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The 51,000 stocks Cn > Cz

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The 51,000 stocks Cn > Cz

CNAA Cna Assn Members Fd Inc Unclassified
CNAB County Natl Bk North Miami Bch Unclassified
CNAC Cons Amer Cos Inc Unclassified
CNAD Coronation Allied Inds Ltd Unclassified
CNAI Cons Amer Inds Inc Common Stock
CNAJF Canadian Agra Foods Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CNAKF Cintac S A Ord Ordinary Shares
CNAL Contl Alliance Corp Unclassified
CNAU Construction Automation Inds Unclassified
CNAVF Compagnie Natl Navigation Fn Ordinary Shares
CNAXF Cons Afex (F) Ordinary Shares
CNAY Contl Natl Bk Ky Common Stock
CNBG Colonial Baking Co Atlanta Common Stock
CNBHF Coastal Contracts Bhd Ordinary shares (Malaysia)
CNBJ Concourse Bldg Ltd Unclassified
CNBKB Century BanCorp, Inc. Common Stock Class B
CNBM Central Natl Bk Md Unclassified
CNBN Cnb Finl Corp Kans Unclassified
CNBO Cache Rd Natl Bk Lawton Okla Unclassified
CNBP County Natl Bk Montrose Pa Unclassified
CNBR Cinnabar Ventures Inc. Common Stock
CNBS Central Natl Bncshs Tex Unclassified
CNCBP Canadian Commercial Bank Unclassified
CNCCP Centrust Cap Corp Adj Rt Pfd Unclassified
CNCD Concord Holding Corporation Common Stock
CNCF Concord Comml Bk Calif Unclassified
CNCHP Cnc Hldg Corp Pfd Preferred Stock
CNCJQ Concord Energy Incorporated Common Stock
CNCKF Cons Caprock Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNCL Commercial Natl Corp (La) Unclassified
CNCRF Clean Creative Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CNCU Connoisseurs Club Inc Unclassified
CNCV Cancom Ventures Inc Unclassified
CNDA Concordia Corp Unclassified
CNDB Condon Natl Bk Coffeyville Unclassified
CNDCF Compania Nacional De Chocolate Ordinary Shares
CNDG Canandaigua Natl Bank Common Stock
CNDJF Canada Land Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNDKF Clondalkin Group Ltd Uts Ordinary Shares
CNDM Condor Mines Ltd Unclassified
CNDTF Cons Transport Ind Ordinary Shares
CNDV Cons Development Corp (Del) Common Stock
CNDY Candywyne Corp Common Stock
CNEA Conneaut Tel Co Unclassified
CNECF Cine Chrome Labs Inc Ordinary Shares
CNEC Cine Chrome Labs Inc Unclassified
CNED Cons Assets Corp Unclassified
CNEFF Cinema Plus Ltd Cia Ordinary Shares
CNEG Cons Equities Corp Common Stock
CNEJF Cenalta Energy Services Inc Ordinary Shares
CNEL Coney Island Inc Strand Unclassified
CNEMF Cinemaxx Ag Ordinary Shares
CNENF China Eastern Inv Ord Ordinary Shares
CNEO Comtran Inc Common Stock
CNEPF Canada Nrthwst Energy 9.00 Pfd Ordinary Shares
CNEQ Cincinnati Equitable Ins Co Unclassified
CNEU Cinema Equities Inc Unclassified
CNEV Congress Intl Dev Inc Unclassified
CNEYP Channel Energy Corp Unclassified
CNEY Channel Energy Corp Unclassified
CNFAA Celina Financial Corporation Common Stock
CNFC Crown Fdg Corp Unclassified
CNFE Cinema Features Inc Unclassified
CNFG Conifer Grp Inc Unclassified
CNFI Centurion Fin Inc Common Stock
CNFMF China Nonfemet Holdings Limited Shares -A- (China)
CNGBF Camerlin Group Bhd Ordinary Shares
CNGEF Canning Energy Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNGFF Cofitem-Cofimur Ordinary Shares
CNGKF Cred Ag.Loire H-1 Ordinary Shares
CNGM Can Am Gold Mng Co Unclassified
CNGO Comingo Inds Inc Unclassified
CNGQF Chongqing Brewery Co Ltd Shs -A- (China)
CNGS Cons Nat Gas & Elec Cp Common Stock
CNGWF Chang Won Carburetor Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNGXF Clen Reg Shs Ordinary Shares
CNGY Cinergy Communications Corp Unclassified
CNHGF Contl Holding Ordinary Shares
CNHIF Cons Churchill Entp Inc Ordinary Shares
CNHO Community Natl Bk Somerset Cty Unclassified
CNHS Contl Hosts Ltd Common Stock
CNHU Cornhusker Bk Lincoln Neb Unclassified
CNIA Contl Invt Corp Ariz Unclassified
CNID Community Bk & Tr Co Enid Okla Unclassified
CNIF Contl Mut Invt Fd Inc Unclassified
CNIIF Cariana Intl Indus Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CNILP Colonial Corp Unclassified
CNILU Colonial Corp Unit
CNIL Colonial Corp Common Stock
CNIMF Construction Nav Et Ind De Med Ordinary Shares
CNIOF Cannon Oil & Gas Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNIPF Chennai Petroleum Corp Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNIXF Companias Cic S.A. Ord Ordinary Shares
CNKAF Caisse Nationale De Credit Agr Ordinary Shares
CNKCF Central Construction Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNKIF Comm Network Interface Inc Ordinary Shares
CNKKF Canakkale Cimento Trl 1000 Ordinary Shares
CNKL Conklin Inc Unclassified
CNKY Citizens Natl Bk Covington Ky Unclassified
CNLD Cons Ad Astra Minerals Unclassified
CNLE Citation Natl Life Corp Unclassified
CNLI Congress Life Corp Unclassified
CNLJF Consorcio Alam Fabril Pac T Sh Ordinary Shares
CNLLF Channel Tunnel Invt Plc Ordinary Shares
CNLR Cancal Res Ltd Unclassified
CNLY Connelly Containers Inc Unclassified
CNMAF Condor Minerals & Energy Ltord Ordinary Shares
CNMAY Condor Minerals & Energy Ltord American Depositary Shares
CNMBF Carnaudmetalbox Asia Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNMC Concremco Inc Unclassified
CNME Cons Media Corp Unclassified
CNMFF Carnaudmetalbox Asia Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNMIF Canadian Manoir Inds Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNMKF Canmark Intl Res Inc Ordinary Shares
CNMM Candy Mtn Gold Mines Ltd Unclassified
CNMOF Canadian Manoir Inds Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNMPF Canadian Manoir Inds Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNMS Contl Mining Inc Common Stock
CNMT ConMat Technologies, Inc. Common Stock
CNMUF Cons Murchison Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CNNAF China North Ind Cls A Ordinary Shares
CNNE Connecticut Daily Tax Free Unclassified
CNNFF Cep Communerications Ordinary Shares
CNNH Concordia B & T Vidolia La Unclassified
CNNI Confidential Cr Corp Unclassified
CNNJF Cannons Group Plc Ordinary Shares
CNNK Cons Bk & Tr Richmond Va Common Stock
CNNLP Carvern Intl Inds Ltd Preferred Stock
CNNL Carvern Intl Inds Ltd Unclassified
CNNM Contl Metals Inc Unclassified
CNNN Cannon Craft Co Unclassified
CNNOP Connohio Inc Preferred Stock
CNNP Cannon Time Corp Unclassified
CNNS Candiac Nurseries Ltd Unclassified
CNNT C-Net Inc Common Stock
CNNV Central Natl Bk Buchannon W Va Common Stock
CNNW Contl Nb San Antonio Tex Unclassified
CNNYP Central Natl Bk New York N Y Unclassified
CNNY Central Natl Bk New York N Y Unclassified
CNOEF Cannon Copier Sales Corp Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNOFF Casino Mun Cannes Ordinary Shares
CNOI Combined Oil Co Unclassified
CNOK Central Natl Bk Okla Unclassified
CNOL City Natl B/T Norman Okla Unclassified
CNOM Contl Cap Corp Calif Common Stock
CNOP Condor Capital Inc Common Stock
CNORF Corp Financ Norte Ordinary Shares
CNOS Cano Structures Inc Unclassified
CNOUF Coronation Resources Inc Ordinary Shares
CNOV Computer Innovations Inc Common Stock
CNOX Chemanox Inc Unclassified
CNPAF CNP Assurances SA Ordinary Shares (France)
CNPBF Charan Insurance Public Company Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNPCF China National Petroleum Corp Ordinary Shares
CNPE Canper Res Inc Unclassified
CNPHF Centaur Pharmaceuticals Inc Ordinary Shares
CNPN Canpen Inc Unclassified
CNPO Cherami Ntrl Pet Foods Inc Unclassified
CNPR Cinevest Prodtns Inc Unclassified
CNPSF Cemento Norte Pacasmayo Ordinary Shares
CNPTF Cons Plantations Ord Bhd Ordinary Shares
CNPVF Centrotec Npv Ordinary Shares
CNPYF Cem Norte Pacasmay Comm Shs Ordinary Shares
CNQSP Conquest Industries Corp Preferred Stock
CNQS Conquest Industries Corp Common Stock
CNRA Cons Austra Res Ltd Unclassified
CNRC Conair Corp Del Common Stock
CNRE Chemical Nat Res Inc Unclassified
CNRG Consolidated Natural Gas Common Stock
CNRJF Canrise Resources Ltd (F) Ordinary Shares
CNRKF Canara Bank Shs Dematerialised
CNRL Corpac Minerals Ltd Common Stock
CNROF Co-Enerco Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNRP Concert Corp Amer Unclassified
CNRT Can Nation Res Ltd Common Stock
CNRX Cons Norex Res Corp Unclassified
CNRY Connecticut Ry & Ltg Co Unclassified
CNSA Cons Airborne Sys Inc Unclassified
CNSBF Citizen Bk Hldgs Ltd Sr .01 Ordinary Shares
CNSD Corsicana Natl Bk Texas Unclassified
CNSE Cons Amer Insurance Co Unclassified
CNSG Countryside Bk Mt Prospect Unclassified
CNSH Canadian Ins Shs Ltd Unclassified
CNSMF Cons Gascome Oils Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNSPF Central Sports Co Ltd Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CNSRQ Consul Restaurant Corporation Common Stock
CNSSF Cenosis Inc Ordinary Shares
CNSY Consumer Sys Corp Unclassified
CNTA Charnita Inc Unclassified
CNTJ Colonial Tr & Sv Bk Peru Common Stock
CNTN Continan Communications, Inc. Common Stock
CNTPF C N T Group Fgn Hkd Ordinary Shares
CNTQP CenterPoint Properties Trust Flexible Preferred Series D
CNTS Corporate Enterprises Inc Unclassified
CNTTF Central Uni Co Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CNTWP Chicago & Nowst Hldg 4.25 Unclassified
CNTXF Contigas Ordinary Shares
CNUEF Canadian Neuromed Clinics Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNUFF Carnation Nutra Analogue Foods Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India)
CNUKF Cardiff Uranium Mines Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNUM Citizens St Bk New Ulm Minn Unclassified
CNUN Community Bancshares, Inc. (OH) Common Stock
CNUR Canyonlands Uranium Inc Unclassified
CNUSF Canus Labs Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNVDF Ca Nacl Telefonos De Venez D Ordinary Shares
CNVE Coast Interior Ventures Ltd Unclassified
CNVM Consolidated VA Mining Corporation Common Stock
CNVUF Colonia Versicherung Ag Ordinary Shares
CNWC Cnw Corp Common Stock
CNWEF Canada Northwest Enrgy Ltd (F) Ordinary Shares
CNWGF Chun Wo Hldgs Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNWKF Cell Network Ab Ordinary Shares
CNWL Cornwall Intl Inds Inc Common Stock
CNWMF Cornwall Res Corp Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNWO Citizens Natl Bk Norwalk Ohio Unclassified
CNWRF Canadian Newnorth Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNWS Central Natl Bk Wausau Wis Unclassified
CNWY Cheyenne Nb Wyoming Unclassified
CNXC Cine Prime Corp Common Stock
CNXIF Comnetix Inc Common Shares (Canada)
CNXLN Cons Northern Expl $3 Par Com Common Stock
CNXL Cons Northern Expl $3 Par Com Unclassified
CNXO Contexo Corp Common Stock
CNYAF Chinney Alliance Group Ltd Ordinary Shares
CNYG Canyon Gold Inc Unclassified
CNYI Century Technologies Inc Colo Common Stock
CNYK Central Natl Corp N Y Common Stock
CNYN Canyon Svgs & Ln Assn Unclassified
CNYPF Country Road 7.00 Cv Pfd Preferred Stock
CNYR Canyon Reef Carriers Inc Unclassified
CNYSF Creation Card Systems Co Ltd Osaka Ordinary Shares
CNYTU Community Natl Bancorp Inc Unit
CNYT Community Natl Bancorp Inc Common Stock
CNZHF Carson Holdings Zar0.01 Ordinary Shares
CNZLF Comalco Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
COAAF Contl Assets Tr Plc Ord Ordinary Shares
COABF Colas SA Boulogne Ordinary Shares
COAD Community Natl Bk Addison Ny Unclassified
COAF Coal Technology Corp Common Stock
COAGF Compagnie Agricole Et Mds Cl A Ordinary Shares
COAH Computer Tel Co Chicago Inc Unclassified
COAI Contl American Inds Corp Unclassified
COAJF Compania Minera Milpo T Shs Ordinary Shares
COAKF Coats Cadena Sa (Chile) Ordinary Shares
COANF Cons Acorn Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
COAOF Com-Air Containers Canada Inc Ordinary Shares
COAP Coap Systems Inc Common Stock
COAQF Compania Minera Sanegnacio Sa Ordinary Shares
COARF Coastoro Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
COAS Coast To Coast Inc Unclassified
COAXF Compania Mexicana De Aviaciord Ordinary Shares
COAZY Chevalier Pacific Holdings Limited Sponsored ADR (Bermuda) USD
COBA County Bank (Prescott, Az) Common Stock
COBC Columbine Capl Corp Unclassified
COBD Co Build Cos Inc Unclassified
COBE Cobe Laboratories Inc Unclassified
COBF Connbia Fd Inc Unclassified
COBGF Coburg Group Plc Ordinary Shares
COBL Concord Bldg Co Unclassified
COBMF Choo Bee Netals Inds Ordinary Shares
COBO Cons Bottling Co Unclassified
COBP Community Trust Bank (Portsmouth, VA) Common Stock
COBQF Cobequid Life Sciences Inc Ordinary Shares
COBSF Coates Brothers South Africa Ordinary Shares
COBW Commerce Bancorporation Common Stock
COBX Cons Bancshares Inc Tex Unclassified
COCDF Corona Corp Ordinary Shares
COCFF Compania Acero Del Pacifico Sa Ordinary Shares
COCG Computer College Technology Unclassified
