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Friday, 03/21/2008 12:54:00 AM

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Official link to post-9/11 illness debated while death toll rises
Associated Press / January 21, 2007

NEW YORK — Deborah Reeve got a cold, a cough and a fever that
wouldn’t go away. It was more than two years after she had left
ground zero.

A month later, the nonsmoker was diagnosed with mesothelioma,
an asbestos-related cancer. By last spring, the 41-year-old
mother of two was dead.

“My wife got killed on Sept. 11 and she didn’t die until
March 15, 2006,” said her husband, David, a paramedic like
his wife who also spent months breathing in toxic dust at
the World Trade Center site after the 2001 attacks.
“She got killed and didn’t know it.”

After five years, doctors have definitively established a link
between work at ground zero and chronic respiratory illness;
a study published last fall by the largest monitoring program
for post-9/11 workers found nearly 70 percent were likely
to have lifelong breathing problems.

But experts have been slower to officially link deaths to
the exposure, saying it is easy to misinterpret some diseases,
like cancer, as being connected to ground zero when other
factors may be at play.

However, an unofficial, anecdotal death toll of post-Sept. 11
workers is rising rapidly.
In 2006, the number of deaths tracked by a lawyer suing the
city and contractors overseeing the cleanup of ground zero
more than quadrupled to 90 people, up from about 20,
said attorney David Worby.

The plaintiffs, who all worked at ground zero in one form
or another, died of diseases now familiar to the thousands
who are sick: sarcoidosis, mesothelioma, and pulmonary disease.
They include Reeve, who spent four months working at the site
and at the city morgue; and a nun, Sister Cynthia Mahoney, 54,
who served as a chaplain for six months at the site, often
blessing the remains of the dead pulled from the rubble.

Many experts studying post-Sept. 11 illness say research hasn’t
proven yet that all the deaths are connected _ particularly
cancer, a leading cause of death in the nation, could be falsely
linked to trade center exposure, they say.

Doctors at Mount Sinai Medical Center, which has screened 19,000
of the believed 40,000 ground zero workers, say they still need
to rule out cases of people whose exposure simply triggered
an illness they were already predisposed to contract.
The doctors, said program spokeswoman Leslie Schwartz, don’t
know what the workers “went working into ground zero with.”

Last fall, the National Institute for Occupational Safety
and Health also scrapped autopsy guidelines for the
nation’s medical examiners weeks after drafting them.
The institute made the decision after experts said the
guidelines could lead to misinterpretation and false links
to ground zero deaths.

Experts also say they are focused on treating the sick, rather
than classifying the dead. Lawmakers planned a news
conference at ground zero on Monday to push for more
federal funding for treatment and monitoring of workers.

So far, two deaths have been firmly connected to exposure to
the toxic cloud that enveloped lower Manhattan after the
twin towers collapsed.
The family of Felicia Dunn-Jones, who died of sarcoidosis _ an
inflammation of the lungs _ a year after escaping the twin
towers _ was paid a $2.6 million death benefit by Kenneth
Feinberg, who oversaw the compensation fund for Sept. 11
And last April, a New Jersey medical examiner concluded that
the January 2006 death of retired police Detective James Zadroga
was “directly related” to his work at ground zero.

Feinberg, who issued more than 2,000 payments to people sickened
after the attacks, said he rejected many claims of cancer.
“We were not satisfied that based on the medical documentation
submitted, that the cancers would have represented itself
so soon after 9/11,” he said.

There are some efforts under way to identify the death rate
of those who worked at ground zero.
The city health department, which maintains a registry of
more than 71,000 people who worked or lived near the site
of the attacks, plans this year to study whether the death
rate in its registry is above normal.
The health department has not disclosed any deaths in its
registry, which is seeking voluntary follow-up information
from its population.

David Reeve says it may take decades to prove what should
be obvious right now.
His wife’s primary doctor, Reynaldo Alonso, wrote a letter
nine months before his wife died stating that Reeve’s only
exposure to asbestos and other carcinogens came from her work
at the trade center site.
“It is reasonable to state that her exposure at ground zero
was the cause of her cancer,” Alonso wrote.

