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Monday, 02/05/2024 3:18:48 AM

Monday, February 05, 2024 3:18:48 AM

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In the second part of this section, I will explore the management team, followed by a detailed analysis of their financial statements, which includes a focus on the outstanding Preferred Series A, B, and Series C. My goal is to provide an honest evaluation, highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of the company without adding any unnecessary hype or sugarcoating. The crucial factor to consider here is that the completion of the acquisition, and merger and the spin-off IPO pay dividend could be a significant reason for the increasing rise in PPS toward its actual market value. However, the execution must be both timely and effective. In my opinion, without proper execution by the company, everything else becomes inconsequential.


John V. Cappello
The founder of Emergent Health Corp. Chairman,President & CFO
Michael Maguire
Chairman 9.3yrs
James Zimbler
Chief executive officer 1.9yrs
Marvin Segel
Director & CMO 1.9yrs
Robert McCoy
Director 9.1yrs
Kevin Harrington
Director 9.1yrs
David Jones
Director 9.1yrs

Jim Morrison
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Morrison is a legend in the personal care industry, most notably as President of L'Oréal. While at L'Oréal, Morrison oversaw growth that averaged more than 20% year-over-year. He engineered the acquisitions of Redken and Matrix and led the company during a period of unprecedented growth during his tenure. He is considered one of the top brand strategists in the personal care space. Morrison has had a long history of working with celebrities in the beauty space, such as Britney Spears, Kimora Lee Simmons, Flo Rida, Katharine McPhee, Christie Brinkley, Rob Lowe, Kylie Jenner, and others.
Business Week Magazine previously wrote: "Over the last two decades, Mr. Morrison has had a profound impact on the American Beauty Industry. In the industry's history, no other executive has had the level of financial responsibility or breadth of organizational experience as Jim. His devotion to, and success within the American Beauty Industry is unmatched.

James Zimbler
Director CFO - Interim CEO 1.9yrs

James Zimbler is a seasoned executive who has held various significant roles in the business world. Let’s delve into some of his notable positions:
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Emergent Health Corp. James Zimbler was appointed as the CEO of Emergent Health Corp
Vice President of Corporate Finance at Emergent Health Company: Since July 2020, Zimbler has served as the Vice President of Corporate Finance at Emergent Health Company. His responsibilities include strategic decision-making, capital expenditure planning, and staffing matters.
President of Emerging Growth Advisors, Inc.: In December 2016, Zimbler founded Emerging Growth Advisors, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions. He has been the President of this firm since its inception1.
Director of Enzolytics, Inc.: From March 2017 until June 2019, Zimbler served as a Vice President and Director of Enzolytics, Inc., a drug development company focused on proprietary proteins for treating infectious diseases1.
Founder of Availa Bio, Inc.: Zimbler is also a founder and developer of Availa Bio, Inc., which creates regenerative medicine health and wellness products, including the Dr. Denese Brand sold on QVC1.
James Zimbler’s diverse experience spans bio-wellness, pharmaceuticals, and pet wellness. His passion for advancing health-related ventures continues to drive his leadership in various organizations.


James W. Zimbler has been embroiled in legal matters related to fraudulent share conversion. In a lawsuit filed by Peter Mergenthaler, Zimbler is accused of orchestrating the transfer of 10,000,000 shares from Mergenthaler to various entities, including American Asset Management Services Corporation. The alleged scheme involved converting Mergenthaler’s shares in ECOP, a predecessor corporation of Enzolytics, Inc. (ENZC), to benefit others. Zimbler’s actions led to the transfer of shares to different parties, including himself.
Additionally, there is another lawsuit involving Jeffrey Gates against James Zimbler in Suffolk County Courts, Supreme Court in Otsego, New York. However, the details of this case are not provided in the available information.

Charlie McMenamin
Emergent Health Corp. 9 months

Charlie McMenamin, a seasoned consumer product veteran, has recently joined Emergent Health Corp. as a new member of the Board of Directors. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Charlie has led sales organizations with annual sales ranging from $7 million to $12 billion. His expertise spans across various domains, including Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG), IT, Medical, and the BioTech vertical marketplaces. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with renowned companies such as Nabisco, Kraft Foods, P&G, and Mondelez, as well as major retailers like Walmart, Target, and ShopRite.

Charlie McMenamin’s impressive track record includes leading multiple National Accounts Teams in the CPG industry. Currently serving as the Chief Revenue Officer and a member of the Advisory Board at Primal Life Organics, he works alongside influential figures such as Daymond John (Star of ABC’s Shark Tank), Dave Asprey (creator of the Bulletproof Diet), and Dr. Chris Zaini (world-renowned speaker, author, and former Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and IFBB Pro bodybuilder).

In his new role at Emergent Health, Charlie McMenamin will focus on product placement in the nation’s largest retail companies. His mission is to ensure that Emergent’s products find their way onto the shelves of brick-and-mortar stores across the country. With his wealth of experience, Charlie is well-equipped to contribute to the company’s success in the Regenerative Health Space

Marvin Segel
Director & CMO 1.9yrs

Marvin Segel, son of QVC founder Joseph Segel, has been appointed as a Director and Chief Marketing Officer at Emergent Health Corp. With over 20 years of direct-to-consumer TV and marketing experience. Mr. Segel’s expertise spans various roles and ventures:
President for The Y Networks
Chief Operating Officer for Star Shop, LLC
Vice President of Business Relationships and Vendor Relations at ShopNBC (now ShopHQ)
Segel Associates
Marvin Segel, son of QVC founder Joseph Segel, has recently been appointed as the Director and Chief Marketing Officer at Emergent Health Corp. With over 20 years of direct-to-consumer TV and marketing experience, Mr. Segel brings a wealth of expertise to his role. His track record includes developing and launching top-selling Direct-To-Consumer products. Notably, he conceptualized and developed the first iPhone app for any shopping channel during his tenure at ShopNBC, introduced successful beauty products, and managed key vendor relationships. Additionally, Mr. Segel has served in various executive positions related to content-based shopping and social media platforms. His contributions have made a significant impact in the industry, and he continues to drive innovation in health and wellness marketing123.


