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Monday, 10/09/2023 2:01:55 PM

Monday, October 09, 2023 2:01:55 PM

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WAR means better profit for AmpliTech. Not to appear "cynical", I merely state a basic/business fact - AmpliTech's part of business is in supplying Gov/thus Military, as i worked there know how large (tho NOT overhwleming comparing to other) this portion of their business is, in fact Gov of Israel /Ministry of Defense (GoI/MoD) usedto be its single/major customer & if wasn't for GoI, AmpliTech may've not exist today, fact that founder/Owner/CEO Fawad is Muslim proves in business we're equal & value brains, not ideology, but folks who are unemployed/young/& feel land is burning uner their feet easily succumb to war mentality. I've met NUMEROUS Muslims in USA & crazy to think but nOT one of them was a problem for me/quite opposite I owe them part of my career & Lived in AirBnb houses where where owenrs & almost all co-housemates were Iranians, Egytpians, Pakistanis, Turks, Lebanese, Etc. yet I happend to have grandma (90+y.o) & several relatives in Israel, being ethnically Ashkena*i jews (60-70% MiddleEastern/40-30% Euro genetics) & even an ethnically Russian classmate there too (as 20%+ Israelis can speak Russian, besids official lang of Hebrew & vast population can speak English, so 3 languages).
Again, Iam not an evil/cynical person, just say this Hamas/Israel War = profit for the likes of Amplitech, Raytheon, Lockheed Mardin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman/Cobham, you name it. War requires such LNAmplifiers for radars/missile warheads, waveguides, electronic warfare (EW)/jamming power.amps, etc. However Gaza Strip is a small place - don't expect it be a major consumer of military equipment before skirmish ends, unless a powerful entity like Iran enters "openly" into conflict & UNLESS Israeli leadership decides to revamp entire defense doctrine & up equipment.. as it's not already high up in terms of expense (country is basically military camp... my cousin served in IDF & can confirm how "everything is affected by military, since high school).

Have a good day folks, meanwhile people die there & yesterday 2,400 dead reported in Afghanistan's twin Earthquakes, this world is a "boiling pot" at times & major problem in MiddleEast isn't in my opinion religion but basic OVERpopulation... too many young unemplyed & volatile people/squeezed into too little land
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