“Why do you have such a disproportionate number of people
developing cancer at an earlier age?” he asked.
“The only thing these people have in common is that they were
in southern Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001. Now argue that.”

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4 Responses to “Official link to post-9/11 illness debated
while death toll rises”

1. game Says:
January 22nd, 2007 at 12:41 pm Quote

The US used biological weapons in the twin towers cuz ther Scared little bitches and cant fight. Cheney is A PUssy And gorge is a dumbass. OUr country is run by a PUssy and a dumbass

2. Steven M Centore Says:
January 7th, 2008 at 9:55 pm Quote

Having just read the previous comment I become more concerned about our country and the nuts that live in it with the freedom to spout their ridiculous ideas earned by the merits of truly brave Americans who do the fighting and not whine on chat pages such as this. I was a first responder to ground zero, I didn’t know Zadroga but I know his dad. I suffered several illnesses as a result of exposure to ground zero toxins. My biggest problem is that I was a federal employee and as such, the federal government forgot about me. Actually I wish they would have simply forgotten about me instead of humiliating me and refusing to provide the medical assistance they swore they would provide from my first day in service.
It’s all in my book, “One Of Them” and you can see it at my website

3. Andre Says:
January 8th, 2008 at 7:58 pm Quote

Steve, If this happened to you, how are you not more upset with the government? Christina Todd Whitman told you all it was safe - what else do you think they could be lying about?

I am very sorry this happened to you, and I understand why you would be turned off by the comment by “game”.

Do you really think you have to be brave to go kill people you don’t know for a paycheck? This is my generation going off and doing this, and I have spent a lot of time with soldiers. They are very juvenile, and have no idea why they are killing all of these people. They look at it like it is another video game. I don’t see why we look up to these people, in all honestly. it doesn’t seem to me that they are all that brave.
4. Steven M Centore Says:
February 1st, 2008 at 11:25 pm Quote

Andre, it is because it happened to me that I can be
upset at whoever I feel like. I just don’t see any good
coming from being mad at anyone at this point. Believe me,
there are a lot of trust issues that will probably never go
away but I am trying to piece my life back together again.
If you think it is ALL Whitman’s fault then you really don’t
understand your government or the world at large.
As to your comment about brave people, did you ever
serve in the military? I don’t believe you have. And if you
think your generation is off killing people and liking it
because they are juvenile then I just plain feel sorry for
you. You are so shallow as to place yourself on a pedestal
that you have not earned nor defend your right to be there.
Every generation since the beginning of this country and
throughout time has engaged in the killing of other
people from other lands, and sometimes from their own land.
My generation degenerated to the point where death didn’t
matter, you killed someone not for fun or a “high” but it
was the norm for the situation. I am referring to Nam.
Myself, I spent 6 years on an attack sub engaging soviet
subs in underwater duels, trying to see who could outdo who
and playing “chicken”, only this time it was for keeps.
So, yes, if I say they are brave men its because they
are doing something that I consider warrants their
acknowledgment as brave people. Ask the families of the more
than 3000 dead Americans who have been killed since this mess
started. And ask the Kuwaitis and Iraqis who were dominated
and tortured by a madman. Then find some Holocaust survivors
and ask them about the horrors they faced when confronted by
another madman. Or better yet, ask a WWII vet about the
horrors and brutality they witnessed the enemy inflicting on
helpless POWs and civilians. Ask a WWI vet who survived the
Bataan Death March. Don’t pass judgment on a group of people
because you met some and they said they had no idea why they
are fighting and acted juvenile.
My God, they are only 18 and 19 years old.
The average age of the soldier dying in Nam was 19.
If you don’t think they are that brave then enlist, join
the Marines, go to Iraq, and when they start killing your
buddies and shooting at you, then write me back and tell me
what you believe. I think your outlook will be different.
Take care of yourself, read and educate yourself, listen
to elders and learn, then make statements and judgments

Who or what group/s of people do you think pulled it off?

the cave man? -

or dd...ex. insurance claims for the trade ctr.? -
isn't that nice to collect? -

instead of class action lawsuits from 10000's of workers -
in the Trade Center who been exposed to asbestos and
got cancer? -

An action would have wiped out the owners fortune? -
with class action law suits from good lawyers? -
representing 10000's of workers an genius 888CEO's in the IT-fortunes companies? -
make your own dd....

