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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Monday, July 26th,

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Monday, July 26th, 2010

Dear Green Chip Stocks Reader,

You may only have one chance at this...

Simply put, we've found a company - trading for less than 60 cents - that:

Pioneered a nuclear desalination reactor, partnered with a major Chinese nuclear company to build and market it, and has unsolicited customer interest from around the world.

Has signed a joint venture with a well-known nuclear company to build and market new fridge-sized nuclear reactors while beating GE and Toshiba to the punch.

Is on the verge of building the first investor-owned utility in the United States in 30 years.

And again, it trades for under $0.60.

But it won't stay that way for long. It's already filed to list on a senior exchange like the NYSE, and when that happens the share price will soar for good.

Full details below, including how to get in before that happens.

Good Investing,

Brian Hicks
Publisher, Green Chip Stocks

On March 8th, Fox covered an energy story in a small corner of Idaho —

and reported only half the facts...

What they didn't report could bank you $36,950 by July 20th, 2011

Dear Reader,

This past March, Fox News published a story about the re-zoning of land in Idaho for nuclear reactors to be built.

The piece discussed how many jobs will be created, when construction could begin, and how much land will be required...

They even revealed which company is the major player in all of this.

But there's something Fox News didn't include — something so crucial that those who know about it stand to make more than $32k in the coming months.

You see, for months now, this particular company has been involved in secret meetings — blockbuster closed-door financial dealings — with the Korean government.

And I'm not making this up...

In fact I have photographic evidence (which I'll show you in just a moment) that depicts the Korean Prime Minister in the midst of talks with the CEO of this small American energy company.

And if that's not enough, I've managed to get my hands on actual correspondence between Korean officials and the Governor of Idaho.

It's something straight out of the movies...

Something — and maybe now you can understand why — Fox News probably didn't want to get in the middle of.

After searching 200 reputable resources, any mention of what I'm telling you right now only came up once.

That's right — just one mention among 200 of the world's most respected news outlets.

It seems nobody wants to report the full details of this story.

But after I found out how much money is at stake, I just couldn't let this opportunity pass us by...

The secret meeting (photo below) backed by
$54 billion worth of U.S. government cash

By now, it's common knowledge that Obama is embracing nuclear energy.

In fact in his State of the Union address, he called for dramatically increased nuclear reactor construction. In his own words:

"[T]o create more of these clean energy jobs, we need more production, more efficiency, more incentives. And that means building a new generation of safe, clean nuclear power plants in this country."

Shortly thereafter, Obama tripled the amount of loan guarantees for nuclear power to $54 billion in his budget request.

He's practically hemorrhaging money to get nuclear energy in place as soon as possible.

$8.3 billion has already gone to build two plants in Georgia...

And according to USA Today, he wants spending to increase dramatically through 2011.

But what isn't yet common knowledge is that there have already been numerous under-the-table nuclear energy agreements taking place for months.

The photo below (the one I promised earlier) was taken during one such meeting:

I realize it's hard to make out any real details, but what you're looking at is the Korean Prime Minister and the CEO of a little-known American energy company negotiating the top-secret terms of a blockbuster nuclear energy deal.

In fact it was during this exact meeting — the same meeting that went unmentioned in Fox's "report" — that the small nuclear outfit I'm writing to you about solidified connections almost no one else in the entire North American nuclear industry has.

Let me explain...

The Republic of Korea (that's democratic South Korea, not the northern half run by lunatic Kim Jong Il) is now home to some of the world's most advanced nuclear reactor technologies.

Their brand-new, state-of-the-art APR1400 model reactor, for example, is the envy of the industry. It features built-in shields against missile attacks and elaborate safeguards against earthquake damage...

Beyond this, its 60-year life-span is twice as long as conventional reactors — plus it can be built relatively cheaply, and in a scant 48 months.

Nuclear Street sums it up best:

"These reactors not only excel in quality, but are often billions of dollars cheaper than their competitors -- the same reasons the United Arab Emirates (UAE) just contracted to buy four of these APR-1400 reactors."

Now here's why all this is important...

When the ink dries on their deal with Korea, the small nuclear energy outfit I've been talking about will have inroads to the some of the most effective, powerful, and economical reactors in the entire world.