COCHF Co Op Chemical Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Japan)
COCJF Cocos Japan Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
COCK Comstock Castle Stove Co Unclassified
COCL Computer Classroom Inc Unclassified
COCM Coordinated Computer Concepts Unclassified
COCN CEO Inc Common Stock
COCP Computer Corp Caribbean Unclassified
COCRP Computer Circuits Corp Unclassified
COCR Computer Circuits Corp Unclassified
COCT Compact Cassette Corp Common Stock
COCUF Compania Cubana Ordinary Shares
COCWF Consolidated Communications Corporation Ordinary Shares (Ireland)
COCY Cignal Oil Company Common Stock
COCZF Corner Corp Ordinary Shares
CODA Cordillera Cp (Utah) Common Stock
CODB Computer Design Pubg Corp Unclassified
CODC Codeca Inc Common Stock
CODDQ Coded Communications Corporation Common Stock
CODNF Consolidated Stone Industries Inc Ordinary Shares
CODO Codi Corp Unclassified
CODP Computer Depot Inc Unclassified
CODTF Codetel Ord Ordinary Shares
CODU Conductron Cp Mass Unclassified
CODVF Computer Advances Asa Nok3 Ordinary Shares
COEAF Concept ESolutions ASA Ordinary Shares
COEC Commerce Exchange Corporation Common Stock
COED Computer Edl Svcs Inc Unclassified
COEE Cooper Res & Energy Inc Common Stock
COEFF Coe Group Plc Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom)
COEGF Computer Graphics Sys Corp Ordinary Shares
COEG Computer Graphics Sys Corp Unclassified
COEI Cons Med Inds Inc Common Stock
COEKF Companhia Energ Do Coelce B Ordinary Shares
COELF Companhia Energ Do Coelce B Ordinary Shares
COEO Coelco Ltd Common Stock
COEP Cons Educational Publ Unclassified
COEQF Compagnie Equities Ltd Ordinary Shares
COER Computer Assistance Intl Inc Unclassified
COEXF Croesus Res Inc Ordinary Shares
COEYF Compression & Encrytion Techs Ordinary Shares
COFAF Corp Cementera Corcemar B 1vt Ordinary Shares
COFB Cons Office Bldg Inc Unclassified
COFCF Compagnie Fin De Suez Ord Ordinary Shares
COFCY Compagnie Fin De Suez Ord American Depositary Shares
COFDF Colional First State Development Trust Ordinary Shares
COFE Confederation Energy Ltd Common Stock
COFJF Compagnie Financiere De Cic et De L Union Europeenne ACT A
COFLF Cor Fil Sa Ordinary Shares
COFN Companion Fund Inc Common Stock
COFRF Confidata Resource Corp Ordinary Shares
COFR Confidata Resource Corp Unclassified
COFX Computer Field Express Inc Unclassified
COGAF Concapco Ga Inc Ordinary Shares
COGA Concapco Ga Inc Unclassified
COGM Chado Gold Mines Inc Unclassified
COGP Commerce Group Kearney Inc Unclassified
COGR Compugraphic Corp Unclassified
COGS Canpar Oil & Gas Ltd Unclassified
COGU Computer Group Inc Unclassified
COGYF C&S Technology Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
COHA Compu Health Inc Unclassified
COHC Coastline Helicopters Inc Unclassified
COHD Concepts & Hlds Inc Unclassified
COHE Compleat Health Corp Unclassified
COHFF Coheris Ordinary Shares (France)
COHH Computer Health Sys Inc Unclassified
COHL Computerized Health Sys & Svcs Unclassified
COHNF Coho Resources Ltd (F) Ordinary Shares
COHPF Concopper Enterprises Inc Cl A Ordinary Shares
COHS Comprehensive Health Sys Inc Unclassified
COHV Comprehensive Computer Sys Inc Unclassified
COHW Computer Harware Consultants Unclassified
COHXF Cohen & Co Plc A Shs Ordinary Shares
COHZ Computer Horizons Inc Unclassified
COIA Computer Guidance Corp Unclassified
COIC Computer Applications Inc Unclassified
COID Computronic Inds Corp Unclassified
COIEF Compagnie Bancaire Ord Ordinary Shares
COIF Companion Income Fd Inc Unclassified
COIJF Colliers CRE PLC Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom)
COIM Computer Image Corp Unclassified
COIO Computer Preparations Inc Unclassified
COIP Copico Common Stock
COIRF Conisil Res Inc Ordinary Shares
COIS Computer Distrs Inc Unclassified
COITP Coit Intl Inc Unclassified
COIT Coit Intl Inc Unclassified
COIX Comutrix Corp Unclassified
COIZP Color Tile Inc Preferred Stock
COJPF Coca Cola Central Japan Company Ltd Ordinary Shares
COJT Cook Jet Leasing Corp Unclassified
COKC Chinook Cap Corp Unclassified
COKD Cook Data Svcs Inc Unclassified
COKEB Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated Class B Common Stock
COKM Comstock Keno Mines Ltd Unclassified
COKN Computer Knowledge Corp Unclassified
COKO Central Okla Oil Corp Unclassified
COKRF Cockerill Ougree Prov S A Ord Ordinary Shares
COKT Colorado Kettle Chip Co Common Stock
COKU Cook Utd Inc Common Stock
COKY Corbin Depositary Bk Corbin Ky Common Stock
COLEP Coleman Sys Preferred Stock
COLE Coleman Sys Common Stock
COLGF Colonial Group Ltd (Aud) Ordinary Shares
COLI Computed Living Space Inc Unclassified
COLJ Columbia Bk Miss Unclassified
COLK Computer-Link Corp Unclassified
COLN Cole Nat'L Cp Unclassified
COLOF Colombus It Partner A/S Reg. Shares (Denmark)
COLP Columbia Pictrs Inds Inc (Del) Unclassified
COLS Contl Bank Nj Laurel Sprgs Common Stock
COLW Colonial Nat Bk Wilmington Common Stock
COLX Columbine Exploration Corp Unclassified
COMDF Constructions Metalliques Prov Ordinary Shares
COMEP Commercial Decal Inc Preferred Stock
COME Commercial Decal Inc Common Stock
COMF Computer Intergrated Mfg Desg Unclassified
COMG Computer Microfilm Corp (Ga) Common Stock
COMH Computer Methods Corp Unclassified
COMI Coolaire Mfg Inc Unclassified
COMJ Commercial Bk & Tr Franklin La Unclassified
COMK Commercial Bk & Tr Metairie La Unclassified
COMLF Columbus Mills Inc Ordinary Shares
COML Columbus Mills Inc Unclassified
COMN Comdata Network Inc Unclassified
COMO Comanche Oil Expl Inc Unclassified
COMQ Commercial Bk&Tr Monticello Ar Unclassified
COMU Community Ln Co Unclassified
COMYF Comany Inc Ordinary Shares
CONAF Concorde Cie Dassurances Nat Ordinary Shares
CONF Contl Fed Sv & Loan Okla Cy Ok Common Stock
CONGA Congress Rotisserie Inc Common Stock
CONHF Concept Ag Ordinary Shares
CONJ Conjecture Mines Inc Common Stock
CONK Consulting Technology Inc Unclassified
CONM Contl Minerals Corp Unclassified
CONOF Codenoll Technology Corporation Ordinary Shares
CONSF Continental Construction Ltd Dematerialised Shares Ordinary Shares Dematerialised (India)
CONTF Contec Co Ltd, Osaka Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CONU Condominiums Northwest Inc Unclassified
CONY Computer Sys Inc N Y Common Stock
CONZF Control Energy Corp (B.C) Ordinary Shares
COOB Cobol Corp Unclassified
COOC Computer Optics Inc Unclassified
COOD Conodont Corp Unclassified
COOEP Cooper Cos Inc Part Pfd Unclassified
COOH Community Natl Bk Flushing Oh Common Stock
COOI Control Inds Inc Unclassified
COOM Coronado Minerals Co Unclassified
COONF Cochrane Oil & Gas Ltd Ordinary Shares
COOO Computer Tools Inc Unclassified
COOR Computer Superstores Inc Common Stock
COOS Cooky'S Steak Pub Common Stock
COOT Computerphone Intl Corp Unclassified
COOV Cooper Development Co Common Stock
COOWF Coolawin Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares
COOY Conroy Inc Unclassified
COPB Co Public Inc Unclassified
COPCF Calotto Cap Inc Common shares (Canada)
COPG Colonial Penn Grp Inc Unclassified
COPH Compucharge Inc Unclassified
COPK Computer Pkg Sys Inc Unclassified
COPMF Compania Minera Canandes S A Ordinary Shares
COPO Componoform Inc Unclassified
COPP Creative Oppty Inc Unclassified
COPQF Copeba Sa Ordinary Shares
COPS Consolidare Enterprises Unclassified
COPTF Comptel Ordinary Shares
COPU Compucare Inc Unclassified
COPW Computer Pwr Intl Corp Unclassified
COPX Computex Ltd Unclassified
COPZ Compoz A Puzzle Inc Unclassified
COQGF Czarina Sa Pfd Ordinary Shares
CORA Conrac Corp Unclassified
CORD Cord Intl Minerals Ltd Common Stock
CORNF Canada Orient Res Inc Ordinary Shares
CORO Computer Opportunities Inc Unclassified
CORP Capital Corporate Res Inc Unclassified
CORQF Consorcio Aristos Ordinary Shares
CORW Cobb & Drew Inc Unclassified
CORXP Cortex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Preferred Stock
CORY Corry Jamestown Mfg Corp Unclassified
CORZF Consorcio Aristos Ordinary Shares
COSD Cosmetic Dental Technologies Unclassified
COSG Computer Sys Mgmt Inc Unclassified
COSKF Computer Skills Inc Ordinary Shares
COSK Computer Skills Inc Unclassified
COSMF Coastal Mng Ltd Ordinary Shares
COSM Coastal Mng Ltd Unclassified
COSSF Crossland Inds Cp Ordinary Shares
COSU Connsurance Corp Unclassified
COSV Community Svgs Bk Co Yorkville Unclassified
COSY Cosmetically Yours Inc Common Stock
COSZF Coasia Microelectronics Corp Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
COTA Compu Tag Inc Unclassified
COTB Contl Benefit Corp Common Stock
COTCF Cons Trans-Canada Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
COTD Computer Studies Inc Unclassified
COTGA Century Oil & Gas Corp Common Stock
COTH Compu Tech Schs Amer Inc Unclassified
COTLP Contl Grp Inc Preferred Stock
COTL Contl Grp Inc Common Stock
COTM Compumatrics Intl Mgmt Corp Common Stock
COTO Computer Microdata Corp Unclassified
COTR Computer &Technology Info Inc Unclassified
COTSF Cons Tanager Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares
COTU Computronics Inc Unclassified
COTXF Cyprotex plc Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom)
COUA Computer Usage Co Unclassified
COUD Computer Modem Corp Unclassified
COUG Cougar Enterprises Inc Unclassified
COUH Conduits Amherst Ltd Common Stock
COUI Computer Utils Corp Unclassified
COUJF Computer Forms (M) Bhd Ordinary Shares
COUKP Compuknit Inds Inc Unclassified
COUK Compuknit Inds Inc Unclassified
COUL Compulith Corp Unclassified
COUM Country Miss Inc Unclassified
COUN Council Commerce Corp Common Stock
COUP Compucomp Corp Unclassified
COUR Compac Computer Sys Inc Unclassified
COUT Cosmos Futura Inc Common Stock
COUUF Countryside Power Income Fund Unit (Canada)
COUXF Country Gardens Plc Ordinary Shares
COUY Computer Cr Sys Inc Unclassified
COVAP Compusave Corp Unclassified
COVA Compusave Corp Unclassified
COVC Concession Svcs Inc Unclassified
COVF Concorde Value Fd Inc Unclassified
COVG Covington Corp Unclassified
COVHF China Overseas Hlgds Ordinary Shares
COVI Computervision Cp Common Stock
COVL Contl Vinyl Inds Inc Unclassified
COVM Cornerstone Invt Fd Inc Unclassified
COVOF Compania Sevillana De Ele Ord Ordinary Shares
COVPF Canadian Overseas Pkgng Inds L Ordinary Shares
COVT Covington Development Grp Inc Common Stock
COVU Comtech Venture Fd Inc Unclassified
COVXF Canadian Overseas Expl Corp Ordinary Shares
COWA Cons Water Co Unclassified
COWC Cleopatra Wig Creations Inc Unclassified
COWE Conwed Cp Unclassified
COWH Community Natl Bk Warrenvle Ht Common Stock
COWKF Computertime Network Corp Ordinary Shares
COWL Cowl Ltd Unclassified
COWO Conwood Cp Unclassified
COWR Concert Network Inc Unclassified
COWS Companies West Group Inc Unclassified
COWUF Commonwealth Property Units Npv Ordinary Shares
COWVF Coweaver Co Ltd Coweaver Co Ltd (South Korea)
COXAF Coxheath Gold Hldgs Ltd Cl A Ordinary Shares
COXBF Cox Bros Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
COXBY Cox Bros Ltd Ord American Depositary Shares
COXC Cox Comms Inc Unclassified
COXFF Capetronic Intl Thailand Public Co Ltd Foreign Registered Shs
COXG Cox & Gale Pptys Inc Unclassified
COXIF Compania Mexicana Refract Ord Ordinary Shares
COXLF Capetronic Intl Thailand Public Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
COXP Conmar Expls Ltd Unclassified
COXXF Cox Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
COXYF City Of Oxford Invmt Tr Inc Sh Ordinary Shares
COXZF City Of Oxford Invmt Tr Inc Sh Ordinary Shares
COYA Computer Sys Amer Inc Unclassified
COYC Computer Util Sys Inc Unclassified
COYE Condyne Inc Unclassified
COYI Colorado Royal Casinos Ltd Common Stock
COYLF Cool or Cosy Ltd shares (Australia)
COYS Compiler Sys Inc Unclassified
COYX Coynex Dev Ltd Unclassified
COZD Computerized Recovery Sys Inc Unclassified
COZE Computerized Sec Automation Unclassified
COZIF Cortez Intl Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPAAF Cappit Asa Ordinary Shares (Norway)
CPAC Calpac Inds Inc Unclassified
CPAE Co-Optics Amer Inc Common Stock
CPAGP Central Pa Gas Co Preferred Stock
CPAG Central Pa Gas Co Unclassified
CPAIF Campari Intl Plc Ord Ordinary Shares
CPAL Corona Cap Inc Unclassified
CPAN Central Pa Natl Bk Claysburg Unclassified
CPAOF Coats Patons Ltd Pfd 6 Ordinary Shares
CPAPF Coats Patons Ltd Pfd 6 Ordinary Shares
CPASF Contax Participacoes Sa Brazil Preferred Shares (Brazil)
CPATF Coats Patons Ltd Pfd 6 Ordinary Shares
CPATY Coats Patons Ltd Pfd 6 American Depositary Shares
CPAUF Cons Petroleum Australia Nl Ordinary Shares
CPAY Cooper Agy Inc Unclassified
CPAZF Cementos Paz Del Rio Sa Ord Ordinary Shares
CPBDF Companhia Brasil Dist Grpo Pfd Preferred Stock
