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Thursday, 04/11/2024 3:36:20 PM

Thursday, April 11, 2024 3:36:20 PM

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"GVSI has a future. It takes one Form 10 with 2 year fins to pass FINRA comments. I'm ready for 2025 It's gonna be fun. That's why I'm back in this."

I think that would be true if GS can get a new Form 10 to become effective, but what if he can't? And it's looking to me like the chances of that happening are SLIM TO NONE! (Some might say "impossible", I can't.) Indeed, what kind of future will $GVSI have if GS can't get a new Form 10 to become effective which has to happen before FINRA will "process" any $GVSI applications for corporate actions (ticker/name change, merger, acquisition, etc.)?

Haven't you wondered at all why GS hasn't filed a new Form 10 since the first one here was withdrawn in 2021? Why not? GS became custodian on May 4, 2021 so it's long past TWO YEARS. And remember this tweet back in 2021?

George Sharp
The process has begun to register $GOFF $SRNW & $GVSI as SEC reporters, as will be evident through 8-Ks & Form 10s, that are soon to be filed. This is for the benefit of the POTENTIAL acquisition targets who require funding options available specifically to reporting issuers.
6:02 AM · Aug 31, 2021·Twitter Web App

If he originally wanted to have the tickers in the "Trifecta" ("REDfecta" to some) to be SEC Reporters "for the benefit of the POTENTIAL acquisition targets who require funding options available specifically to reporting issuers" then why didn't he refile the Form 10 before even talking with that, supposed, asset recently? If what GS said was true, and by not refiling the Form 10, didn't he limit $GVSI to fewer "POTENTIAL acquisition targets"? I would say yes. So why didn't he refile one? I'm thinking the reason he hasn't refiled a new Form 10 because of the reasons HL has posted it all. What else could be the reason? This from back in 2021:

But Lanham wasn't able to get FINRA to approve the reverse split because FINRA found too many red flags in GVSI that Lanham was unable or unwilling to remedy.

Lanham and his fellow attorney Richard Cutler spent nearly a year appealing FINRA's decision, but FINRA wouldn't budge.

It's one of the main reasons that GVSI is probably too dirty for anybody to do much with in the future, making it a bad custodianship candidate.

The A/S will definitely have to be raised back up at the NV SOS at some point, if the ticker is to get active again.

And anybody thinking of taking over GVSI should serious consider that FINRA is highly unlikely to approve any future corporate action, including any name changes or future reverse split, making the shell basically DOA.[Bold emphasis mine]

But this always gave me hope:

George Sharp
All it took was patience...and my wallet. Remember that. $SRNW $GOFF $GVSI
7:52 AM · Apr 25, 2022·Twitter Web App

Now, TWO YEARS LATER, I think he might have gotten that wrong. Unfortunately.

Anyhow, I decided to ask outside this board about that Form 10 and the "two years of audited financials":

is there ANYTHING that GS might need that goes BACK BEYOND his two years (into previous management's doings) which might prevent him from getting the two years of audited financials?

Short answer is yes.

Longer answer is absolutely.

Take a look at a balance sheet and an equity statement. A number of those items require full and complete financial information to be accurate. An income statement is a snapshot of the 2 (or 3) years covered by the date of the statement, but a balance sheet and equity statement are since inception. If information is missing, it is impossible to present those statements accurately. Even 1 year's information that is missing can easily cause the financial statements to not be accurate, and therefore not auditable.

Which received this reply:

So if anything you cite is missing, George could never file an audited financial statement. Thus the claim of filinging in 2025 is bullchit,

And the reply to that was:

Unless he obtains that information from somewhere, but if he didn't have it the first time he filed, I think it is unlikely he will be able to get it now.

So yes, the claim of filing a new registration in 2025 is likely complete BS.

Certainly this isn't a good sign, is it?

George Sharp - Advocate for truth in the OTC
I had hope to start $GVSI as an SEC reporter, but after over a year of having two accounting firms work on it & discussions with the SEC, I begrudgingly agreed that I would not be able to get the books audited.
...4:54 AM · Feb 7, 2023

Well, either he's obtained the missing information since then or he hasn't. If he has this is probably good to go but if he hasn't then I can't see much of a future here at all, do you? Really? (And if there isn't, shouldn't $GVSI "newbies" be told the truth about it? Methinks so.)


P.S. While I'm here, what Canadian Brokerage do you have? TIA

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