Over the course of my research, I dug deep enough to uncover a letter that proves this:

The redacted sections of the above letter to Idaho's Governor mention the company I've been talking about by name...

And as you can see from the text, they're likely to soon be granted permission to erect brand-new APR-1400 nuclear reactors on an obscure plot of land in Idaho.

But that's not all this firm's deal with Korea would hand them...

According to the terms of their talks, if other North American energy companies decide to go through Korea for similar reactors, this firm would get paid a hefty commission on every reactor built...

Not just here in the United States — but the entire continent.

It's nothing short of incredible what this small company (it has just a $35 million market cap) has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time...

Of course, you may now be wondering, How can such a small company possibly afford to take on a project of this scope?

So far, money hasn't been a problem...

They already have a $70 million deal in place with a Connecticut firm that will cover the costs of everything from applications to securing the land and water rights they need.

Plus, as I've mentioned already, the U.S. government is handing out cash left and right.

When Obama starts doling out the big bucks, this company will be in a far better position to receive a huge piece of that $54 billion pie than most others.

After that, banks will be lining up to loan this company money to complete its plans.

And that's not to mention the millions flowing in from in-the-know investors...

"Now that the U.S. government is also showing its support through additional loan guarantees, as promised by Barack Obama, this project is also proving very appealing to investors and lenders," reports Nuclear Street.

It's an all-but-guaranteed path to success — something you rarely find in the energy world.

All signs seem to be pointing to this singular company becoming the next American energy giant.

And when you get in early on a company that's on the cusp of game-changing projects like the one I've been telling you about, the results are almost always legendary...

Game-changing energy plays often
hand investors 18,375% gains — or more...

Imagine if you had the chance to get in on a world-changing company before it hit the spotlight, before it started showing up on CNN or Mad Money...

Before everyone else in the world was scrambling to buy up shares.

As you can probably guess, something like this would put the dot-com boomers of the 1990s to shame...

Gains so big just a couple hundred bucks turns into thousands upon thousands.

How can I be so sure?

Because it's happened before — lots of times.

Take the oil sands situation in Alberta, Canada, from a few years back...

An energy company there, Smith International, was on the cutting edge of a new frontier in the oil industry... but almost no one knew it.

The CEO had decided to look for oil where no one else was looking, despite sneers and grunts from just about everyone.

Then his company ended up making one of the biggest energy discoveries in recent memory: 170 billion barrels of oil...

Big enough to immediately rank Canada second on the world oil reserves list.

They extracted it as quickly as they could, pulling millions of barrels of oil from the ground in record fashion.

And to this day, large amounts of oil are being produced in that region.

But the amount of oil produced and the whole story behind it isn't even the most incredible part...

The most incredible part is how much money smart investors made — investors who got in on Smith International ahead of the boom.

It's absolutely off-the-charts how much they made.

Those who were savvy enough to see this situation coming (or lucky enough to have been tipped off to it) got in on riches so great they could've bought as many houses, boats, and cars as they ever wanted — even retired decades early.

And it certainly didn't take a big investment... Just a couple hundred bucks out of the savings account could have turned into $92,375 seemingly overnight.

Take a look for yourself:

The stock shot from a mere $0.45 to over $80. That's a gain of 18,375%.

Gains like that turn $200 into $36,950... $500 into $92,375... and $1,500 into $277,000.

I mean, just think what those who sunk $10k into Smith International did with their winnings...

What would you do with an extra $1,837,500?

And while this may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... it certainly is not.

Take another energy company, Noble Corp.

They specialize in offshore drilling for natural gas...

And as the world demand for natural gas skyrocketed, so did the share price of this once small company.

It shot up 5,096% in a short time, handing investors windfall payouts of over $50,000 for every grand they invested...

Take a look:

It's not every day you watch the price of a stock shoot from just $1.25 to $64.96 per share.

But in the realm of game-changing energy developments and the companies that exploit them, it happens more than you'd probably think.

I mean, including the examples I just showed you, there were at least eight other huge energy opportunities over the last decade.

They were all companies that were on the cutting edge of their industries...

Companies that had connections — or the foresight — that few others did.