CPBEF Corporacion Bancariade Espana Ordinary Shares
CPBF Capital Bd Fd Unclassified
CPBG Cons Pub Inc (Ca) Common Stock
CPBHF CCPC Biotech Inc Ordinary Shares
CPBLF Campbell Red Lake Mines Ordinary Shares
CPBN California Pac Bkrs & Ins Ltd Common Stock
CPBS Computerbase Intl Inc Unclassified
CPBTF Chipbond Technology Corp Ordinary Shares
CPCCF Core Pacific Constr Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPCD Compucade Intl Inc Unclassified
CPCEF Capcount Prop Trust (Fgn) Ordinary Shares
CPCJF Compania Colombiana De Tejidos Coltejer Ordinary Shares
CPCK Copp Clark Pitman Ltd Unclassified
CPCMF Compal Communications, Inc. Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CPCN Corporate Connections Inc Unclassified
CPCP Cardiopulmonary Corp Unclassified
CPCR Capitalcare Corp Unclassified
CPCS Capac St Svgs Bk Mich Unclassified
CPCT Capitol Bk Comm Sacramento Unclassified
CPDE City Pride Inc Unclassified
CPDI Compu Decor Inc Common Stock
CPDLF Corporacion Dermoestetica SA Ordinary Share (Spain)
CPDMF Cepeda Minerals Inc Ordinary Shares
CPDR Cap D Or Res Inc Unclassified
CPDS Challenger Prods Inc Unclassified
CPDT Cons Production Corp Unclassified
CPDYF Companion Dynamic Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPECF China First Pencil Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPEE Chicopee Coop Bk Mass Unclassified
CPEI Columbia Pic Entmt Inc Common Stock
CPEK Chesapeake Nb Kilmarnock Common Stock
CPEL Chapel Mtn Inds Inc Common Stock
CPENF Cpe Engineers Inc Ordinary Shares
CPEQF Corporate Equities Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPES Coleridge Press Inc Unclassified
CPET Centennial Pete Inc Unclassified
CPEYF Canadian Pioneer Engy Cl A Ordinary Shares
CPFD Capitol Foods Corp Unclassified
CPFFF Capital Diagnostic Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada)
CPFMF C P Feedmill (Local) Ordinary Shares
CPFNF Cipe France Sa Ff Ord Ordinary Shares
CPFOF Capinfo Co Ltd Shs H (China)
CPFPF Core Pacific Pioneer Mutual Fd Ordinary Shares
CPGG Copper Range Co Common Stock
CPGHF Castle Peak Garment Fac (Loc) Ordinary Shares
CPGIF Capital Strategic Invt Ltd Ordinary Shares (Bermuda)
CPGKF Companhia Elect De Goasis (F) Ordinary Shares
CPGMF Cap Gemini Nv Ordinary Shares
CPGNF Computer Giftware Co Ordinary Shares
CPGN Computer Giftware Co Common Stock
CPGOF Chamberlain Phipps Ord 10par Ordinary Shares
CPGR Capgrow Inc Unclassified
CPHHF Central Plaza Hotel Ltd Loc Units Non-Voting Depository Receipt
CPHOF Colombo Sapphires Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPHPF Companhia Siderurgica Paulista Nova Cosipa Preferred Stock
CPHRF Companhia Siderurgica Paulista Nova Cosipa Ordinary Shares (Brazil)
CPHS Crestport Holdings Inc Common Stock
CPIA Capital Times Co Class A Stock
CPIDF Caparo Industries Plc Ord Ordinary Shares
CPIJF Craft Print International Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPIL Cooper Intl Ltd Common Stock
CPIO Cons New Pioneer Expls Unclassified
CPIP Cons Pipe Lines Co Unclassified
CPIR Cpi Sportswear Inc Common Stock
CPITF Capitalretail China Trust Units (Singapore)
CPJJF Central Precision Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPKC Control Packaging Corp Unclassified
CPKG Camcor Packaging Inc Unclassified
CPKHF Castle Peak Holdings Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPKS City Natl Bk Pittsburg Kans Unclassified
CPKXF Chemiprokasei Kaisha Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPLBF C P L Aromas Plc Ordinary Shares
CPLD Coastal Pacific Ld Corp Unclassified
CPLFF Cipla Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPLGP Coplay Cem Mfg Co 6.00 Pfd Preferred Stock
CPLG Coplay Cem Mfg Co 6.00 Pfd Common Stock
CPLHF Capital Holding Llc 8.875 Pfd Ordinary Shares
CPLIA Chesapeake Lfe Ins Co Cl A Common Stock
CPLIB Chesapeake Lfe Ins Co Cl A Common Stock
CPLKF Computerlinks Ag Muenchen Ordinary Shares
CPLM Coastal Plan Mgmt Corp Unclassified
CPLNF Concordia Paper Holdings, Ltd. Ordinary Shares
CPLNY Concordia Paper Holdings, Ltd. American Depositary Shares
CPLO Compuloan Originations Inc Common Stock
CPLQ Capital Liquidity Inc Common Stock
CPLU Cap Ltd Uts Ltd Ptnr Unclassified
CPMEF Computime Group Limited Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands)
CPML Croinor Pershing Mines Ltd Unclassified
CPMQF Capimonetaire Ordinary Shares
CPMS Capital Mkt Svcs Corp Unclassified
CPMT Canamerica Precious Metals Inc Unclassified
CPMUF Cpio Multimedia (L) Frf10 Ordinary Shares
CPMXF Corporacion Mexicana De Rest B Ordinary Shares
CPNAF Cpt Telefonica Del Peru Ser A Ordinary Shares
CPND Capri Inds Inc Unclassified
CPNKF Capital Nomura Securities Public Co Ltd Uts Non-Vtg Dep Rec (Thailand)
CPNNA C P S-Corp Planning Svcs Cl-A Common Stock
CPNP Citizens & Peop N B Pensacola Unclassified
CPNR Caspian Res Ltd Common Stock
CPNS Component Sys Inc Common Stock
CPNTF China Printing and Dyeing Holding Ltd Ordinary shares (Singapore)
CPNU Componus Inc Common Stock (NV)
CPNVF Center Parcs Nv Ordinary Shares
CPOC Cosmopolitan Care Corp Unclassified
CPOFF Campo Frio (F) Ordinary Shares
CPOL Capitol St Bk Trenton Nj Unclassified
CPON Champion Inds Inc Common Stock
CPOPF Centre Point Properties Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPOSF CDC Point Spa Calcinaia Pi Ordinary Shares (Italy)
CPOX Coppercorp Ltd Common Stock
CPPAF Central Patana Public Co (F) Ordinary Shares
CPPBP Chesapeake Paperboard Co Preferred Stock
CPPB Chesapeake Paperboard Co Unclassified
CPPEF Cementos Portland Sa Pamplona Ordinary Shares (Spain)
CPPFF Compact Power Holdings plc Ordinary Shares
CPPGF Cosco Shipping Co Ltd Shares -A- (China)
CPPIF Cross Pacific Pearls Inc Ordinary Shares
CPPL Champion Oil & Mng Co Unclassified
CPPN Carpenter Paper Co Of Neb Del Unclassified
CPPO Copps Corp Unclassified
CPPPF Central Pattana Public Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPPQF Central Pattana Public Co Ltd Shares Foreign Registered (Thailand)
CPPRF Cropper James Plc Ord 25 Par Ordinary Shares
CPPUF Central Patana Public Co (F) Ordinary Shares
CPPVF Clipper Ventures Plc Clipper Ventures Plc (UK)
CPPYF Capital Property Trst Uts Ordinary Shares
CPPZF Cons Platinum Inds Inc Ordinary Shares
CPQA Chappaqua Oil Corp Unclassified
CPQMF Compeq Mnfg Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPQTF Copperquest Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CPRA Can Pacific Rare Earth&Metal Unclassified
CPRB Citizens Bk Paso Robles Ca Common Stock
CPRGF Chuo Spring Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CPRHZ Cooper Holdings Liquidation Trust Stubs
CPRL Chapparal Mines Ltd Unclassified
CPRNF Cenpro Technologies Inc Cenpro Technologies Inc
CPRSF Cons Protection Svcs Inc Ordinary Shares
CPRUA Canspar Resources Inc Cl A Common Stock
CPRWF Cpr Ord Ordinary Shares
CPSCF Core Pacific Secs Corp Ordinary Shares
CPSE Computer Secs Inc Unclassified
CPSFF Conpac Seafoods Inc Ordinary Shares
CPSG Cps Chem Inc Common Stock
CPSM Cons Precious & Stratgic Mnrls Common Stock
CPSN Copper Pass Mines Ltd Unclassified
CPSP Capital Star Pete Unclassified
CPSRF Compagnie Parsisience De Reesc Ordinary Shares
CPSU Capsule Sys Common Stock
CPSWF Cpu Softwarehouse Ag, Augsburg Ordinary Shares
CPSYA Chesapeake Systems Corp Cl A Common Stock
CPTBF Compania Telef Ser B Ordinary Shares
CPTGF Capital Tracing Inc Ordinary Shares
CPTG Capital Tracing Inc Unclassified
CPTJ Captains Corp Common Stock
CPTK Component Technology Corp Common Stock
CPTM Computime Computer Svcs Inc Common Stock
CPTN Caspers Tin Plate Co Unclassified
CPTO Camptown Industries Inc Unclassified
CPTRF Corporacion Financiera Alba SA Ordinary Shares (Spain)
CPTTF Carindale Property Trust Ordinary Shares
CPTU Captiva Computer Svcs Corp Unit
CPTWF Computer 2000 A G 50 Ordinary Shares
CPTY Capitol City Bancshares, Inc. (GA) Common Stock
CPTZF C.P. Technology Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPUC Cpu Computer Corp Unclassified
CPUD Computer Doctor Inc Unclassified
CPUE Coppus Engr Corp Unclassified
CPUGF Canadian Puget Sd Lmbr & Tmbr Ordinary Shares
CPUI Cons Computer Inds Inc Common Stock
CPUL Cardiopulmonary Technologies Common Stock
CPUMF Campus Sa De Cv Sr A Mxn.20 Ordinary Shares
CPUNF Campus Sa De Cv Sr A Mxn.20 Ordinary Shares
CPUO Computer Operations Inc Common Stock
CPUPF Cia Paulista De Forca E Luz Ordinary Shares
CPUSP Consumers Pub Svc Co Unclassified
CPUS Consumers Pub Svc Co Unclassified
CPUV Compusolv Inc Common Stock
CPVC Commercial Providence Inc Common Stock
CPVEF Castle Private Equity Ag Ordinary Shares
CPVHF Cons Pope Valley Hldgs Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CPWA Cornwall Pete & Res Ltd Unclassified
CPWC Central Point Software Inc Unclassified
CPWGF Cons Powergem Res Corp Ordinary Shares
CPWKF Corinth Pipeworks Sa Ordinary Shares
CPWNF Complete Power Solution Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPWS Contl Pwr Sys Inc Unclassified
CPWV Capital State Bank Wv Common Stock
CPXA Century Bk Phoenix Ariz Common Stock
CPXCF Carpenter Pacific Corp Ordinary Shares
CPXHF Comparex Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPXMF Corpcom Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPXN Champion Inc Common Stock
CPXZF Capex Sa Ord A 1vt American Depositary Shares
CPYFF Corp Inds Y Financiera Banesto Ordinary Shares
CPYMF Cmc Power Systems Ltd Ordinary Shares
CPYOF Chip One Stop Inc Yokohama Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CPYP Copley Pwr Inc Unclassified
CPYRF Copyer Ordinary Shares
CPYV Casino Players & Travel Intl Common Stock
CPYWF Compudyne Winfosystems Ltd Shs Dematerialised
CPZA City Plaza Nb Kansas City Mo Unclassified
CPZFF Canadian Pizza Plc Ordinary Shares
CPZO Capezio & Things Inc Unclassified
CPZR C P R Corporation Common Stock
CQACF Cell Aquaculture Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia)
CQACY Cell Aquaculture Ltd Sponsored ADR (Australia)
CQALF Cirqual PLC Ordinary Shares
CQBDF Chiquita Brands South Pacific Limited Ordinary Shares
CQEX Conquest Exploration Co Common Stock
CQHGF Chieron Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares
CQUA Chautauqua Abstract Co Unclassified
CQUE Chique Apparel Ltd Unclassified
CQUS Cons Que Smlt & Refng Unclassified
CQXL Commonwealth Edison Company Common Stock
CQYL Cons Que Yellowknife Unclassified
CQZT Carroll Financial Svcs Inc Common Stock
CRAA CRA Managed Care, Inc. Unclassified
CRAB Pacific Ocean Restaurants Inc Common Stock
CRACF Crack Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRAE Cramer Electr Inc Unclassified
CRAG Craig Food Inds Inc Unclassified
CRAHF Crane Group Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRAJF Cra Phase Ii Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRAL Cental Banc Inc CMT-Common
CRAM Citram Corp Unclassified
CRAPF Comp Port Rad Marc Br Ordinary Shares
CRAT Craddock Terry Shoe Unclassified
CRAVF Craven Ventures Inc Ordinary Shares
CRBAF Carrabelle Bank Florida Ordinary Shares
CRBDF Cater Barnard PLC Ordinary Shares
CRBFF Caran Ab Sek Shs B Ordinary Shares
CRBK Cherry River Natl Bk Richwood Unclassified
CRBL Corroon & Black Corp Common Stock
CRBMF Cons Rambler Mines Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRBNF Caribbean Cement Co Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CRBNY Caribbean Cement Co Ltd Ord American Depositary Shares
CRBP Caribe Petes Inc Common Stock
CRBRF Crown Butte Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRBS Centrum Business Systems, Inc. Common Stock
CRBT Crump B T Inc Unclassified
CRBU Crestline Bldg & Ln Assn Ohio Unclassified
CRBV Crabb Invt Co Unclassified
CRBXF China Rebar Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRCD Codercard Inc Unclassified
CRCI Crescent Capital Inc Common Stock
CRCJ Circle Corp Common Stock
CRCLF Circlecom, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Australia)
CRCMF Cairo Communications Spa Ordinary Shares
CRCR Calderone Curran Ranches Inc Unclassified
CRCXF Chase Resource Corp Ordinary Shares
CRDDF Country Road 7.00 Cv Pfd Ordinary Shares
CRDFF Credito Fondiario Ordinary Shares
CRDG Cambridge Resh & Dev Group Inc Unclassified
CRDH CRD Holdings, Inc. Common Stock
CRDIF C Cardassilaris & Sons Cardico SA Reg. Shares (Greece)
CRDJ Cardis Corp Common Stock
CRDKF Cordukes Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRDRF Centre De Recherches Industrielles Et Techniques Ordinary Shares
CRDWF Comroad Ag Ordinary Shares
CRDXF Concorde Exploration Ltd. Que Ordinary Shares
CREHF Ceratech Corp Ordinary Shares
CREJF Credor Sa Ordinary Shares
CREM Cre Mel Co Common Stock
CREPP Control Resh Prods Inc Pfd Unclassified
