75 days
Conniejac: the best chess player has the game already played out in his head
INES1OO: do we count wekends in those 75 days?
INES1OO: alan?
INES1OO: how do we count the 75 days?
INES1OO: only working days or weekends too?
oneday_w suport: maybe they were just takin a cheap shot for dismissal, and it didnt work so on to the next try
JustLucky: anticipation of moves by your opponent
tigerherb: Hi Billy & Connie
vickes_11: doesn't tyler have a court case against roger glenn set for aug 17th or the 20th. should be interesting hearing glenn testify!
DiamondBilly: HEY TIGER
Jimmy52B: Oh but it is a game to the bad guys and they want to win
oneday_w suport: yes they have had their time, now its out time
wodan11: xmas in sepember
jfarn: Hello all
oneday_w suport: our
tigerherb: hey Jfarn
jacbert: ga jfarn
pardonmi: and i bet he figured they would not pay
SiriusNews: How you end the game.. Expose the SEC. who is delaying = SEC who has new rules in FinReg = SEC back Al Hodges and expose SEC
UCROCKS: people believe what they WANT to believe..there is no way to change their minds..no amount of logic will make a hill of beans difference~
ground_fog: they have been winning unofrtunately-they have succesfully wthheld our money 4+ more years than maheu intended
jfarn: I know Tom Miller was looking to verify the Wachovia accounts
wodan11: santa comming in august
SiriusNews: who has our money = SEC
Conniejac: Hey tigerherb.....it would only be 45 days....there is no response after that.....it is the judges decision
jfarn: I can do this in ten minutes time if provided the name of trust..
jfarn: account would be a bonuse
jfarn: bonus
pardonmi: everytime they said they would settle they went back on thier word al told us that
INES1OO: wodan when money comes i will mame you to my cave and then lock you in, go out spend your money.
ground_fog: Tom miller's source was koolmoney jfarn, so I would hold my breath on that one
wodan11: lol
wodan11: ines
jfarn: have a good friend who has global access to Wachovia accounts
very_tired15: 45+30 includes weekends too... I do not think that they will let it go long enough for Al to file. They do not want more specific facts included in the complaint. AH did the first one a little vague on purpose (my opinion) to save the individual parties the embarassment. The gloves are now off.
jfarn: I hear you ground
Speculari: well jfarn unfortunately his backing was koolmoneys info lol
aguili_2_1: I think they are stuck with the interest may be they want to keep it
INES1OO: unfortunately.. koolmoney is not very good at translating stuff
spiderman1959: It doesn't matter ....... it won't get there IMO
readmylips_2: http://www.cnbc.com/id/38517193/
Mike_Laura: Where is the funds on the Fed financial reports?
mineralsgalore: jfarn Allen said that Miller represented himself as being an attorney
jfarn: I emailed tom with my email/phone number...no call back
jfarn: he must know he has nothing
pardonmi: al put some of his cards on he table
jfarn: I agree Ines
oneday_w suport: loved it
very_tired15: TO me as well..or at least KM told me.. I can not remember
Speculari: correct j
spiderman1959: Agreed he is worth his salt
Wheres-da-BEEF: Alan................why do u think Al did the SEC a favor by tacking on 15 Extra Days!!!!!!!
geezer_49: I didnt take it that way ,45 days total is what I heard
Wheres-da-BEEF: me too Alan! thank you
very_tired15: The SEC did not ask for an extra 15 days... AH did
jfarn: I conucur
jfarn: concur
mrsbillyray: yes Alan thank you
gr8hiker: Jfarn : You thing a federal judge wants to sit through another few sessions knowing what he was provided with yesterday?
Wheres-da-BEEF: Alan i was always on the fence about you until the last few weeks.........thanks for everything!
jfarn: hello A tref
jfarn: negative gr8...
very_tired15: You're more than welcome and thanks for your kind words
readmylips_2: OK, Alan, Group HUG!!!
vickes_11: thanks alot Alan!
jfarn: imagine if a copy of that video conference exists
jfarn: game
very_tired15: Hi Jim
marantz03: INES <
oneday_w suport: i always said a t was a great guy for us, glad yall made up
geezer_49: I didnt hear 75 days
jfarn: set
jfarn: match
Mike_Laura: Keep the ball in your court, Al.