Take a quick look:

Altair Nanotechnologies soared 1,487%
American Superconductor shot up 1,802%
Beacon Power skyrocketed by 3,285%
Nevada Geothermal went up 2,460%
Cree absolutely exploded by 13,372%
PetroKazakhstan boomed by 19,165%
Ivanhoe Energy took off by 1,444%
Eden Energy shot off the charts for 42,250%
But as you're probably well aware, for every one of these success stories, there are hundreds of companies that go nowhere — or go bust.

The secret is that you have to know exactly which company to latch on to at the exact right time.

And for this small nuclear player with the big connections, that time is right now.

Wait just a month to invest and you could be leaving several thousand percent gains on the table.

As the U.S. rapidly tries to catch the rest of the high-tech industrialized world in the nuclear energy department, the gains smart investors could rake in are obscene.

Truth be told, there's no telling just how much money will be up for grabs.

But I'm sure of one thing: It's going to be A LOT.

I know this because of the photo and letter I showed you earlier...

What more of an early indication — that this company is virtually guaranteed to be successful — could you ask for?

I'll guarantee that Smith, Noble, or any of the other booming "game-changer" energy plays I mentioned enjoyed nowhere near the competitive advantages and barriers to competition that this nuclear firm does...

In fact I'm betting that $200 in this play could easily eclipse the $36,950 that early investors in Smith International could have grabbed.

Even better, these gains are predictable...

I've already been right
about this company THREE TIMES

As you might assume, building nuclear reactors isn't easy...

In fact the road of approvals is long and tedious.

But this company has numerous advantages. According to recent information, not only will thousands of jobs be created through construction and plant operation, but reactors will also change the financial landscape in Idaho.

Other businesses will be required to support the folks working at the plant, which is expected to create nearly $3 billion for the state's GDP during construction.

Most of that money will go to the local area — while clean, low-cost energy is being created for the region.

That's why this company has received overwhelming support from the community (80% of local citizens have voted for this company's progress), and is coasting at record pace towards becoming the American nuclear franchise.

And although it's little more than a formality for these guys, they still have to go through the process of approval for legal reasons.

The thing is, every time a new approval takes place, the share price of this company jumps drastically...

It has literally doubled over the span of just two days before.

For instance, on January 15, 2010, I knew there was going to be a zoning meeting, and I was certain the outcome was going to be favorable...

So I recommended the stock to a close group of folks I share my secrets with — and 48 hours later, they were sitting on 110% gains.

Take a look:

You can tell — just by glancing at the chart — when the meeting occurred and the good news was announced.

The share price shot from just $0.11 to $0.22 in the matter of a couple days — a 110% gain. This is exactly the "doubled my money" play that Mr. Hemingway mentioned...

But this wasn't a lucky shot in the dark, either; every time one of these favorable meetings happens, this company experiences a run-up in share price.

For instance, a couple months later, I found out another meeting was going to happen on April 12th...

I wasted no time and sent a small circle of folks a very similar alert as I had before:

"I seem to be one of only a handful of analysts following this story this early.

Rest assured, the crowd will come running. But we'll have played it several times for profit by then, and we'll use their late greed to make yet another profitable exit.

For now, let's load up below $0.15.

Remember, this stock doubled in two days the last time we played it."

This time, more people jumped on board... just as I suspected they would. They were starting to see how easy it was to grab these gains.

It didn't double quite, but the results were still extraordinary:

That's a 63% gain in just a few hours.

And if that isn't enough... it happened AGAIN.

I sent out an alert, just as I had twice before, on May 11th. This time the stock jumped 121% as of July 14th.

It's been an incredible — and profitable — ride for those who have closely followed my instructions.

The best part is that since this stock is so cheap (and undervalued), you can put in as little or as much as you want... You can start out with just a few bucks if you wish.

And it's already been proven the gains will come...

It's not some crazy projection. I'll say it again: It's been proven.

And once this company joins the big boys, the sky's the limit. As I said earlier in this letter, there's no telling just how much you could make from this opportunity...

It's set up to be just as lucrative — if not more so — than the Smith International situation I explained to you earlier (the one that saw 18,375% gains).

But as I've demonstrated, you have to get in on this opportunity early.

Once the mainstream media starts spouting off about this company, their arrangement with Korea, their plans in Idaho, and their commissions from the sales of other North American nuclear reactors...

Only the handful of investors that get in at the right time stand to see the types of monumental gains I showed you earlier.

If you think a couple weeks won't make a difference, just ask a man by the name of Rick Wayahuk.

