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Re: gfp927z post# 694

Tuesday, 01/16/2024 5:09:41 PM

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 5:09:41 PM

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SDR, US Dollar, war, overpopulation, and more -

1) Covid as a race-specific bioweapon to weaken China.

While this would have made a lot of sense, it turned out to be incorrect. When Covid originally appeared in late 2019, one potential scenario was that it was a US bio engineered virus targeting Asians, with the goal of weakening China. This would make a lot of sense to the US/Western globalists, since in their view they desperately need to halt / reverse the rise of China and BRICS. So they simply 'do in' China with a race specific bioweapon. But it soon became apparent that Covid is not race-specific, so this proposed scenario was obviously incorrect. It's not impossible that the virus was intended to be race-specific, but the Deep State scientists had bungled the job, but except for that distant possibility, we can reject the 'Covid as a race specific bioweapon' hypothesis.

2) Covid as the first step in a larger process, with the goal of global population reduction.

The bigger picture that may be emerging is that Covid was merely the first step in a longer process, with population control vaccines to be the main thrust. It's no secret that the globalists have long had an obsession with overpopulation, so the use of a vaccine for population control, or series of vaccines, makes a lot of sense. This approach would be ideal since the perpetrators (global elites) can avoid the effects themselves by simply not getting the vaccine. In this case, Covid was simply the justification for the government to get vaccine mandate power. So Covid was engineered to be like a bad case of the flu, just serious enough to be hyped into justifying national vaccine mandates, and ultimately global vaccine mandates (coming May 2024 vote on the WHO's global mandate authority).

Once in place, a future vaccine (or series of vaccines) can be mandated globally, and in these will contain the population control agent. By then, compliance with the mandates can also be enforced by the CBDCs that are being rolled out worldwide.

3) Variation on Jim Rickards' 'Ice-9' scenario which -- a) derails Chiina and BRICS expansion, b) restores the waning US dollar reserve system, with possible supplementation by the SDR of the IMF, and - c) gets population reduction rolling

With de-dollarization and the rapid expansion of BRICS, the hegemony of US/West is increasingly on the ropes. So a new version of Covid is released that severely disrupts the global economy, thus impeding the move away from the dollar reserve system, and the SDRs of the IMF can also be rolled out as the co-savior, in some combination of US dollar system and SDRs. This brings the world back into the fold of a financial system controlled by the US/West.

4) As strategic vehicles, Covid and vaccines are put on the back burner, replaced by War -

War is increasingly used in desperation to retain US global hegemony. Europe wants to gravitate away from the US in favor of China-Russia-BRICS, so the Ukraine war is launched. Saudi Arabia and Iran decide to join BRICS, so the Middle East war is launched to derail things. Argentina joins BRICS, so they are on the hit list.


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