CRETF Carrefour Ordinary Shares
CREVF Crevet Ltd Ordinary Shares
CREXF Central B C Expls Ltd Ordinary Shares
CREYF Crete Systems Inc Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CRFA Crawford Allied Inds Ltd Unclassified
CRFCF Currie Finance Corp Fn Ordinary Shares
CRFG Centrafarm Group N V Unclassified
CRFLF Craibbe-Fletcher Gold Mines Ordinary Shares
CRFOF Cofir Ordinary Shares
CRFP Craftsman Press Unclassified
CRFSF Clachart Finance And Securities Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRFW Charter Financial Corporation (Washington) Common Stock
CRGBF Credito Agrario Bresciano Ordinary Shares
CRGCA Career Guidance Corp Common Stock
CRGD Crg Corp Common Stock
CRGFF Custom Cryogenic Grinding Cp Ordinary Shares
CRGG Central Garage Common Stock
CRGHF Contl Radiant Glass Heating Ordinary Shares
CRGHP Contl Radiant Glass Heating Unclassified
CRGH Contl Radiant Glass Heating Unclassified
CRGJF Credito Romagnolo Hldg Itl1000 Ordinary Shares
CRGLF Conrad Ritblat Grp Ord 1pnd Ordinary Shares
CRGMF Courage Marine Group Ltd Ordinary shares (Bermuda)
CRGP Craig Michael Personnel Inc Unclassified
CRGS Coral Aggregates Corp Unclassified
CRGT Canine Carriage Trade Corp Unclassified
CRGXF Carrington Cotton (Aus) Ordinary Shares
CRGY Cincinnati Energy Corp Unclassified
CRGZF Conrad Ritblat Sinclair Goldsm Ordinary Shares
CRHAF Crown Hampton Intl Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CRHD Cirfico Hldgs Corp Unclassified
CRHHF Cross Harbour Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRHPF CRH PLC Ordinary Shares
CRHQF CRH PLC Ordinary Shares
CRHXF Chrome Technology Plc Ordinary Shares
CRIA Cri Insured Mtg Invts Ii Common Stock
CRIB Cribben & Sexton Co Unclassified
CRIDA Credit Industriel Desjardin A Common Stock
CRIE Cri Insured Mtg Invt Ltd Prtns Common Stock
CRIF Crest Industries, Inc. Common Stock
CRIM Crimco Mng Ltd Unclassified
CRINF Cons Richland Mines Inc Ordinary Shares
CRIP Cons Ripple Res Ltd Unclassified
CRITF Charriot Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRIUF Chart Intl Group Ordinary Shares
CRIVF Creinvest Ag Ordinary Shares
CRIYF Centrecity Property Fund (F) Ordinary Shares
CRJOF Cerj-On Ord Ordinary Shares
CRJPF Cedar Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CRKCF Career Bank Co Ltd Sapporo Ordinary Shares
CRKE Clarke Corp Unclassified
CRKGF Caprock Energy Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRKR Crocker Realty Investors, Inc. Unclassified
CRLAF Corolla Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRLB Central Natl Bk Houston Tex Unclassified
CRLEF Carolina Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRLF Cruise Of A Lifetime Usa Inc Unclassified
CRLLF Carrolls Corp Ordinary Shares
CRLL Carrolls Corp Unclassified
CRLMF Carlson Mines Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRLOF Corel Cp Ordinary Shares
CRLSO Crossland Savings Fsb Preferred Stock
CRLSP Crossland Savings Fsb Preferred Stock
CRLVF Carlton Investment Preferred Stock
CRLWF China Railway Logistics Ltd. Ordinary Shares
CRMAF Corimon C.A. Cl A Ordinary Shares (Venezuela)
CRMBF Carton De Colombia Sa Ordinary Shares
CRMCF Corimon Ca Ser B Corimon C.A. Cl B Ordinary Shares
CRMFF Carma Corp Ordinary Shares
CRMGA Credit M G Inc Cl A Part Common Stock
CRMGB Credit M G Inc Cl A Part Common Stock
CRMI Clero Mines Ltd Unclassified
CRMO Clermont Indl Pks Unclassified
CRMPF Central Telecommunication Company Pfd Shs (Russia)
CRMR Command Airways Inc Common Stock
CRMS Ceramics Corp Unclassified
CRMUF Central Telecommunication Company Ordinary Shares
CRMWF Conpharm B Shares (Sweden)
CRNAF Coreana Cosmetics Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CRNB Connecticut River Natl Bk Common Stock
CRND Courthouse Inds Inc Unclassified
CRNE Cornerstone Leisure Inds Inc Unclassified
CRNG Corning Industries Inc Common Stock
CRNH Corning Hotel Corp Unclassified
CRNL Credo International Corp Unclassified
CRNO Capistrano Bancorp Unclassified
CRNP Crown Colony Natl Corp Common Stock
CRNV Crown Natl Ventures Inc Common Stock
CRNWF Control Networks Corp (F) Ordinary Shares
CRNXA Cronex Scientific Inc Common Stock
CRNXB Cronex Scientific Inc Common Stock
CRNX Cronex Scientific Inc Unclassified
CROB Crooksville Bk Ohio Unclassified
CROD Canrad Inc Common Stock
CROF Custom Roof Systems Common Stock
CROG Cedar Ridge Intl Inc Common Stock
CROH Corn City St Bk Deshler Ohio Unclassified
CROI Chem Aero Inc Unclassified
CROL Controlotron Corp Unclassified
CROPF Cropenergies Ag, Mannheim Ordinary shares (Germany)
CROR Charo Res Inc Unclassified
CROTF Cons Riotinto (F) Ordinary Shares
CROWF Crown Intl Ordinary Shares
CROW Crown Intl Unclassified
CROY Colonial Rtys Co Common Stock
CRPA Crest Pak Inc Unclassified
CRPC Coral Petroleum Corp Common Stock
CRPDF Creative Products Inc Ordinary Shares
CRPG Cr/Pl Inc Unclassified
CRPHF Carrie Pacific Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRPMF Cons Care Point Med Centres Ld Ordinary Shares
CRPR Crime Prevention Inds Inc Unclassified
CRPS Croyle Computer Svcs Inc Unclassified
CRPUF Colonial Retail Pr Units Aud1 Unit
CRPVF Creaton Pref Dm 5 Ordinary Shares
CRPXF Corporate Express Ltd A$0.20 P Ordinary Shares
CRRDF Cons Rr Cuba Ordinary Shares
CRRDP Cons Rr Cuba Unclassified
CRRD Cons Rr Cuba Unclassified
CRRG Computer Reporting Sys Inc Common Stock
CRRHF Carrere Group Ordinary Shares
CRRI Corrida Oils Ltd Unclassified
CRRJP Copper Range Rr Co Preferred Stock
CRRJ Copper Range Rr Co Common Stock
CRRLF Canadian Roxana Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRRMF Carburos Metalicos F N Ordinary Shares
CRRO Corroless U S A Inc Common Stock
CRRTF Coronet Carpets Inc Ordinary Shares
CRRU Corduroy Rubr Co Unclassified
CRRV Cons Rapid Riv Res Ltd Common Stock
CRSA Cross Austin & Ireland Lmbr Co Common Stock
CRSG Crystalography Corp Unclassified
CRSHF Control Secs Plc Ord Ordinary Shares
CRSIF Create Restaurants Inc Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CRSJ Crss Inc Common Stock
CRSNF Carson Inds Corp Ordinary Shares
CRSN Carson Inds Corp Common Stock
CRSOY Crossroads Oil Group Plc Adr Unclassified
CRSP Crime Stoppers Inc Unclassified
CRSR Credentials Svcs Intl Inc Unclassified
CRSSF Compressario Corporation Ordinary Shares (Canada)
CRSU Criticare Support Svcs Inc Unclassified
CRSWY Christ Water Technology Ag Sponsored ADR (Austria)
CRTA Comart Assoc Inc Unclassified
CRTB Croton Bk Co Ohio Unclassified
CRTD Cortland Corp Unclassified
CRTEP Crateo Inc Preferred Stock
CRTE Crateo Inc Unclassified
CRTF Certified Creations Inc Unclassified
CRTGF Claudios Restaurant Gorup Inc Ordinary Shares
CRTH Crouthamel Inc Unclassified
CRTLA Cortland Inds Inc Common Stock
CRTL Cortland Inds Inc Unclassified
CRTR Charter Crellin Inc Unclassified
CRTWF Central Railway Co Ord Ordinary Shares
CRUDF Crusader Limited Ordinary Shares
CRUF Crum & Forster (Ny) Unclassified
CRUHP Crutcher Res Corp Pfd 6% Preferred Stock
CRUKF Cmic Ruang Khao Ordinary Shares
CRUL Crusader Life Ins Co Kans Unclassified
CRUM Cockrum Energy Corp Unclassified
CRUNF Celrun Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CRUT Crusader Tech Intl Inc Com Common Stock
CRUUF Corum Ord Gbp 0.25 Ordinary Shares
CRVB Cherry River Boom & Lmbr Co Unclassified
CRVC Champion Resv Corp Common Stock
CRVD Crown Video Intl Inc Unclassified
CRVI Care Visions Corp Common Stock
CRVJF Cervejeria Brahma Cia Reg Sh Ordinary Shares
CRVSQ Corvus Sys Inc Common Stock
CRVT Creative Telecom Inc Unclassified
CRWA Carrie Walker Inc Common Stock
CRWDF Crowell Development Corp Ordinary Shares
CRWIF Crownbridge Inds Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CRWKF Cranswick Ord Ordinary Shares
CRWL Crown Oil Co Unclassified
CRWMY Crown Mines Ltd Ord American Depositary Shares
CRWM Crown Mines Ltd Ord Unclassified
CRWYF China Railway Erju Co Ltd Shares -A- (China)
CRWZY Cape Range Wireless Ltd New American Depositary Shares
CRXBF Controladora Comercial Mexicana Sa de CV Comerci B shares (Mexico)
CRXN Concentrax, Inc. Common Stock
CRXP Core Expls Ltd Unclassified
CRXTF Cornet Corp Fgn Ordinary Shares
CRXYF Canadian Roxy Pete Ltd Ordinary Shares
CRYB Crystal Block Coal & Coke Co Unclassified
CRYC Cryogenic Inds Ltd Unclassified
CRYD Cryodynamics Inc Unclassified
CRYE Cryogas Engr Ltd Unclassified
CRYG Cryderman Gold Inc Unclassified
CRYI Contemporary Inst Inc Unclassified
CRYKF Crymson Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CRYL Carlyle Corporation Common Stock
CRYNF Cryo Interactive Entertainment Ordinary Shares
CRYRP Chrysler Corp $2.75 Pfd Preferred Stock
CRYT Cryo2 Corp Unclassified
CRYU Crystal Ventures Fd Inc Unclassified
CRYW Crystal Clear Wtr Inc Unclassified
CRYX Cryplex Inds Inc Common Stock
CRZAF Commerzbank Junge Shs Ordinary Shares
CRZG Crazy Girl Co Unclassified
CSAB Cleveland Standusky Brewing Cp Unclassified
CSAFP Canada Safeway Ltd Pfd 4.40% Unclassified
CSAG Corsa Group Inc (The) Common Stock
CSAI Cognitive Sys Inc Common Stock
CSAJF Com 1 Sa Act Ordinary Shares
CSAL Cons Alcor Res Ltd Unclassified
CSAM Canadian Siam Res Ltd Unclassified
CSAN Cons Sannorm Mines Ltd Unclassified
CSAOF Cia Saneamento Minas Gerais Sa Ordinary Shares (Brazil)
CSAPP Cincinnati Shaper Co Unclassified
CSAP Cincinnati Shaper Co Unclassified
CSAW Chrisman Sawyer Bk Unclassified
CSBA Casablanca Fan Inc Common Stock
CSBG Cons Beta Gamma Mines Ltd Unclassified
CSBJF Cia Saneamento Ordinary Shares
CSBL Community St Bk Bloomington Common Stock
CSBM City Svgs Bank (Meriden Ct) Unclassified
CSBS C S Bancshares Inc Unclassified
CSBU Carlsbad Inc Common Stock
CSBV Charter Community National Bank (South Boston, VA)Common Stock
CSBW Colony Svgs Bk Wallingford Unclassified
CSBX Center St Bk Modesto Calif Common Stock
CSCGF Chiroscience Grp Plc Ord 5 Par Ordinary Shares
CSCH Capsearch Inc Unclassified
CSCIF CIBA Specialty Chemicals India Ltd Ordinary Shares
CSCJF Consec Corp Ordinary Shares
CSCL Commercial Svgs Bk Carroll Unclassified
CSCN Cashcan Corp Common Stock
CSCRA Consumer Credit Corp Cl A Common Stock
CSCRB Consumer Credit Corp Cl A Common Stock
CSCY Carousel Candy Inc Common Stock
CSDAF Cascadia Technologies Cda Ordinary Shares
CSDBF Cascadia Brands Inc Ordinary Shares
CSDC Collision Devices Inc Unclassified
CSDGF Cementerie Sardegna Ordinary Shares
CSDL Cons Devs Ltd Unclassified
CSDM Cons Dolsan Mines Ltd Unclassified
CSDR Cons Refining Inc Unclassified
CSDV Coastal Ld Developers Inc Unclassified
CSDZF Cons Ins Ordinary Shares
CSEA Currentsea Common Stock
CSECF Commercial Sec Bancorp Ordinary Shares
CSEC Commercial Sec Bancorp Unclassified
CSED Colorado Select Products Inc Common Stock
CSEEF Columbia Securities Ordinary Shares
CSEGF C S E Systems & Engineering Ordinary Shares
CSEI Consco Enterprises Inc Common Stock
CSELQ Caribbean Select Inc Common Stock
CSEM Consolidated Streaming Inc Common Stock (NV)
CSEN Co Se Co Inc Unclassified
CSEOF Cosel Co Ltd Ord (F) Ordinary Shares
CSEQF Compagnie Signalisatn Equip El Ordinary Shares
CSER Colchester Corp Unclassified
CSESF Connaught Biosciences Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CSET Cl Assets Inc Unclassified
CSFAF Capa Software Publ Corp Cl A Ordinary Shares
CSFBF China Specialised Fibre Holdings, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Bermuda) HKD
CSFEF Cesc Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India)
CSFG Columbus Fdg Corp Unclassified
CSFH Cosmopolitan Funeral Home Inc Unclassified
CSFRF Castorama Dubois Investissements SCA ACT PROV.OPA (France)
CSFS Cal Star Finl Svcs Inc Unclassified
CSGB Citizens Svgs Bk Inc Rocky Mt Common Stock
CSGCF Chi Sheng Chemical Corp 10 Twd Par Ord Ordinary Shares
CSGDP Costigan Gold Corp Preferred Stock
CSGD Costigan Gold Corp Unclassified
CSGMF eClickMD Inc Ordinary Shares
CSGNO Chase Gen Corp Preferred Stock
CSGNP Chase Gen Corp Preferred Stock
CSGN Chase Gen Corp Unclassified
CSGOF CSMC Technologies Corporation Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands)
CSGRF Coast Range Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares
CSGTF Cons Sarabat Gold Corp Ordinary Shares
CSGVF Crespi Giovanni Ordinary Shares
CSHGF Consorcio Hogar Sa De Cv Ord Ordinary Shares
CSHHY Consorcio Hogar Sa De Cv Ord American Depositary Shares
CSHL Canadian Shield Mng Corp Unclassified
CSHM Cushman Inds Inc Unclassified
CSHNF Chunshin Electronics Inc Ordinary Shares
CSHO Cannon Shoe Co Unclassified
CSHP Coastal Ship Corp Unclassified
CSHR Crestshire Corp Unclassified
CSHT Constance Hotel Co Unclassified
CSHWA Carpet Showplace Usa Inc Cl A Common Stock
CSHYY China Strategic Holdings Ltd Sponsored ADR New (Hong Kong)