How Rick Wayahuk made the haul of a lifetime:
$232,300 in 45 days

Rick Wayahuk commuted an hour to work at a light bulb factory every day for 10 years...

He drove a Chevy pickup, married his high school sweetheart, and often dreamed of how great a luxurious retirement would be.

In these respects, he was very much like many ordinary Americans.

Thing is, he probably had no idea he was about to make enough money to move that retirement of luxury up by about two decades.

After working hard for years and climbing the corporate ladder, Rick ran into an incredible opportunity...

A co-worker of his dropped by his desk and they got to talking. During this chat, Rick learned of an incredible way to get rich off of the energy sector.

As electricity demands increase exponentially and fossil fuels are being replaced left and right due to environmental awareness, renewable energy has taken a huge step forward.

The tip Rick's co-worker gave him turned him onto a company called LDK Solar...

They had the inside track on producing solar wafers — the most important material used in the production of solar cells. And as demand soared, so did the share price of this company.

Rick bought in at the right time — thanks to the tip from his co-worker — and banked a huge sum of cash in short order.

It was a simple, easy strike... the only thing was that he had to time it right, and get in early enough to make the most money possible.

And Rick did just that:

All told, he walked away with a stunning $232,300 in just 45 days.

But, as I mentioned, he struck at just the right time...

Had he waited even two weeks, he would have only made half of what he ended up walking away with.

Of course, a score of better than $100k is nothing to scoff at, but why settle for half or even less of what you should be pocketing.

In other words, if I offered to give $100 right now or $20 a week from now, which would you take?

You don't have to answer. I know what your answer is — and that's why it's so important to get in right away on an opportunity like the one I'm telling you about today.

Rick understood it, and that's why he quickly found himself staring at a check for $232,300 — more than seven times what the average American earns in an entire year.

When something of this magnitude occurs, the early investors almost always see incredible windfalls...

In fact it's so potentially profitable that I decided to write up a special exposé on this company...

An in-depth report with every last detail on why this opportunity might be the one you look back on and realize it paid for your vacation home.

The report is called Earn 18,000% on the Next Game-changing Energy Play, and I'd like to send it to you, absolutely FREE of charge...

Here's how you can get it sent to your inbox immediately.

How to claim your FREE report right now

Before I get too far ahead of things, let me quickly introduce myself...

My name is Nick Hodge.

I'm an investment analyst here at Angel Publishing in Baltimore, Maryland.

Let me tell you, I work hard to find the best investment opportunities for my readers — even if means digging up the details on a company that Fox News didn't report.

But I hardly consider what I do "work"...

I don't simply sit behind a boring desk, staring at computer screens and ticker symbols all day. That's for the no-talent hacks that think they know what they're doing.

No way. I do the real, boots-on-the-ground research most analysts just don't feel like doing...

Obscure conferences and trade shows... Site visits... Private, one-on-one interviews.

The stuff that gets you the real information you need to find the most lucrative investments in the world.

These things don't happen for analysts that don't get out of the office...

Or out of bed.

Over the past couple years I've visited San Francisco, Chicago, Anaheim, Orlando, D.C., and even Wall Street — all in the name of getting the facts right and finding out whether a company has what it takes to make my readers rich.

It's what I love to do. It's what I've always loved to do.

It's why I jumped at the chance to become a part of Angel Publishing and take the reins on an advisory service called Alternative Energy Speculator.

I don't have to sit here and tell you how good Alternative Energy Speculator's track record is...

The results speak for themselves:

Since 2008, Alternative Energy Speculator has delivered some of the best gains in the energy sector.

I'm specifically talking about plays like:

77% on Power-Save Energy
60% on Cosan
42% on GT Solar
32% on Suntech Power Holdings
61% on Maxwell Tech
309% on BYD Company
80% on Trina Solar
59% on SatCon Tech
110% on Solarfun Power Holdings
And those are just a few of the gains I've found for my readers.

Now, that may seem pretty impressive, but keep in mind that you could make more than all those gains combined on the energy opportunity I've been telling you about today...

I've just never found anything that even comes close to what this opportunity could turn into for early investors.

And I'm going to send you the FREE report I've written up on the small nuclear company I've been telling you about: Earn 18,000% on the Next Game-changing Energy Play.

There's nothing difficult here at all...

