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Thursday, December 20, 2007 7:53:10 AM

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"no dilution...and all the other crap we all have to deal with when dealing with penny stocks..."

Yes, endless dilution and toxic financing is the bane of 99% of penny stocks even though many of them have a nice story on the surface.

The other thing with pump and dump pennies is the promoters take their pay in stock and then dump into the upward spike in interest from their pumping...

Mosh is a gem in that regard alone. I sign up for all the spam pump letters I can so I know which ones to avoid. <g>

mosh is a gem in the dilution category. Also got a clean bill checking against the known spam list.

"many eyes are waiting for a "safe" base to form......once we establish some support we can really only go up...I say we get back to .25 or better today!"

Oh, I hate to say this but strong support isn't until around .12, which was before the word started getting out. Give it a few cents for that would be .15

Unless one of us decides to start throwing our wieght around buying thousands of shares. It's kind of fun to act like a big fund player moving the market with our little trades.. <g>

The overall market is lousy right now, so there is a damper on people looking for excitement. So, I hope not but I think could easily touch .15 again near term, but after that, a bounce back up to .25 or so, soon, yes. That will probably become the new short-term support. It's a nice even dollar fraction number. Pennies seem to like to graviate around such levels for some reason.

Minimum expectation results on development (.03 royalty) should
put us around .30 at some point in the near future. before actual news after which, well, who knows..

.......It would be hard to find a better .20 play out there with more upside potential...

Actually I have another one brewing. But I don't want to say anything just yet. I need to decide whether to dump or get my cost basis downa bit before revealing to us other hi-rollers around here. <g>

I wouldn't mention it except its a little quiet here right now and I need to keep my mind occupied on something else, --decided to hold some ldk through earnings (broke my own rule - like a moron). An example of how big stocks fair no better than pennies when it comes to market machinations...

btw <g> = am grinning (emoticom from the old bbs days)

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