CSIAF Cmb Asia Fund Ordinary Shares
CSIC Control Science Corp Domestic Common Stock
CSIDF Cosa S A Industria E Comercio Ordinary shares (Brazil)
CSIE Classic Media Distributors Inc Common Stock
CSIG Cosmic Technologies Corp Common Stock
CSIHP Columbus Ins Hldg Co Unclassified
CSIH Columbus Ins Hldg Co Unclassified
CSILF Cosmetics Intl Ltd Ordinary Shares
CSIL Cosmetics Intl Ltd Unclassified
CSIP Calcasieu Paper Inc Unclassified
CSIRF Chant Sincere Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CSIVF Contl Silver Corp Ordinary Shares
CSIX Cybernetic Svcs Inc Common Stock
CSIZF CSI Co Ltd Sapporo Ordinary Shares
CSJAF CS Communication & Systemes ACT (French) EUR
CSKAF Chuska Resources Corp Ordinary Shares
CSKFF Central Schweiz Kraftwerke Namen-AKT shares (Switzerland)
CSKN Comstock Intl Corp Unclassified
CSKOF China Enterprise Stock Co Ltd Shares A (China)
CSKR Cabinet Supplies Ky Rst Common Stock
CSKUF Chuo Seisakusho Ltd Common Ordinary Shares
CSKXF Casket Ord 10p Ass Ordinary Shares
CSKY Citizens Bk Co Sandusky Ohio Common Stock
CSKZF CSK Communications Corp Ordinary Shares
CSLCZ Cortez Silver Lead Corp Shares of Beneficial Interest
CSLC Cortez Silver Lead Corp Unclassified
CSLD Cessland Ltd Unclassified
CSLF Central Sts Life Ins Co Unclassified
CSLHF Canadian Salmon Leather Corp Ordinary Shares
CSLJF Consolidated Mercantile Inc Pref Shs CL A (Canada)
CSLKF Cross Link Powder Coating Salinas Inc Ordinary Shares (Canada)
CSLL Casull Arms Corp Common Stock
CSLN Carroll Stanley Inds Inc Common Stock
CSLPF CSS Stellar Plc Ordinary Shares
CSLT Community Shares Ltd Unclassified
CSLU Contl Sec Life Ins Co Common Stock
CSLW Caravan Tralr Lodges St Lawren Common Stock
CSMAF Veltex Corp Ordinary Shares
CSMCF Companhia De Seguros Mund Conf Ordinary Shares
CSMDF Comops Limited Ordinary Shares
CSME Consolidated Mines, Inc. Common Stock
CSMG Central Sts Mng Inc Unclassified
CSMI Cadillac St Bk Mich Unclassified
CSMJF Centrale Suiker Mij Certfs Ordinary Shares
CSML Central Steam Laundry Co Ill Unclassified
CSMMF C Sm Ord/Centrale Suiker Mij Ordinary Shares
CSMN Charisma Enterprises Corp Unclassified
CSMRF Casamiro Res Corp (F) Ordinary Shares
CSMT Consumat Environment Sys Inc Common Stock
CSMUF C S M 1 Nlg Ctfs (F) Ordinary Shares
CSMVF C & S Microwave Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CSMW CSM Worldwide, Inc. Common Stock
CSMXP Cosmetex Inds Inc Del Unclassified
CSMX Cosmetex Inds Inc Del Unclassified
CSMZF C S M Nv Bearer Ordinary Shares
CSNA Consignee Of Amer Inc Unclassified
CSNB Chelsea Natl Bk N Y Unclassified
CSND Colorsound Inc Unclassified
CSNFF C S M Ns Shs Ordinary Shares
CSNG China Ginseng Holdings Inc Common Stock
CSNJ Csm Nv Common Stock
CSNM Cascade Energy & Metals Corp Unclassified
CSNPF Cons Niche Peripherals Ordinary Shares
CSNRF Chesnara Plc Witham Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom)
CSNZF Casing Macron Technology Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CSOEF Cosmo Electronics Corp Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CSOG Circle Seven Oil & Gas Inc Unclassified
CSOHF Clas Ohlson AB B Shares (Sweden)
CSOIF Crusader Oil Plc Ordinary Shares
CSOO Copper Soo Mng Ltd Unclassified
CSOTA Central & Southn Hldg Co Fla A Common Stock
CSOY Central Soya Inc Unclassified
CSPA Comspace Corp Unclassified
CSPB Central Sts Paper & Bag Co Unclassified
CSPDF Cmi Spa Ordinary Shares
CSPEP Cespedes Sugar Co Preferred Stock
CSPE Cespedes Sugar Co Unclassified
CSPF Crescent Spinning Co Common Stock
CSPJF Choiseul Plantations Hldgs Ordinary Shares
CSPNO Caspen Oil Plc Ord Preferred Stock
CSPPF Cons Paper Industries Ordinary Shares
CSPR Canadian Supreme Energy Ltd Unclassified
CSPS Carolina Space Stas Inc Unclassified
CSPXF Crescent Stl Alld Prods Ltd Ordinary Shares
CSPYF Cussins Property Group Plc Ordinary Shares
CSQM Cons Equities & Mgmt Unclassified
CSQSF Companhia Energetica De Sao Paulo Cesp Ord Ordinary Shares
CSRC Controls Resh Corp Unclassified
CSRDF C S Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares
CSRI Csr Inds Inc Unclassified
CSRJF Csr Holdings Ordinary Shares
CSRKF Csm Cert Stk Ordinary Shares
CSROF C S R Ltd Conv 8 Unsec Pfd Ordinary Shares
CSRPF Corsair Pete Inc Ordinary Shares
CSRR Copper Sts Res Inc Common Stock
CSRSF Consors France Ordinary Shares
CSRT Coast Svgs Bk Sarasota Fla Unclassified
CSRYF Canada Southn Ry Co Ordinary Shares
CSSB Chesaning St Bk Mich Unclassified
CSSC Cresson Cons Inc Unclassified
CSSEF Colossus Res Equities Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CSSFF Cssc Casino Software Corp Ordinary Shares
CSSGP Charles Street Garage Co Preferred Stock
CSSG Charles Street Garage Co Common Stock
CSSHF China Special Steel Holdings Company Limited Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands)
CSSLF Casella A G 100dm Ordinary Shares
CSSM Chess Mng Corp Common Stock
CSSN Class Inc Common Stock
CSSPF Cos Computer Sys Ag Bearer Ordinary Shares
CSSR Classic Rarities Inc Unclassified
CSSS Crown Self Svc Stores Inc Unclassified
CSSUF China Steel Structure Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CSSWF Cscc Casino Software Cp Ordinary Shares
CSSY Communications Sys Amer Inc Common Stock
CSSZF CS Loginet Inc CS Loginet Inc Nagoya
CSTD Central Std Cons Mines Unclassified
CSTE Carolina Stl Corp Unclassified
CSTFF Constantin Film Ag Muenchen Ordinary Shares
CSTGP Conestoga Tel & Tel Pfd 4.50 Preferred Stock
CSTHF Canadian Strategic Hldgs Ltd Ordinary Shares
CSTI Carstar Intl Corp Unclassified
CSTN Cornerstone Financial Corporation Common Stock
CSTO Cst Group Inc Unclassified
CSTQF Crestar Energy Inc Ordinary Shares
CSTS Cs Television Inc Common Stock
CSTT Computer Statistics Inc Unclassified
CSTU ColorStars Group Common Stock (NV)
CSTYF Cimsa Cimnto Sanaya Ord Ordinary Shares
CSTZF Cs Tiger Fund Fonds Ordinary Shares
CSUIF Croesus Inds Inc Ordinary Shares
CSUP Commonwealth Supplies Co Cl B Unclassified
CSUSF Const & Supplies House Bhd Ordinary Shares
CSUTF Construtora Sultepa SA Ordinary Shares
CSUXF Credit Suisse Indexmatch on SMI Anteile Shares (Switzerland)
CSVA Crown Svgs Assn Casselberry Common Stock
CSVBP Carteret Svgs Bk Fa 2.25pfd 1 Preferred Stock
CSVC Computer Svcs Corp Mich Common Stock
CSVEF Central Service Systems Ltd Ordinary Shares
CSVMP Continental Savings of America Preferred Stock
CSVN Cosmos Ventures Inc Common Stock
CSVOP Columbia Saving & Loan Preferred Stock
CSVPF Constantia Verpct Ordinary Shares
CSVR Citation Silver Mines Ltd Unclassified
CSVTF Cons Venture Trust Plc Ordinary Shares
CSVX Cons Protection Svcs Inc Unclassified
CSWEF Caswan Enviromntl Svc Inc Ordinary Shares
CSWM Care Free Swimming Pool Mfg Unclassified
CSWSF Csfb Software Solutions Ordinary Shares
CSWWF Credit Suisse PL100-World Water Trust, Melbourne Ordinary Shares (Australia)
CSWZF Canon Schweiz Ag Chf10 Regd Ordinary Shares
CSXFF Consex Ltd F Ordinary Shares
CSYA Consolidated Systems Of America Common Stock
CSYCF China Sky Chemical Fibre Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands)
CSYD Cinema Synd Inc Unclassified
CSYEF Cebu Shipyards & Eng B Ordinary Shares
CSYF Colorado Synfuels Inc Unclassified
CSYHF Cons S Y H Corp Ordinary Shares
CSYKF Cube System Inc Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CSYMF Comtec Systems Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CSYN Cosyn Corp Unclassified
CSZHF Catic Shenzhen Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares
CTAA Centralarm Intl Inc Common Stock
CTABF Coltabaco Ords Ordinary Shares
CTAD C Technology & Dev Inc Unclassified
CTAFF Creta Farm Sa Ordinary Shares
CTAH Contl A/L Hldg Old Non(Partic) Common Stock
CTAJF Cota Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CTAK Chinatek Inc Common Stock
CTAM Contemporary Amern Invs Inc Unclassified
CTAN Cosmopolitan Rlty Co Common Stock
CTAOF Cortina Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore)
CTAR Centaur Sciences Inc Unclassified
CTAT Contl Acquisitions Corp Unclassified
CTAUF Cities Of Austr Ppty Tr Ut .50 Ordinary Shares
CTAW Chocktaw Invt Co Unclassified
CTAX Central Tax Sys Inc Common Stock
CTAZF China Star Ent Ordinary Shares
CTBA Connecticut Bancshares Corp Unclassified
CTBE Capital Bk & Tr Belton S C Unclassified
CTBHF Content Beheer Ordinary Shares
CTBO Central Natl Bk Alva Okla Common Stock
CTBR Citizens Natl Bk Boca Raton Fl Common Stock
CTBT Creative Business Cnsltnts Inc Common Stock
CTCA Citizens Natl Bk Hanford Calif Unclassified
CTCB Connecticut Bank of Commerce (Stamford, CT) Common Stock
CTCDF Chaarm Tech Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CTCFF Citicorp German Certfs Ordinary Shares
CTCGF CTC Bio Company Ltd Ordinary Shares
CTCLF Cons Trans Columbia Inds Ordinary Shares
CTCPP Contel Corp Unclassified
CTCP Contel Corp Common Stock
CTCRF Contl Care Ctrs Inc Ordinary Shares
CTCRP Contl Care Ctrs Inc Unclassified
CTCR Contl Care Ctrs Inc Unclassified
CTCSP Contl Tob Co S C Unclassified
CTCS Contl Tob Co S C Unclassified
CTCZF Compania De Tele Chile Ser A Ordinary Shares
CTDMF Cenit Ag Systemhaus Ordinary Shares (Germany)
CTDPF Cons Carma Corp Pfd 1 Ordinary Shares
CTDR Center St Bk Denver Colo Unclassified
CTDS C T C Distribution Svcs Inc Common Stock
CTDT Central Detroit Enterprises Common Stock
CTDVB Computer Devices Inc Class B Common Stock
CTEBF Citicorp Equity Invst B Ord Ordinary Shares
CTED Certain Teed Corp Unclassified
CTEEF Cti Engineering Co Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CTEGF Canterra Energy Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CTEH Commercial Technology Inc Unclassified
CTEMF Citicorp Equity Invst B Ord Ordinary Shares
CTER Corterra Corp Unclassified
CTEUF Centerenergo Ord Ordinary Shares
CTEUY Centerenergo Sponsored ADR
CTEYF Canterra Energy Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CTFB Charter Fabrics Inc Unclassified
CTFFF Citrofresh International Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia)
CTFR Clute Francis H & Son Inc Unclassified
CTFS Christian Fincl Svcs Unclassified
CTGA Catalogia Inc Unclassified
CTGBI Citigroup, Inc. Series R Adjustable Rate Preferred Stock
CTGBM Citigroup, Inc. 8.30% Series S Preferred Stock
CTGBN Citigroup, Inc. 7.50% Series P Preferred Stock
CTGBO Citigroup, Inc. 7.75% Series U Preferred Stock
CTGC Crescent Gen Corp Unclassified
CTGDF Castel Garden Itl 1000 Ordinary Shares
CTGF Contl Growth Fd Inc Unclassified
CTGH Creative Technologies Holdings Inc Common Stock
CTGN Central Trust & Svg Bk Geneseo Common Stock
CTGR County Bank Greenwood S C Common Stock
CTGTF Ctg Compression Technology Ordinary Shares
CTGU Charter Group Inc Common Stock
CTGVF Close Technology & General Vct plc Ordinary Shares (United Kingdom)
CTGY Commerce Title Gty Co Unclassified
CTHAF Charterhall Plc Ord Ordinary Shares
CTHAY Charterhall Plc Ord American Depositary Shares
CTHB Carthage Bank Ms Unclassified
CTHCF Cathay Constuction Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CTHDF Contach Inds (F) Ordinary Shares
CTHFP Credithrift Fin 4.5pfd Unclassified
CTHJF Chatham Investment Co Ordinary Shares
CTHN Compu Tech Intl Inc Unclassified
CTHO Century Housewares Inc Unclassified
CTHQF Chun Tai Holdings Td Ordinary Shares
CTHT Capital Theatres Inc Common Stock
CTIK Colt Oil Inc Common Stock
CTIL Citizens Natl Bk Paris Ill Unclassified
CTIMF Caisse Regionale De Credit Agricole Mutuel De L Ille Et Vilane Cert Coop D Invt (France)
CTIN Central Natl Bk & Tr Attica In Common Stock
CTIO Clinton Natl Bk Iowa Unclassified
CTIQF Central Industrial Corp Berhad Ordinary Shares
CTISF Central Insurance Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CTIUF Ctb Industries Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CTIVF Certificates Investment Ordinary Shares
CTKBF Carotech Bhd Ordinary Shares (Malaysia)
CTKCF Cia Textil Karsten Ordinary Shares
CTKL Cons Technology Inc Del Unclassified
CTKOF Career Technology Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CTKPF Cia Textil Karsten Ordinary Shares
CTKY Citizens Natl Bk Russelvlle Ky Common Stock
CTLA Constellation Uranium Unclassified
CTLB Custom Labs Inc Unclassified
CTLC Comtel Corp Common Stock
CTLD City Ld Co Unclassified
CTLJF C & Tel Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CTLKF Cons Trout Lake Mines Ordinary Shares
CTLLP Contl Illinois Sr1 Adj Rt Pfd Unclassified
CTLN Centraxx Location Technologies Inc Common Stock
CTLP Central Corp La Common Stock
CTLS Calmont Leasing Ltd Unclassified
CTLTF Cobatec Inc Ordinary Shares
CTLX Central Bk & Tr Co Lexington Common Stock
CTLYF Comptoir Lyon Alemand Ordinary Shares
CTLZF Capital Energy Nl Ordinary Shares