For the third quarter ending on September 30, 2023, the revenue amounted to $560,449, compared to $211,896 for three months ending on September 30, 2022. The total loss from operations was $679,930, and a significant portion of this loss, $684,607 attributed to consulting. In my opinion, the consulting cost is possibly associated with the merger.
As we await the closure of the merger, my primary interest lies in observing the revenue generated from the new entity, APOLLO BIOWELLNESS INC. Mr. Jim Morrison is currently the President and the CEO of Apollo Biowellness, In a video below, Morrison, expressed confidence in the forecast for the year, projecting an excess of $16 million. This $16 million projection is based on the new acquisitions. APOLLO BioWellness Inc. owns five subsidiaries. Currently, no information is available regarding the revenue of each subsidiary.
Right now Mr. Morrison is the Chairman of the Board at Emergent. He is the founder and President/CEO of Apollo Biowellness. His dual involvement with both companies positions him perfectly to coordinate with THE MERGER and working with Boustead moving forward with the spin-off PHARMAZU IPO that will be applied for listing on NASDAQ or NYSE/AMEX, with NO DILUTION to the Emergent Shareholders.

Calculate Revenue per Share:
The gross revenue is 16 million.
The outstanding shares are 426,951,112.
Revenue per share = Gross revenue / Outstanding shares
Revenue per share = 16,000,000 / 426,951,112
Revenue per share ˜ 0.0375 (approximately)

Determine the Multiple: The multiple used in business valuation depends on the industry. It can vary widely, The multiple valuation indicators in the healthcare and biotechnology industry help investors and potential buyers assess a company’s financial performance.
Biotechnology & Medical Research: 12.97
Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology: 20.99

Calculate the Company Value:

Company value = Revenue per share × Multiple
Company value = 0.0375 X12.97 Company value ˜ .4863 Therefore, based on the times-revenue method, the estimated value of the company is approximately .48 cent. That is based on the new acquisitions not including the revenue of EMERGENT HEALTH CORP.


The company initiated a note payable to Series B Convertible Preferred Stock shareholders, with these note issues falling under Reg A insurance at a common rate of $0.01 per share. As of September 30, 2023, the outstanding balances on these notes were $274,400, $282,500, and $440,573, respectively, and the company is currently in default on these notes. In my view, cash dilution on these notes seems improbable, as, at the time the restriction was lifted, the Price Per Share (PPS) was lower than one cent.

Effective January 1, 2024, Series C Preferred Shares can be converted into shares of Common Stock. Series C Convertible Preferred Stock shall be converted into shares of Common Stock at the Conversion Rate of one hundred (100) shares for every one (1) share of Series C Convertible Preferred Stock

As of 02/02/2024 426,951,112 common shares were issued and outstanding. This number has remained unchanged since May 15, 2023. That's 9 months has been no toxic dilution.

Shares Outstanding on Date of This Report: Ending Balance: Date September 30, 2023, Common: 426,951,112
Preferred: Series A 100 ------ Series B 20,500,000 --------Series C 5,600,000

As you can see, Series C has a total of 5,600,000 outstanding shares that can be convertible to common shares. However, control primarily rests in the hands of Jim Morrison, who holds the position of president and director.
While James Zimbler's background raises concerns, it's reassuring that he only influences a small portion of 1.5 million shares. I like the fact that he is no longer the CEO or president, which is positive news for stakeholders. From my point of view. He must keep his shares locked to ensure he gains portion control of the company. Despite my dislike for James Zimbler, I must acknowledge his intelligence in recognizing Jim Morrison's leadership and voluntarily stepping down from the CEO role to become a director and CFO. This strategic move by Zimbler explains why we see no dilution, and the outstanding shares continue to remain unchanged, securing a stable future for the company.

Class A Preferred Shares have no dividend or conversion rights, but they do get a strong voice in important decisions through their voting power, which is calculated in a specific way.

Series B Preferred Stock carries no voting rights, with a conversion rate of twenty (20) shares of common stock for every one (1) share of Series B. All Series B shares were issued on August 1, 2022,

As of September 30, 2023, all 20,500,000 Series B shares have been converted to common shares, leaving only 1,250,000 remaining restricted shares, equivalent to 25,000,000 common C shares. In my humble opinion, if these shares become unrestricted and enter the open market, it is not expected to cause significant damage to the PPS.

The Series D shares were not issued.

FANTASTIC NEWS has been officially verified. FILE: 12/06/2023 MERGER Name change APOLLO ABIOWELLNESS INC. TO EMERGENT HEALTH CORP.
Series F shares were issued and the number of shares so designated shall be One Thousand (1000) valued of $1880.00 per share.

All of my posts reflect my personal opinions only. Please refrain from making any buying or selling decisions regarding securities based on my posts. I am not a financial advisor; you are the only one responsible for your trades and investment decisions! I do not receive any form of compensation, whether in cash or shares, from any company or third party mentioned in my posts.