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Re: Lime Time post# 170931

Monday, 04/15/2024 1:45:58 PM

Monday, April 15, 2024 1:45:58 PM

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I don't believe it's that simple and I, among others, have been over that:

And until these copy/paste type posts get a stickie and/or placed in the "iBox" they'll get posted over and over and over again ad nauseam. (There's now SIX moderators and just THREE stickies and practically ZERO information/DD in the "iBox". Why? Hmm, maybe there's not much of anything GOOD to say?)

Let's be honest here. Basically, we have two groups. The Protagonists (the "Pumpers") who don't care about anything but PUMPING up the pps so they can sell their shares at a pps that's as high as possible and, on the other side, there's the Antagonists (the "Bashers") who believe $GVSI is a "faulty product" and can't stop saying so.

But, afaic, here's the problem the pumpers don't want to mention ("lie of omission"??):

$GVSI has finally received comments from FINRA who is concerned with acts by previous management, particularly, missing financials from that period. Management continues to cooperate with FINRA at its own expense in order to achieve the name & symbol changes.
9:50 AM · Nov 28, 2023

I still can't bring myself to say 100% sure (perhaps 95% though) that unless GS obtains the missing YEARS of financials not filed by former management (is that ALL that is missing?) this isn't going to become SEC Reporting again. Which means future applications for corporate actions (such as ticker/name change, merger, acquisitions, etc.) won't get "processed" by FINRA.

So this is not going to be the "TSNP 2.0" it was hyped to become at all but, rather, simply "$GVSI 2.0" and it's sort of like deja vu all over again (thanks Yogi!) only now we know far more about things then we did THREE YEARS AGO and, imo, things aren't good. But who cares, right?

Anyhow, I think this sums things up pretty well:

The crazy thing is the bagholders, pumpers, and believers keep trying to tell me how good their company is. And how wise their CEO is. It follows the same pattern. People are just idiots...

Pump or Not, Always Lock in Gains Along the Way

...Experience and Honesty

I like being honest.

So even if a stock is going higher, I’m gonna say pump it higher. But I’m still not gonna believe in the company. And I’m not gonna be surprised when everything comes crashing down. I’ve seen it too many times.

By all means, ride these pumps up on every breakout and big volume push. But never believe the hype.-Timothy Sykes


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