CTMAF Clements Marshall .50 Hp Ord Ordinary Shares
CTMBF Courts Mammoth Bhd Ordinary Shares
CTMDP Carte Medical Corp Preferred Stock
CTMD Carte Medical Corp Common Stock
CTMEQ Clothestime, Inc. (The) Common Stock
CTMF Coast Mfg Co Common Stock
CTMGF Century 21 Mng Inc Ordinary Shares
CTML Computer Term Sys Inc Unclassified
CTMNF Cornwall Tin & Mng Corp Ordinary Shares
CTMOF Coteminas Cia Tecidos Norte de Minas Ordinary Shares (Brazil)
CTMS Citizens Bk Columbia Miss Unclassified
CTMTO Centennial Mtg Ltd Preferred Stock
CTMTP Centennial Mtg Ltd Preferred Stock
CTMT Centennial Mtg Ltd Unclassified
CTMU Citizens Natl Bk Muncy Pa Unclassified
CTMY Computer Machinery Corp Common Stock
CTNA Contl Association Inc Unclassified
CTNB Citizens Bk Genterville Al Unclassified
CTNC Chem Technics Inc Unclassified
CTNE Carlton Intl Corp Common Stock
CTNF Continued Care Facs Inc Unclassified
CTNG Color Tone Origs Inc Unclassified
CTNH Citizens Bk Hartselle Al Unclassified
CTNJ Citizens Bk Irving Texas Unclassified
CTNL Cancorp Technologies Inc Unclassified
CTNM Contl Mgmt Inc Unclassified
CTNN Clinton Intl Corp Unclassified
CTNP Citizens Natl Bk Newport N H Unclassified
CTNS Citizens Bk Lubbock Cty Slton Unclassified
CTNT Charleston Tran Co Unclassified
CTNU Citizens Bk Mooresville Ind Unclassified
CTNY Citizens Natl Bk Hammond N Y Unclassified
CTNZ Citizens Bk Sneedvle Tn Unclassified
CTOA Contl Oil & Asphalt Co Unclassified
CTOC Coditron Corp Unclassified
CTODF China Metal Products Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CTOEF Caltagirone Editore SPA Roma Ordinary Shares (Italy)
CTOF Contrarian Opt Fd Inc Unclassified
CTOIF Chesterton International Plc Ordinary Shares
CTOP Cantop Inds Inc Unclassified
CTOSF Cementos Apasco Ordinary Shares
CTOUF Charter Hall Group Stapled Security (Australia)
CTOW Central Bk & Tr Co Owensboro Unclassified
CTOX Cytox Corp Unclassified
CTPD Com Tech Prods Corp Unclassified
CTPF Contl Appreciation Fd Unclassified
CTPH Chester Telephone Co Common Stock
CTPN C T P Industries Inc Common Stock
CTPO Contempo Concepts Inc Unclassified
CTPR Contl Turpentine & Rosin Corp Unclassified
CTPTF Companhia De Transmissao Paulista Pfd Ordinary Shares
CTPUF Central Pattana Public Co Ltd Units Non-Voting Depository Receipt(Thailand)
CTPYF Centro Properties Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia)
CTPZF Companhia De Transmissao Paulista Pfd Ordinary Shares
CTQUF Control Technique Plc Ordinary Shares
CTRBF Commonwealth Tr Bancorp Inc Ordinary Shares
CTRB Commonwealth Tr Bancorp Inc Unclassified
CTRC Center Circuits Common Stock
CTRD Canterra Dev Ltd Unclassified
CTRE Centennial Real Estate Invt Co Unclassified
CTRF Charter Finl Co Unclassified
CTRG Cytrigen Intl Inc Unclassified
CTRH Combustion Resh & Technology Unclassified
CTRJ Central Savings Bk High Pt Nc Unclassified
CTRK Contl Transn Sys Inc Common Stock
CTRM Central Mich Bk & Tr Big Rpds Unclassified
CTRQ Central Svg Bk Salute Ste Unclassified
CTRS Crutcher Res Corp Pfd 6% Common Stock
CTRU Commercial Tr & Svgs Bk Unclassified
CTRV Cardillo Travel Sys Inc Unclassified
CTRWO Contran Corp Preferred Stock
CTRW Contran Corp Common Stock
CTRZ Central Natl Bk Alma Mich Unclassified
CTSB City Natl Bk Cf Bryan Tex Common Stock
CTSD City Nb Cedar Rapids Iowa Unclassified
CTSE City Bk East Ridge Tn Unclassified
CTSF C Tek Software Inc Unclassified
CTSG Citizens St Bk Pittsburg Unclassified
CTSJ City Nb Ft Worth Texas Unclassified
CTSL City Nb Lauderhill Fla Unclassified
CTSN Cts Intl Ltd Unclassified
CTSP Contl Sts Corp Unclassified
CTSR Centsor Corporation Common Stock
CTSS Curtis Cos Inc Unclassified
CTSUF Cities Of Austr Ppty Tr Ut .50 Ordinary Shares
CTSV Contl Training Svcs Inc Unclassified
CTSXF CTS Co Ltd Ueda Ordinary Shares
CTSY Counter Sys Corp Unclassified
CTSZF Central Software Corp Central Software Corp
CTTC Central Trust Co Common Stock
CTTEA Cotter & Co Cl A Common Stock
CTTH Creative Techniques Inc Unclassified
CTTI Contl Res Intl Common Stock
CTTK Connecticut Technical Corp Unclassified
CTTL Contl Travel Ltd Unclassified
CTTN Constitution Svgs & Ln Assn Unclassified
CTTO Comtro Inc Common Stock
CTTP Cott Corp Common Stock
CTTRP Cabot Tr Co Preferred Stock
CTTR Cabot Tr Co Unclassified
CTTS Contl Safeguard Fd Unclassified
CTTT Canton Cotton Mls Common Stock
CTTWF CTT Systems AB Ordinary Shares
CTTXF Cititrax Nikkei Ordinary Shares
CTUBF Canadian Turbo Inc Ordinary Shares
CTUIF Comat Industrial Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore)
CTUKF Cell Tech U K Ord Ordinary Shares
CTUL Community Bk & Tr Co Tulsa Unclassified
CTUR Citizens Un Bk Rogersville Inc Unclassified
CTUT Century Terminal Common Stock
CTUXF Construcel Ordinary Shares
CTVA Capital & Services Inc Common Stock
CTVCF Contl Venture Capital (Aud) Ordinary Shares
CTVDF Cons Val D'Or Res Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CTVE Creative Cine Tel Inc Unclassified
CTVF Creative Foods Corp Unclassified
CTVGF Creative Entmt Technologie Inc Ordinary Shares
CTVL Centennial Villas Inc Unclassified
CTVP Catv Prods Inc Unclassified
CTVS Centrevest Corp Unclassified
CTVVF C T V Inc Ordinary Shares
CTVXF Cons Tvx Mining Corp (F) Ordinary Shares
CTWAF C Two Network Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CTWC Contl Westn Corp Unclassified
CTWE Cottonwood Energy Dev Unclassified
CTWH Cincinnati Term Whse Inc Unclassified
CTWL Chartwell Group Ltd Common Stock
CTWT Central West Co Unclassified
CTWW Campbelltown Wtr Co Unclassified
CTXB Central Tex Bancorp Inc Common Stock
CTXC Centrex Corporation (Ohio) Common Stock
CTXG Contelex Group Ltd Common Stock
CTXLF Courtaulds Textiles Ord Ordinary Shares
CTXMF China Textile Machinery Cl B Ordinary Shares
CTXO Cortronic Corp Common Stock
CTXP Central Explorers Inc Common Stock
CTXRF Ctx Opto-Electronics Corp Ordinary Shares
CTXTF Century Textiles & Industries Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India)
CTYB Century Bancorporation Inc Unclassified
CTYC Catalyst Communications Corp Unclassified
CTYD Community Cr Co Common Stock
CTYG City Gas Co Fla Unclassified
CTYH City Coach Lines Common Stock
CTYJF Contl Tyre Ltd Ordinary Shares
CTYMF City Of London Emerging Mkt Tr Ordinary Shares
CTYRF City Res Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CTYRY City Res Ltd Ord American Depositary Shares
CTYSY City E-Solutions Ltd Ord American Depositary Shares
CTYT City Trust Bancorp Common Stock
CTZB Citizens Bk Pikeville Ky Unclassified
CTZC Citizens Cable Commun Unclassified
CTZD Citizens Bk & Tr Chillicoth Mo Unclassified
CTZE Citizens St Bk Newcastle Ind Unclassified
CTZFP Citizens Fin Cp Unclassified
CTZF Citizens Fin Cp Common Stock
CTZG Citizens Natl Bk Paintsville Common Stock
CTZH Citizens Natl Bk Chillicthe Oh Common Stock
CTZI Citizens Bk & Tr Glasgow Ky Unclassified
CTZJ Citizens Bk & Tr Van Buren Ark Unclassified
CTZL Citizens Sec Life Ins Co Unclassified
CTZM Citizens Bk & Tr Wausau Wisc Unclassified
CTZQ Citizens Bk Elizabethtown Ky Unclassified
CTZW Citizens Natl Bk Windber Pa Unclassified
CTZX Citizens Bk Folkston Ga Unclassified
CTZY Citizens Bk Geneva Al Unclassified
CTZZ Citizens Natl Bk Linton In Common Stock
CUAT Cultural Attr & Promotions Unclassified
CUAU Consumers Automatic Vending Unclassified
CUAY Custom Arrays Corp Com Common Stock
CUAZF Cellulose Attisholz Ag Reg Shs Ordinary Shares
CUBDF Concordia Bau & Boden Ordinary Shares
CUBF Columbine Fd Inc Common Stock
CUBG Cut Bank Gas Co Unclassified
CUBIF Chubu Secs Finance Ordinary Shares
CUBK Constitution Bk Philadelphia Unclassified
CUBMF Chubu Comm Construction Ordinary Shares
CUBSF Chubu Suisan Co Ordinary Shares
CUBTF Columbus It Partner Ordinary Shares
CUBY Cuba Natl Bk N Y Unclassified
CUCAF Compucase Enterprise Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CUCDF CSU Cardsystem Sa Shs Orig Cins (Brazil)
CUCGF Coutts Consulting Grp Plc Ordinary Shares
CUCHF Construccion Lain Rts Ordinary Shares
CUCIF Construcciones Lain Sa Ord Ordinary Shares
CUCL Court & Colonial Apts Inc Common Stock
CUCN Central United Corp Common Stock
CUCP Consumers Cap Corp Unclassified
CUCSF China Communications Service Ordinary Shares -H-
CUCUF Chou Chin Industrial Co Ordinary Shares
CUDGF Court Cavendish Grp Plc Ordinary Shares
CUDY Curl Up & Dry Inc Unclassified
CUEIF Cheng Uei Precision Industry Ordinary Shares
CUEOF C Cube Corp Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CUES Cues Inc Unclassified
CUEV Computer Environments Corp Common Stock
CUFRF Commerical Union France Ordinary Shares
CUGCF China Oriental Group Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Bermuda)
CUGLF Cougar Logistics Corporation Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore)
CUGPF Corum Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia)
CUGU Compuguard Prot Sys Inc Common Stock
CUGYF Chuo Gyorui Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CUHGF China United (Holdings) Ltd Ordinary Shares
CUHOF Cluster Technology Co Ltd, Higashi-Osaka Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CUHVF Cumulus Technology Ltd Ordinary Shares
CUIDF Cummins India Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India)
CUIIF Curitel Communication Inc Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CUINF Century Inns Plc Ordinary Shares
CUITF Circuit Electronic Ind Fgn Reg Ordinary Shares
CUIYF Catuity Inc. Shs Chess Units of Foreign Securities
CUKMF Carsi Buyuk Magazacilik Carsi Ordinary Shares (Turkey)
CUKRF Cukurova Elektrik As Ords Ordinary Shares
CULHF Cullinan Hotel Leisure Ordinary Shares
CULKF Computerlinks Computerhandles Ag Npv Ordinary Shares
CULN Curtline Amer Inc Unclassified
CULOF Cultor Oy Fim12 Ordinary Shares
CULTF Cultor Corporation Ser Ii Ordinary Shares
CULTY Cultor Corporation Ser Ii American Depositary Shares
CUMI Cummings Inc Int'L Sgn Svc Unclassified
CUML Cove Uranium Mines Ltd Unclassified
CUMOF Cumo Resources Ltd (B.C) Unclassified
CUMP Compusamp Inc Common Stock
CUMRF Choushimaru Co Ltd, Chiba Ordinary shares (Japan)
CUNAF Commercial Un Assurn Ltd Cl A Ordinary Shares
CUNL Community National Corporation (North Dakota) Common Stock
CUNR Community Bank (Russellville, Missouri) Common Stock
CUNYF Countrywide Retail Tr Uts Unit
CUOCF Curocom Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CUOH Custar State Bank (Custar, Ohio) Common Stock
CUORF Courts Plc Ord 25p Ordinary Shares
CUPA Curtis Paper Co Unclassified
CUPFF Caribbean Utilities Ltd Cl A Ordinary Shares
CUPIF Cupid Plc-Fgn (Gbp) Ordinary Shares
CUPKF Consumers Packaging Inc Ordinary Shares
CUPL Culpepers Plantation Entpr Unclassified
CUPMF Chumporn Palm Oil Industry Public Co Ltd Shares Foreign Registered (Thailand)
CUPNF Chumporn Palm Oil Industry Public Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Thailand)
CUPOF Computerland Poland Sa Ord Ordinary Shares
CUPSF Cpu Softwarehouse Ag, Augsburg Ordinary Shares
CUPTF Computer Innovations Dstr Inc Ordinary Shares
CUPWO Comm & Pwr Inds Inc 14.00 Pfd Preferred Stock
CUPWP Comm & Pwr Inds Inc 14.00 Pfd Preferred Stock
CURBP Candiac Urban Devs Inc Preferred Stock
CURB Candiac Urban Devs Inc Unclassified
CURCF Celico Resources Ltd Ordinary Shares
CURIF Courir Sa Ordinary Shares (France)
CURJF Capital Nomura Securities Ordinary Shares (Thailand)
CURL Curlee Clothing Co Unclassified
CURMF Cons Uranium Mines Ordinary Shares
CUROF Colseguros Ordinary Shares
CURPF Celular Crt Particip-Pref Preferred Stock
CURRP Computers & Rrs Inc Preferred Stock
CURR Computers & Rrs Inc Unclassified
CURS Curatus Inc Common
CUSB Communications/Usa Inc Common Stock
CUSCF Cross Plus Inc Nagoya Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CUSJF Chuo Shoji Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CUSPF Countryside Properties Plc Ordinary Shares
CUSQF Cusac Inds Ltd Ordinary Shares
CUSS Cultus Res N L Unclassified
CUSTF Custos AB Ordinary Shares
CUSV Custom Communications Svcs Inc Common Stock
CUSY Compu Sort Sys Inc Common Stock
CUTDF China United Tr Ordinary Shares
CUTGF Chiu Ting Machinery Company Ltd Ordinary Shares
CUTH Cal-Ute Technologies Inc Common Stock
CUTI Consumer & Technical Inds Inc Common Stock
CUTK Circutek Inc Unclassified
CUTN Consumer Technologies Inc Unclassified
CUTTF Chengdu Measuring and Cutting Tools Co Ltd Shares -A- (China)
CUTU Cut Up Capers Inc Common Stock
CUUR Cup Res Inc Common Stock
CUUSF Cutlass Industries Corp Ordinary Shares
CUUWF Cheng Shin Rubber Ordinary Shares
CUWAF Countrywide Assured Group Plc Ordinary Shares
CUWLF Chuwa Wool Ind Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CUWR Computer Power, Inc. Common Stock