You simply receive the report in your inbox, and you instantly have the information that stands to pay for your entire retirement — and then some.

All you have to do to receive the precise instructions on how you can profit from this new energy wave is respond to this letter.

There's no risk or obligation at all.

Let me explain...

My formula for success is quite simple...

Put in the time and hard work, and you'll be rewarded.

You can't simply go out there, throw darts at a stock board, and hope to nail winners every time.

It's why readers of mine — across the board — have written in time and time again to show their thanks for all the in-depth work I put into my research...

"Nick, you are awesome! I like your kinds of stocks, and your buying and selling style. I will highly recommend you to my friends." - Mark K.
"You can feel very good about your organization as you truly help people make money. I was an Oil Jobber/Texaco Distributor for 36 years and hated environmentalists/EPA and now I am a happy green investor." - Bryant N.
"I love the way you keep me so well informed. I get the sense you want me to prosper and you love what you do. I believe most of your recommendations offer great hope for our future." - Marlene J.
But these folks aren't happy just because I work hard every day...

They're happy because they're making money hand over fist, as winner after winner is delivered to their inbox.

After all, getting rich isn't all that difficult when all you have to do is check your e-mail and spend 10 minutes reading my recommendations.

And it should prove to be even easier when you receive the FREE report I'd like to send you today.

That's because...

We're starting you out with $1,500 in "House Money"

I've done all the research... I've found the opportunity that could make you a multi-millionaire... and I've written up an exclusive report on the matter.

All I ask of you, in return for sending you the FREE report — Earn 18,000% on the Next Game-changing Energy Play — is to test-drive my Alternative Energy Speculator service.

I'm simply asking you to check it out for 30 days. That's it.

If you can agree to that, I'll immediately send you the FREE report I've been telling you all about...

You'll also instantly have FULL access to the Premium Content section of our Web site.

Take a look at our portfolio, poke around all the alerts we've ever issued, check out all my back issues, past picks, and Special Reports...

You name it — you'll have FULL access for 30 days, no questions asked.

You'll get to see first-hand some of the incredible calls we've made on energy over the past several years.

In fact we have one pick in our open portfolio right now that could have handed you 385% gains.

That turns a stake of just $5,000 into $24,250 — or $10,000 into $48,500.

Just one play like that each year could basically earn you a "second salary."

So, how much would you be willing to shell out for financial security like that?

I know people who pay $5,000 or more every single year for similar advice.

And I could easily charge that amount...

With the proven results of my in-depth research, I could charge double that and still make you plenty of money.

But I won't. I never have, and I won't start now.

I just don't believe you should have to pay that much for any financial advice.

And while $1,999 would be a truly reasonable and fair price, I won't even charge CLOSE to that.

I understand money is tight for a lot of folks, and I want to help people get rich... not the other way around.

So I'm offering Alternative Energy Speculator for a fraction of the $1,999 I know I could easily charge.

In short: I'm offering Alternative Energy Speculator for just $499 — again, the lowest price I could possibly dream of offering.

With a proven track record like I have, paying $1,999 would be a bargain by itself.

But giving you the chance to have FULL access to all of my reports, picks, and alerts — plus your FREE Earn 18,000% on the Next Game-changing Energy Play Special Report — for just $499 is a flat-out steal!

That's $1,500 less than what I should be charging. But I'm okay with that.

Instead of taking that $1,500 out of your pocket, I suggest you take it and use it towards the world-changing energy play I've been telling you about.

Think about it...

You could invest ONLY this "house money" into the nuclear player in your report — and score an easy $277,000 if it merely equals what Smith International yielded early investors...

Chip in a few thousand of your own to invest five grand, and you'll be looking at $918,750.

Put $10,000 in and you could easily walk away with $1,837,500.

Or plop down just a couple hundred and you could end up with a nice hunk of cash — $36,950.

Of course, even though I'm charging far less than I could, $499 may still seem like a lot of money...

That's why I'm also offering a special quarterly payment option.

For just $139 every three months, you can enjoy the very same benefits and receive the very same information I've been telling you about...

And remember, no matter which option you choose, you're simply test-driving Alternative Energy Speculator for up to 30 days.

You're not on the hook for a single thing. Walk away scot-free, any time you wish.

I think you'll agree that's an amazing offer. But it gets even better...