fiddlehead_39a: breaking up
mrsbillyray: what happens if the money is not released by the ninth.
jacbert: cutting out really bad marantz
roberts17_1: studdering marantz
royalstarofthelion: Gerry breaking p
ground_fog: if the sec wants it dismissed they they can order the money released-its that easy apparently
geezer_49: breaking up
royalstarofthelion: up
pardonmi: al showed part of his hand
readmylips_2: Too many rooms open
very_tired15: From what I see, the gov't does not want the First Amended Complaint to be filed...
jacbert: same
fiddlehead_39a: no
geezer_49: no
maximiliaan11: no
brp65432: y
Speculari: no
rt12diamond: Breaking up
Texaswonderwoman88: very_tired15: 45+30 includes weekends too... I do not think that they will let it go long enough for Al to file. They do not want more specific facts included in the complaint. AH did the first one a little vague on purpose (my opinion) to save the individual parties the embarassment. The gloves are now off. rt12diamond: no
oneday_w suport: yr good
very_tired15: gotta go.. door and neighbor calling me.. trashmen is coming
brnkobill: no
bugsbuddy: just hm
jackpotcmkx_1: no royal
jacbert: no Royal
fiddlehead_39a: just jerry
pardonmi: you are clear royal
gkhaus1: just marantz
vickes_11: just him
JDMerlin_CMKX: wasssup speculari
maximiliaan11: no just him
Texaswonderwoman88: ust marantz
Speculari: y
jackpotcmkx_1: better
tigerherb: yes
rt12diamond: better
roberts17_1: c u tref
Speculari: hey jd
very_tired15: ciao
oneday_w suport: thanks alan
gkhaus1: ty allan
chairon 3: TOT/Y
chairon 3: T/Y
readmylips_2: Al H opened up the door yesterday, in a MASTERFUL way! He gave the court just enough to allow them to ask him to expand his suit. NOW, he has the opportunity to come out with both barrels ablaze!!!
ground_fog: we need some whistleblowers at the sec to come forward
readmylips_2: AND, they do not want to see that. I predict settlement sooner, not later.
aguili_2_1: greed!
Bigfork: Hodges mentioned that the commissioners actions probably rose to the level of criminal
gr8hiker: The courts gave the SEC first right of dispensing money jIMMY
chairon 3: IT'S DOJ PERIOD
Bigfork: sent 'em to jail says I
SiriusNews: we have the new Finreg Language to help us, either way. to help SEC pay us or the Help expose the SEC either way we win
aguili_2_1: they think that we don't desrve it.
guru2: don't forget that donut eatting PITT
INES1OO: if sec commissioners get in trouble they only have themselves to blame.
Speculari: he was the guy that said NSS
Speculari: guru
guru2: i got a bone to pic with him
INES1OO: and if this reaches out the mases to more embarasement to sec, its their own fault, but at this time they deserve it
SiriusNews: yes SEC is the maffia. the SEC kept $300 million from goldman Sachs $550 million. R U kidding me
INES1OO: exposure and embarasement.
INES1OO: to sec
ground_fog: Chirs coxis cuffs would be a pretty sight, but id rather get paid
Speculari: harvey layed blame on it early on he didnt last very long tho i guess it did not go over too well
INES1OO: public exposure and embarasement
Wheres-da-BEEF: Time to email yesterday's court hearing mp3 to FOX News IMO................they are all over this SEC trying to be less transparent issue
guru2: we had him by his short and curlies then he stepped down..
SiriusNews: Judge was great yesterday. asking questiuons in detail to get in the record
guru2: he knew EVERYTHING!!!
INES1OO: yes it was great
Speculari: they all know it all depends on how much heat they can take i guess
SiriusNews: who pays the trust and when?
Rickstock: why wouldn't they want this to go away Quietly, something just doesn't add up ?
readmylips_2: Just remember, those who we thought evil, may have been acting on our side, and vice versa...
dzoldnuts: yo Sirius Ines
SiriusNews: the judge was just as good as Al H.
dzoldnuts: pardonmi

By: ibaft2006 Feb 2007 : LEO WANTA is truly a hero..
A man of uncomparable character and resolve. He is one of God's truly blessed men

By: ibaft2006 Mar 2007 Bush crime family is hard at work protecting their criminal cronies.
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