CUWS Combustion Waste Systems Inc Common Stock
CUWV Curwensville St Bk Pa Unclassified
CUXLF Casau Exploration Ltd Ordinary Shares
CUYB Community Bankshares, Inc. (Colorado) Common Stock
CUYM Country Maid Inc Common Stock
CUYP Century Computer Corp Common Stock
CUYRF C Uyemura & Co Ltd Osaka Ordinary Shares
CUYXF Chun Yuan Steel Indl Ordinary Shares
CVAB Cleveland Bldrs Supply Co Unclassified
CVAGF Connova Group Ab Ordinary Shares
CVAR C V American Corp Common Stock
CVAX Cevaxs Corp Unclassified
CVBAF CVS Bay Area Inc Urayasu Ordinary Shares
CVBJF Cervecrias Per Back Wrking Shs Ordinary Shares
CVBRF Cerv Backus Y Johnston Com Sh Ordinary Shares
CVCJF Coventy Coil O Matic Haryana Ltd Shs Dematerialised
CVCMF Cerveceria Moctezuma S A Ord Ordinary Shares
CVCNF Cons Van-City Marble Ltd Ordinary Shares
CVCUF Cinevista Communications Ltd Ordinary Shares
CVCZF Cervercia Nac De Cerveza Ordinary Shares
CVDAF Calvada Res Inc Ordinary Shares
CVDC Clearview Diamond Corp Common Stock
CVDFF Cvd Entertainment (Fgn) Ordinary Shares
CVDGF Cons Van Anda Gold Ltd Ordinary Shares
CVDLF Caverdale Group Plc Ord Ordinary Shares
CVDNF Cvd Entertainment (Fgn) Ordinary Shares
CVDO Citizens Bancorp Oviedo Inc Common Stock
CVEC Convalescent Equity Corp Unclassified
CVEIF Creative Inc Ordinary Shares
CVEL Carvel Corp Common Stock
CVENA Coventry Ventures Inc Common Stock
CVEN Coventry Ventures Inc Unclassified
CVES Covest Hldgs Inc Unclassified
CVEVF Colonia Vers Verzug Ordinary Shares
CVEXY Caravan Expr Travel Ltd Adr American Depositary Shares
CVFNF Credit Agricole Du Nord Est Sa Ordinary Shares
CVFXF Credit Agricolemutuel De La G Ordinary Shares
CVGDF Cenvicgold (Aud) Fgn Ordinary Shares
CVGL Cover Girl Miami Inc Unclassified
CVGOF Corporacion Geo Sa De Cv Ser B Ordinary Shares
CVHI Convalescent Home Inds Inc Unclassified
CVHO Cleveland Hockey Club Inc Unclassified
CVHSF Chevalier Singapore Hldgs Ltd Ordinary Shares
CVID Cablevision Invt Detroit Inc Unclassified
CVIG Cons Vigor Mines Ltd Unclassified
CVIHF Cavendish Intl Holdings Ordinary Shares
CVIL Cheese Villa Stores Inc Unclassified
CVIN Capvest Intl Inc Unclassified
CVIO Central Violeta Sugar Co S A Unclassified
CVIR Creative Environments Inc Unclassified
CVJK Charvet Jackson & Co Inc Unclassified
CVJLF Carvajal Ord Ordinary Shares
CVKAF China Vanke Co Ltd Shares -A- (China)
CVLAF Compania Vinicola Norte De Espana Ordinary Shares
CVLB Charter Bk Culver City Calif Common Stock
CVLEF Cavalier Energy Inc Ordinary Shares
CVLHF Chevalier Itech Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Bermuda)
CVLPF Colvilles Ltd Pfd 5.50% Ordinary Shares
CVLSF Colvilles Ltd Pfd 5.50% Ordinary Shares
CVLVA Cenvill Development Cl A Common Stock
CVLVB Cenvill Development Cl A Common Stock
CVMGP Cleveland Mtg Co Preferred Stock
CVMG Cleveland Mtg Co Unclassified
CVMM Clover Mini Marts Inc Unclassified
CVMR Creative Merchandising Inc Unclassified
CVMS Cleveland St Bk Miss Unclassified
CVMVF Cavelba Mutual Fund (Ven) Ordinary Shares
CVNC Convan Corp Unclassified
CVNGF China Convergent Corporation Limited Ordinary Shares
CVNLF Cerveceria Nacional S A Ord Ordinary Shares
CVNLY Cerveceria Nacional S A Ord American Depositary Shares
CVNO Convention Ctrs Inc Common Stock
CVNRP Celestial Ventures Corporation Preferred Stock
CVNR Celestial Ventures Corporation Common Stock
CVNT C V Intl Corp Unclassified
CVOB Covington Tr & Bkg Common Stock
CVOCF Clevo Company Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CVOEF Cia Vinicola Del Norte De Espana Ordinary Shares (Spain)
CVOGF Caravan Oil & Gas Ltd Ordinary Shares (Canada)
CVOIF Creative Sensor Inc Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CVOP Clavos Porcupine Mines Ltd Unclassified
CVOTF Cave Co Ltd Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CVPC Convenience Prods Corp Unclassified
CVPD C V Posi-Drive Common Stock
CVPE Corvette Pete Corp Unclassified
CVPKO Clevepak Corp Del Preferred Stock
CVPKP Clevepak Corp Del Preferred Stock
CVPK Clevepak Corp Del Unclassified
CVPP Creative Polymer Prods Corp Unclassified
CVPTF Ceval Participacoes Pref Shs Ordinary Shares
CVRC Culver Natl Bank Calif Common Stock
CVRI Convenant Reit Inc Unclassified
CVRMF Converium Holding AG Zug Ordinary Shares
CVRN Cvr Inds Inc Unclassified
CVRPF China Seven Star Shopping LTD Ordinary Shares (Hong Kong)
CVRSF Chauvco Resources Ltd Cl A Ordinary Shares
CVSB Charlevoix Cnty St Bk Mich Unclassified
CVSDF Credito Valtellinese Scarl Sondri AZ Shs (Italy)
CVSE Covington Springs Expls Inc Unclassified
CVSG Converse Technologies Common Stock
CVSH Colvest Hldgs Co Unclassified
CVSMF Cia Vidraria Santa Marina Ordinary Shares
CVSO Conversational Computing Inc Unclassified
CVSP Convenience Store Spclties Inc Common Stock
CVSV Creative Svc & Dev Corp Unclassified
CVTA Corvita Corporation Common Stock
CVTC Cvt Corp Amer Unclassified
CVTN California Veterinary Svcs Inc Unclassified
CVTTF Coventive Technologies Ltd. Common Shares (Bermuda)
CVTYF Coventry Group Ltd Ordinary Shares (Australia)
CVUTF Computer Svcs Solutions Hld Nv Ordinary Shares
CVVA Creative Video Appl Common Stock
CVVIF Comercial Del Plata Arp10 Ordinary Shares
CVVS Creative Ventures Corp Unclassified
CVWE Castle View Equine Ctr Inc Common Stock
CVWI Crest View, Inc. Common Stock
CVWR Centerville Nb Warwick Ri Unclassified
CVXLF Carnival Textile Ind Corp Ordinary Shares
CVYB Cherokee Vy Fed Svgs Bk Unclassified
CVYD Colorado Mtn Vineyards Inc Unclassified
CVYG Crescent Vy Gold Inc Unclassified
CVYI Cordorus Valley Bancorp Inc Unclassified
CVYM Copper Vy Mines Ltd Unclassified
CVZO Cuban Venezuelan Oil Vtg Tr Unclassified
CWAAF Chiwan Wharf Holdings Ltd Shares -A- (China)
CWAD Capital Bk N A Wash Dc Unclassified
CWAEF Choong Wae Pharmaceutical Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CWAG Conway Group Inc Unclassified
CWAHF Chang Wah Electromaterials Inc Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CWAN Chowan Riv Lmbr Inc Unclassified
CWARF Chiwan Wharf Shares -B-
CWAT Clearwater Mines Ltd Unclassified
CWAV Crystal Wave Corp Common Stock
CWAY Conway National Bank SC Common Stock
CWBA Crawford Bancshares Corp Common Stock
CWBL Cross W B Ltd Unclassified
CWBM Crowbank Mines Ltd Unclassified
CWBR Commonwealth Brass Corp Unclassified
CWBT Caldwell Bk & Tr Co Columbia Unclassified
CWCBF China Wire & Cable Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CWCC Capital Wire & Cable Corp Unclassified
CWCPF Crown Corporation Limited Ordinary Shares (Bermuda)
CWCS Caldwell Constr Corp Unclassified
CWCVF Contl Waste Conv Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CWDC Collinwood Cap Corp Unclassified
CWDEP Citiwide Cap Corp Unclassified
CWDE Citiwide Cap Corp Unclassified
CWDG Clawson Distributing Corp Common Stock
CWDHF Canada Wood Holding Inc Ordinary Shares
CWDI Craft World Intl Inc Unclassified
CWDNF Cowden Ltd Ordinary Shares
CWDS Cutter Wood & Sanderson Intl Unclassified
CWDV Caldwell Dev Corp Unclassified
CWEEF China Wheel Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore)
CWEHF Chew Eu Hock Hldg Ordinary Shares
CWEL Cordwell Intl Devs Ltd Unclassified
CWENP Commonwealth Edison Company Preferred Stock
CWEX CWE, Inc. Common Stock
CWFD Crawford Furniture Mfg Co Unclassified
CWFL Carolina Whsl Florists Inc Unclassified
CWGCP California Westn Gas Co Preferred Stock
CWGC California Westn Gas Co Common Stock
CWGDF Central West Gold Nl Ordinary Shares
CWGL Contwoyto Goldfields Ltd Unclassified
CWHAF Chungwha Picture Tubes Ordinary Shares
CWHE Cons West Hill Energy Inc Common Stock
CWHLF China West International Holdings Limited Ordinary Shares (Australia)
CWIL Charron Williams Sys Inc Unclassified
CWIN Crosswind Venture Corp Unclassified
CWIS Central Wis Bankshares Inc Unclassified
CWIT Crown International Inc Common Stock
CWKE Cranston Print Wks Co Common Stock
CWKHF Chawkhong Technology Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CWLBF Commonwealth Richmond Pptys B Ordinary Shares
CWLES Commonwealth Equity Trust Sbi Shares of Beneficial Interest
CWLH Cowell & Hubbard Co Unclassified
CWLI Contl Westn Life Ins Co Unclassified
CWLK Chippewa Lake Pptys Inc Unclassified
CWLL Colwell Inds Inc Unclassified
CWLN Caldwell Inds Inc Unclassified
CWLR Chartwell Re Corporation Unclassified
CWLS Cowles C & Co Unclassified
CWLV Crowell Leventhal Inc Unclassified
CWLY Crawleys Group Inc Unclassified
CWMC Contl Waste Management Corp Common Stock
CWMGF Cranswick Mill Group Plc Ord Ordinary Shares
CWMHP Crossway Mtr Hotels Inc Unclassified
CWMH Crossway Mtr Hotels Inc Unclassified
CWMN Crown Res Mines Inc Unclassified
CWMO Callaway Bk Fulton Mo Unclassified
CWMQ Chemical Waste Management Common Stock
CWMT Commonwealth Mortgage Inc Common Stock
CWNA Commonwealth Natl Life Ins Co Unclassified
CWNB Clewiston National Bank Common Stock
CWNC Crown California Unclassified
CWNDF Crown Cons Gold Recovrs Ltd Or Ordinary Shares
CWNEF Crown Equities Inc Ordinary Shares
CWNG C W Inds Group Inc Unclassified
CWNI Crown Ind Inc Fla Common Stock
CWNL Crown Natl Bancorporation Inc Common Stock
CWNSF Crown Seal plc Registered Shares (Thailand)
CWNTF Care Twentyone Corp Osaka Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CWNVF Crown Van Gelder Ordinary Shares
CWNW Chewie Newgett Inc Common Stock
CWOD Copperwood Expl Ltd Unclassified
CWOGF C2Sat Holding AB Shares -B- (Sweden)
CWOHF Cheung Woh Technologies Ltd Ordinary Shares (Singapore)
CWOJF Cowon Systems Inc Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CWOOF Citibank-Woo Dax Citiraks Ordinary Shares
CWOXF C.W. Obel AS Class B Ordinary Shares
CWPDF Crown Prod Plc 5p Ordinary Shares
CWPEF Commonwealth Property Office Ordinary Shares
CWPGF Computer Power Group Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CWRD Careywad Inc Unclassified
CWRE Central Wire Ltd Unclassified
CWRIF Conwert Immobilien Invest Ag Ordinary Shares (Austria)
CWRK Capital America Network Inc Common Stock
CWRS Cons Warstar Res Inc Unclassified
CWRY Commonwealth Rtys Inc Unclassified
CWSB Collinwood Shale Brick Supply Unclassified
CWSHF Chung Wah Shipbuilding Ord Ordinary Shares
CWSLF Crown Seal plc Ordinary Shares (Thailand)
CWSMF Commonwealth Sec & Mortgage Ordinary Shares
CWSPF Crown Cork & Seal 4.50 Cv Pfd Ordinary Shares
CWSY Commonwealth Bk & Tr Co Sayre Unclassified
CWTB Commonwealth Bk Torrance Calif Unclassified
CWTC Chippewa Tr Co St Louis Mo Unclassified
CWTXF Cwt Distribution Ltd Ordinary Shares
CWVWF Cons Westview Resources Cp (F) Ordinary Shares
CWVY Chippewa Vy Bk Ohio Unclassified
CWWB Commonwealth Bk & Tr Wellsboro Unclassified
CWWN Commonwealth Westn Corp Unclassified
CWYN Colwyn Risk Fd Inc Unclassified
CWYPF Conway Printers Ltd Ordinary Shares
CXASF Cassell Plc Ordinary Shares
CXBBF Corporacion Cementera Arg B 1v Ordinary Shares
CXBCF Commercial Banc Corp Ordinary Shares
CXBC Commercial Banc Corp Common Stock
CXBDF Casa Anglo Brasileira Sa Com Ordinary Shares
CXBPF Cia Paulista Ferti Pfd Ordinary Shares
CXBQF Cia Paulista Ferti Pfd Ordinary Shares
CXCC Compremedx Corp Common Stock
CXCDF Grupo Ind Cierres Sa De Sv B Ordinary Shares
CXCLF Commax Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CXCOF Cosmax Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CXDOF Cambuci S.A. Ord Ordinary Shares
CXDPF Cambuci Sa Pfd Ordinary Shares
CXDT Card-Tel Inc Common Stock
CXEFF Camex Energy Corp. Ordinary Shares (Canada)
CXGA Cobb Exchange Bk Marietta Ga Unclassified
CXGGF Cheng Loong Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CXGHF Chung Hsing Bills Fin Ordinary Shares
CXGLF Chia Hsin Livestock (1458) Ordinary Shares
CXGOF Cargolifter Ag Ordinary Shares
CXGPF China Petrochemical Dev Ordinary Shares
CXGTF Chung Shing Textile Co Ordinary Shares
CXGYF Co-Maxx Energy Group Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CXHFF Cho Bi Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CXHIF Citroen Hispana Sa Ordinary Shares
CXHLF Chong Kun Dang Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CXHZF Crown Confectionery Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CXILF Climax International Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Bermuda)
CXIPF Coflexip Ordinary Shares
CXISF Credit Nat'L Natexis Ordinary Shares
CXLRF Colinal Resources Ordinary Shares
CXLXF Complex International Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CXME Cortex Mng & Expl Inc Common Stock
CXMF Central Natl Bk Miami Fla Common Stock
CXMNF Comani Inc Ord Ordinary Shares
CXMT Clark Medical Technology Inc Common Stock
CXMUF Chemical Industries(Far East) Ordinary Shares
CXMXF Cable Mexicanos Sa De Cv B Ordinary Shares