A click of the mouse could hand you
18,000% gains in short order

Once you've agreed to test-drive Alternative Energy Speculator, you'll be part of a small circle of like-minded investors with exclusive access to the same kind of plays that returned gains like the ones I showed you above.

And you should be well on your way to a huge windfall just a short time after receiving the FREE report, Earn 18,000% on the Next Game-changing Energy Play.

Plus, when you take advantage of this incredible low price for Alternative Energy Speculator, you'll immediately have several MORE wealth-building tools at your fingertips.

Just take a look at what you'll receive:

Exclusive Report - Earn 18,000% on the Next Game-changing Energy Play: This report gives you all the details you need to know to capture the next huge fortune to be made on North American energy. Not only could it make you a millionaire in the coming weeks, but it stands to be the most profitable pick I've ever made.

Confidential Alternative Energy Speculator Alerts: You'll be on the list to receive urgent alerts with full details on the newest way to make money in the energy sector — including full details and instructions on every recommendation I make. You'll be fully updated on any action I recommend.

Clear and Concise Trading Instructions: My service is so easy to follow, you can simply read the plays verbatim over the phone to your broker... or do them yourself in just minutes with your online service.

Private Access to the Alternative Energy Speculator Members-Only Web site: Here you'll have password-protected access to all my Special Reports, alerts, and my entire portfolio — every play I've ever made in the history of the service.

Outstanding Customer Support: If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can call our Customer Support staff at any time and get immediate, live help between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.
Most importantly, you get constant exposure to the best ways to make an absolute fortune in the energy sector — over and over and over...

To claim your FREE report now, simply click the link at the end of this letter.

Do it, and just a year from now, you could be looking back on a very different life.

As I've shown you, with energy plays like this, becoming a multi-millionaire isn't all that far-fetched...

But I can't stress enough how important it is to get in early on these types of opportunities — or how much money you might be leaving on the table, should you wait even a couple of weeks.

That's why I urge you to take me up on my offer today...

It's a no-brainer as far I'm concerned.

Plus, as I mentioned earlier, there's absolutely NO obligation at all...

Even though I have no doubt you'll make your fair share of cash once you agree to give Alternative Energy Trader a try, I'll make you a promise:

If you decide, during your test period, that Alternative Energy Trader is not for you.. It's no problem whatsoever.

I guarantee your money back, no matter what — no questions asked.

Heck, even if you cancel after the 30-day period is up, you'll still get money back for the unused portion of your subscription. It's that simple.

I can make that guarantee because I'm certain you'll be very happy once you receive your FREE report, Earn 18,000% on the Next Game-changing Energy Play — information that could make you rich if you take advantage of it right away.

There's absolutely NO risk or obligation.

All you need do is ask. No questions, no counter-offers, and no talk...

But I'm confident it'll never come to that — not once you find out all the details on the extraordinary opportunity I've been telling you about.

The next 200-times-your-money energy opportunity is here...

But the window for it won't be open forever

I don't know how else to stress just how big of an opportunity we have here...

We have photographic evidence, an actual letter, billions of dollars from Obama's pockets, and proven gains.

There's not much more you could want in the way of proof that this potential windfall could let you retire on the spot.

The folks I showed you earlier — people like Rick Wayahuk and the many readers who've written to me with their profit stories — were bright enough to realize what was ahead of them...

And they took full advantage, without leaving a dime on the table.

Gains like they made — by striking the right "game-changing" energy plays at the right time — would be more than enough to help you retire early, buy a home outright, and still leave enough for that golf vacation or new car.

It's the best chance I've seen in a long, long time to grab some absolutely massive gains from the energy sector.

And with the ridiculously low price and money-back guarantee I'm offering you on Alternative Energy Speculator right now, there's simply no other way to say it:

It just couldn't be any easier for you to get rich...


Nick Hodge

P.S. Late-Breaking News: On June 14th, it was announced the company I've been telling you about just signed on to a major nuclear deal. They've teamed up with another nuclear company, and the two plan to license, build, and market tiny modular nuclear reactors on a world-wide basis.

The reactors are the size of a refrigerator, and there are already more than 150 purchase commitments from customers in the mining and telecom markets. This is just one more reason the company I've been telling you about is primed to absolutely explode. I urge you to claim your stake as early as you possibly can.


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