Spitzer - 9/11 - $4.5 billion payout for Silverstein -
from $14 million of his own money, and his friends
at the powerful investment bank Blackstone Group -
kicked in another $111 million - After 9/11 -
Silverstein demanded a whopping $7 billion insurance
payout? -

New York Governor ‘Destroyed’ Over Threat To Probe 9/11 Attacks
On US ? -

They say that Governor Spitzer was "Client 9" for this
particular hooker. So, who are "clients 1-8"?
And who are "clients 10-100"?
Why do we not know their names? Anyone able to afford this
prostitute's price of $1,000 per hour has to be someone
of means. Who were they?

Were the other "clients" CEOs of Fortune 500 companies?
If so, which ones? Were they congressmen or senators?
If so, who? Were they White House executives?
Were they Pentagon brass?
Were they media celebrities?
If so, what are their names?
Were they foreign diplomats?
If so, who are they, and from which countries did they come?
Do you get my point?

How is it that in this elaborate FBI "sting," only
Governor Eliot Spitzer was "caught?"

Spitzer & Silverstein: The Amicus Brief

Prescient New York real estate baron Larry Silverstein became
primary lease-holder on the World Trade Center a mere six
weeks before 9/11. It had never changed hands before. For a
down payment, Silverstein put up only $14 million of his own
money, and his friends at the powerful investment bank
Blackstone Group kicked in another $111 million. After 9/11,
Silverstein demanded a whopping $7 billion insurance payout,
in the form of two $3.5 billion payments. He argued the two
different plane crashes were two separate “occurrences” of two
separate attacks.

The Megaphone has now learned that as attorney general,
Spitzer got involved behind the scenes, and in the courts,
filing a amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief on
Silverstein’s behalf on Jan. 15, 2003. For years, this brief
languished in the files of the public records room on the 17th
floor of the Second Circuit Court in Manhattan, until it was
discovered and brought to The New York Megaphone by NYC
attorney and author Carl Person. The court ended up agreeing
with Spitzer and Silverstein, over-turning the decision of a
lower court. Spitzer helped mid-wife a fat compromise and an
eventual $4.5 billion payout for Silverstein. The Megaphone’s
multiple requests for comment from Governor Spitzer were

Attorney Carl Person told The Megaphone, “I was surprised to
see that Spitzer had used his position as attorney general to
support one private litigant over another. Normally, this is
not done…Silverstein could well have been someone who
destroyed evidence concerning the 9/11 events by apparently
ordering or consenting to the tearing (pulling) down of 7 WTC
and the removal of the debris from his multiple ground leased
premises thereafter.”

Silverstein’s World Trade Center Building 7 collapsed at 5:20
p.m. on 9/11 without being hit by an airplane. Thirty seven
eyewitnesses working on the ground as firefighters, EMTs, and
reporters, recalled being warned in advance the tower was
coming down. The official story however, claims a fire ignited
a fuel tank in the building, hastening its sudden collapse.

WTC 7 was the NY headquarters of CIA and the SEC office
investigating Enron. 9/11 skeptics believe the building was
taken down by controlled demolition. Larry Silverstein himself
said in a 2002 episode of PBS’s Frontline that on 9/11 he
recalled remarking, "Maybe the smartest thing to do is pull
it…they made that decision to pull and we watched the building
collapse." Silverstein later claimed that by “pull,” he meant
removing firefighters, not pulling the building down. However,
all firefighters had been “pulled” from the building three
hours earlier.