CXMYF Cima Cement Inds Of Malay Bhd Ordinary Shares
CXMZF Chemitalic Dkk10 Ser B Ordinary Shares
CXNBA Connors Bros Ltd Cl A Common Stock
CXNBB Connors Bros Ltd Cl A Common Stock
CXNIF Cinemax India Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India)
CXNN Climax Spinning Co Common Stock
CXNTF Compania Nacl De Cerverza T Sh Ordinary Shares
CXOA Chicago Pac Corp Pfd Common Stock
CXOX Cx Oxytech Inc Unclassified
CXPC Comanche Expl Corp Unclassified
CXPL Canabec Expls Ltd Unclassified
CXPN Corporate Expansion Svcs Inc Unclassified
CXPQF Central Properties Ordinary Shares
CXPRF Contax Participacoes Sa Brazil Ordinary Shares (Brazil)
CXPS Compurate Sys Inc Common Stock
CXPV Citizens Svgs Bk Pemberville Unclassified
CXPWF Canadian Intl Power Ltd Ordinary Shares
CXRA Colonial X Ray Inc Unclassified
CXRLF Carmel Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
CXRSF Curasan Ag Ordinary Shares
CXSCF Capital Securities Corp Ordinary Shares
CXSIF Cibix Sicafi Ordinary Shares
CXSOF Collins Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CXSSF Cross Systems Company Ordinary Shares
CXSY Caltran Systems Inc Common Stock
CXTAF Chia Ta Enterprise Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CXTL Contl Res Corp Common Stock
CXTPF C T P Holdings Ltd Ordinary Shares
CXVNF Context Vision Ab Ordinary Shares
CXXLF Conpart Ind Eletro Pfd Prefered Shares
CXXMF Consorcio Real Pfd C Ordinary Shares
CXXSF Cia Paul Energia Pfd Ordinary Shares
CXXTF Cia Paul Energia Pfd Ordinary Shares
CXYWF Chun Yu Works & Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CYABF Chelyabinsk Tube Works Ordinary Shares
CYACP Century Accep Corp Unclassified
CYAC Century Accep Corp Unclassified
CYAM Crystal Asset Mgmt Inc Common Stock
CYAT Challenger Yacht Corp Unclassified
CYBC Century Business Cr Corp Unclassified
CYBH Cybershare Ltd Unclassified
CYBJF Cyber Communications Inc Ordinary Shares
CYBM Cybernetic Devs Inc Unclassified
CYBNP Cyber Intl Corp Pfd 6 Unclassified
CYBOF Cybio Ag Ordinary Shares
CYBPF Citytrust Banking Cp Php Ordinary Shares
CYBRF Cyberstep Inc, Tokyo Ordinary Shares (Japan)
CYBWF Cyberwin Inc Ordinary Shares
CYBZF Cybozu Ordinary Shares
CYCBF Chuyo Coca-Cola Bottling Ordinary Shares
CYCE Cyclone Entmt Inc Common Stock
CYCFF Canyon Creek Food Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CYCG Catalyst Communictns Grp(Utah) Common Stock
CYCI Cyclops Inds Inc Common Stock
CYCKY City Clock Intl N V American Depositary Shares
CYCK City Clock Intl N V Common Stock
CYCMB Crystall Communications Cl B Common Stock
CYCN Cycle-Sat Inc Unclassified
CYCOF Cyntec Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CYCSF Cycos Ag Ordinary Shares
CYCT Copy Centers Corp Common Stock
CYCU Century Circuits Ltd Common Stock
CYCWF Cathay Chemical Works Ordinary Shares
CYDGF Chiyoda Integre Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CYDNF Clyde Inds Ltd Ord Ordinary Shares
CYDNY Clyde Inds Ltd Ord American Depositary Shares
CYDRF Celulosa Y Deriv De Sa Cydsa Ordinary Shares
CYECF Cray Elec Hldgs Plc Ord 10p Ordinary Shares
CYEE Cybern Ed Inc Unclassified
CYEGF Chelyab Energo Ord Ordinary Shares
CYELF Cray Electric Reg Ordinary Shares
CYEMF Croydon Mercantile Corp Ordinary Shares (Canada)
CYEN City Assd Enterprises Ltd Cl B Unclassified
CYET Cayenne Entertainment Inc Common Stock
CYFAF Cryofab Inds Ltd Ordinary Shares
CYFFA Community Frosted Food Co Cl A Common Stock
CYFFP Community Frosted Food Co Cl A Preferred Stock
CYFGF Cityfastigheter Ab Seks Ordinary Shares
CYGD Cyclone Gold Inc Unclassified
CYGIF Cyber Agent Ltd Ordinary Shares
CYGLF Cygal Bhd Ordinary Shares
CYGO Chantilly Gold Inc Unclassified
CYGR Century Greetings Inc Unclassified
CYGZF China Yangtze Power Co Ltd Ordinary Shares (China)
CYHG Cuyahoga Falls Savings Bank Ohio Common Stock
CYHNF Country Thailand Co Ltd (F) Ordinary Shares
CYHOF City Hotels Sa Ordinary Shares
CYHT Community Bk Huntington Park Unclassified
CYIKF Cyberlink Co., Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Taiwan)
CYILF Century Oils Group Plc Ord Ordinary Shares
CYIN Copley Investment Fund Inc Common Stock
CYIT Cryobanks International Inc Common Stock
CYJN Courtney Jones Ltd Common Stock
CYKMF Cybertron Telekom Ag Ordinary Shares
CYKO Cyphercom Solutions Inc Common Stock
CYLAF Cityland Devel Corp Ordinary Shares
CYLBF Ceylon Brewery Ltd Ordinary Shares
CYLFF Cathay Life Ins Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CYLGF City Of Lon Pr Grp Plc Ordinary Shares
CYLHF Ceylinco Housing & Real Estates Co Ltd Ordinary Shares
CYLTF City Of London Investment Trust Plc Ordinary Shares
CYMA Conway Natl Bk Mass Unclassified
CYMCP Century Med Inc Unclassified
CYMC Century Med Inc Unclassified
CYMK Cybermark Sys Inc Unclassified
CYMM Cybermedic Inc (Colo) Common Stock
CYMO Country Club Bk Kansas City Mo Common Stock
CYMSF Cac Systems Ordinary Shares
CYMT Cybernetic Motivation Sys Inc Unclassified
CYNB City Natl Bancshares Corp Unclassified
CYNC Century National Corp Common Stock
CYNEB CYNET, Inc. Class B Non-Voting Common Stock
CYNHF City North Group Ord Ordinary Shares
CYNJ Clayton Natl Bk N J Unclassified
CYNPF Cheyenne Pete Corp (F) Ordinary Shares
CYNU Catalysis Nutraceuticals Inc Common Stock
CYOAF Cyber On-Air Group Company, Ltd. Ordinary Shares (Cayman Islands) HKD
CYOBF Contl Pharma Cryosan Cl B Ordinary Shares
CYOCF Coyo Corp Ordinary Shares
CYODF Chung Yo Dept Stores Ordinary Shares
CYOG Coyote Oil & Gas Corp Unclassified
CYOHF CY Oriental Hldgs Ltd Common shares (Canada)
CYOIA Cryotech Industries, Inc. Common Stock
CYOP Cryton Optics Inc Unclassified
CYOR Cleyo Res Inc Unclassified
CYOT Cytotech Corp Unclassified
CYPG Inc Common Stock
CYPI Clay City Pipe Co Unclassified
CYRC Country Natl Bk Redding Calif Common Stock
CYRG Cheyenne Energy Corp Unclassified
CYRMF Cyberm International Holdings Ltd Shs (Bermuda)
CYRNF Cyrano Sa Ordinary Shares
CYRTA Columbia Rlty Tr Cl A Common Stock
CYSB Clyde Svgs Bk Ohio Unclassified
CYSC Capital Sys Corp Common Stock
CYSE Century Shares Trust Common Stock
CYSIF Crystalgenomics Inc Ordinary Shares (South Korea)
CYSO Century Bk & Tr Co Somerville Unclassified
CYSTF City Site Estates Plc Ordinary Shares
CYSY C Y B Sys Inc Unclassified
CYSZF Chelyabinsk Svyazinform Ord Ordinary Shares
CYTE Cybernetics Intl Corp Common Stock
CYTHF Century Technologies Inc (F) Ordinary Shares
CYTI Cyttran Intl Inc Common Stock
CYTMF Crystal Mining N L Ordinary Shares
CYTN Cyton Inds Inc (Del) Common Stock
CYTS Cytoscan Inc Common Stock
CYTT City Natl Bk Taylor Tex Unclassified
CYTU Clayton Bk & Tr Co Del Unclassified
CYUBF City Union Bank Ltd Shares Dematerialised (India)
CYUG Cayuga Lake Nb Union Sprgs Ny Unclassified
CYUKF Cons Yukon Minerals Corp Ordinary Shares
CYUPF Cementos Yura Ps Ordinary Shares
CYURF Crystal Mountain Res Ltd Ordinary Shares
CYVNF Cityvision Plc Ord Ordinary Shares
CYWHF Canary Wharf Group plc Ordinary Shares
CYXC Canute Corp Common Stock
CZAC Citizens Natl Bk Akron Colo Unclassified
CZAL Citizens Bancorp Lawrence Ala Unclassified
CZAT Citizens Tr Co Atlanta Ga Unclassified
CZAZF Ceske Energ Zavody American Depositary Shares
CZBA Citizens Natl Bank Bellaire Common Stock
CZBD Citizens Natl Bk Bedford Ind Unclassified
CZBE Citizens Bank Edinburg Cap Stock (Illinois)
CZBF Citizens Unwriter Agy Bluefld Unclassified
CZBG Citizens Natl Bk Blossburg Pa Common Stock
CZBI Citizens Bancshares Inc Ill Common Stock
CZBK Citizens Bk Tifton Ga Common Stock
CZBL Citizens Bk Lafayette Tn Common Stock
CZBM Citizens Bancshares Co Mo Common Stock
CZBO Citizens Bk Mt Blanchard Ohio Unclassified
CZBR Citizens Natl Bk Brecknrdge Tx Common Stock
CZCB Citizens Natl Bk Cheboygan Mi Common Stock
CZCF Citizen Bk Clearwater Fla Common Stock
CZCL Citizens Coal Co Unclassified
CZCM Citizens Coml Corp Unclassified
CZCO Citizens Bk & Tr Columbus Neb Unclassified
CZCS Citizens Natl Bk Coudersprt Pa Common Stock
CZCT Citizens Bk & Tr Glastonbry Ct Unclassified
CZDH Citizens St Bk Dalhart Tex Unclassified
CZDOF Cia Brasil De Dis Azucar Ord Ordinary Shares
CZDPF Cia Brasil De Dis Azucar Ord Ordinary Shares
CZDW Citizens Natl Bk Downers Grove Common Stock
CZENF Citizen Fund Ordinary Shares
CZESF Commerze Asset Ordinary Shares
CZEX Citizens Express Co Unclassified
CZFA Citizens Svgs & Ln Fa Rchmd Va Unclassified
CZFI Citizens Fin Co Ind Unclassified
CZFL Citizens Natl Bk Flushing Ohio Unclassified
CZFN Citizens Fin Co N J Unclassified
CZFP Citizens Fed Sv Bk Port St Joe Common Stock
CZFR Citizens Bk Fredericksburg Unclassified
CZGA Citizens Bk Gainesville Ga Unclassified
CZGS Citizens Gas Fuel Co Common Stock
CZGV Citizens St Bk Greenville Ohio Unclassified
CZHA Citizens Natl Bk Hope Ark Unclassified
CZHF Citizens St Bk Hartford City Unclassified
CZHIF Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Ind Science & Tech Development Co Ltd Shs -A-(China)
CZHL Citizens Natl Bk Hillsboro Tex Unclassified
CZHR Citizens St Bk Hugoton Kans Unclassified
CZHT Citizens Hotel Co Unclassified
CZIF Citizens Ice & Fuel Co Unclassified
CZIL Citizens Natl Bk Decatur Ill Unclassified
CZIMF Citizens Inv Mgt Seoul Hrzn Tr Ordinary Shares
CZIN Citizens Bk & Tr Jeffrsnvle In Unclassified
CZIP Citipostal Inc Common Stock
CZJM Citizens Bk Joplin Mo Unclassified
CZKS Citizens Bk & Tr Kansas City Unclassified
CZKY Citizens Natl Bk Danville Ky Unclassified
CZLC Citizens St Bk Lincoln Neb Unclassified
CZLD Citizens Natl Bk Lansford Pa Unclassified
CZMA Citizens St Bk Marianna Fla Unclassified
CZMC Citizens Natl Bk Macomb Ill Unclassified
CZMD Citizens Natl Bk Pocomoke City Common Stock
CZMF Citizens Svgs Bk Martins Ferry Unclassified
CZMG Citizens Natl B & T Muskoge Ok Common Stock
CZMI C N B Corporation Mi Common Stock
CZMS Citizens Bk & Tr Marks Miss Common Stock
CZNAA Citizens Utilities Co Cl-A Common Stock
CZND Citizens Natl Bk Meridian Miss Common Stock
CZNE Citizens Natl Bk Pt Plsnt W Va Common Stock
CZNF Citizens Natl Bk Seviervlle Tn Common Stock
CZNH Citizens Natl Bk Tilton N H Unclassified
CZNIP Citizens Indpt Bancorp Unclassified
CZNI Citizens Indpt Bancorp Unclassified
CZNJ Citizens Natl Bk Bloomsbury Nj Common Stock
CZNK Citizens Bk Costa Mesa Calif Unclassified
CZNN Citizens St Bk & Tr Manh Ks Unclassified
CZNO Citizens Natl Bk Chicago Ill Common Stock
CZNQ Citizens St Bk Genoa Cy Wisc Unclassified
CZNR Citizens St Bk Milford Ill Unclassified
CZNT Citizens St Bk Ontonagn Mich Unclassified
CZNU Citizens St Bk Parsons Tn Unclassified
CZNV Citizens Svgs Bk & Tr Nashvile Unclassified
CZNW Citizens St Bk Princeton Tex Unclassified
CZNX Citizens St Bk Shawano Ws Unclassified
CZNY Citizens Bk Cape Vincent N Y Unclassified
CZNZ Citizens St Bk Ganado Tx Common Stock
CZOC Citizens Natl Bk Okla City Ok Unclassified
CZOH Citizens Svgs Bk Canton Oh Unclassified
CZOK Citizens Natl Bkshs Inc Okla Unclassified
CZOM Citizens Natl Bk Okmulgee Okla Unclassified
CZPA Citizens Natl Bk Evans City Pa Unclassified
CZPV Citizens Tr Co Providence R I Unclassified
CZRD Citizens Bk & Tr Pk Ridge Ill Unclassified
CZRH Citizens St Bk Richardson Tex Unclassified
CZRI Cezar Industries Ltd Common Stock
CZRR Czarnikow Rionda Co Unclassified
CZRS Citizens St Bk Roseau Minn Unclassified
CZRV Citizens Natl Bk Md Riverdale Unclassified
CZSD Containerized Stor&Ld Devprs Unclassified
CZSFA Citizens Svgs Finl Corp Cl A Common Stock
CZSH Citizens Hldg Cp Fla Common Stock
CZSL Citizens Natl Bk Gtr St Louis Unclassified
CZST Citizens St Bk Strasburg Ohio Unclassified
CZTA Citizens Tr Ann Arbor Mich Unclassified
CZTBP Citizens St Bk Nj Unclassified
CZTB Citizens St Bk Nj Common Stock
CZTC Citizens Bk & Tr Charlttvle Va Unclassified
CZTN Citizens Bk Carthage Tenn Unclassified
CZTR Citizens Tr&Sv Bk So Haven Unclassified
CZTS Cnbt Bancshares Inc Common Stock
CZTX Citizens Natl B & T Baytown Tx Common Stock
CZUAF Central Azucarera Carlota Pv 1 Ordinary Shares
CZUCF Central Azucarera Carlota Pv 1 Ordinary Shares
CZUR Citizens Natl Bk Urbana Ohio Common Stock
CZVI Citizens Bancorp Vineland N J Unclassified
CZWA Citizens St Bk & Tr Co Wausau Unclassified
CZWB Citizens Bk Wilkes Barre Pa Unclassified
CZWF Citizens Natl Bk Woodsfield Oh Common Stock
CZWL Citizens Comwlth Corp Common Stock
CZWS Citizens Bk Delavan Wis Unclassified
CZWT Citizens Westn Corp Calif Unclassified
CZWV Citizens Natl Bk Elkins W Va Unclassified
CZXN Citizens 1st Natl Bk Xenia Unclassified
CZYF Cozy Financial Corp Common Stock
CZYS Citizens St Bk Ysleta El Paso Unclassified
CZZCF Clinton Card Plc Ord Ordinary Shares

It's a vast right screen conspiracy, I tell you.

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