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Tuesday, 06/20/2023 8:33:17 AM

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 8:33:17 AM

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$DSCR for Prison Greatest Pump & Dump EVER

Further Evidence Supporting a Criminal Investigation. Part 6
For all the message board pumpers this link is for you.
Great conversation starter for a convened Grand Jury
And More if you want to get sick to your stomach
A conspiracy among thieves
Overt Act and Co Conspirator are the words for today.
This was a coordinated ongoing scam among Tranfer Agents, CPA's, Lawyers, Brokers, and Promoters. Each played their role (Overt Act) to continue and further the conspiracy. In the end more than 15,000 minority shareholders lost more than $125,000,000 over a ten year period.

These people all belong in front of a Federal Judge answering for their crimes.

Their mentality was it was easier to sell stock through message board pumpers and fraudulent inflated press releases, then to execute on a business model. The business model of this conspiracy was and continues to be that of pumping lies to unsuspecting retail investors.

Exhibits & Evidence of Securities Fraud

$DSCR understanding the conspiracy to commit securities fraud

USA vs Richardson 2:20-cr-00333 Eastern District of PA

USA vs Richardson Eastern District of PA,
case number 2:20-cr-00333,filed 9/30/2020.

Common Elements
429 W. Plumb Lane, Reno Nevada 89509

Home of the following companies:

1. DSCR; Caveat Emptor Status;
2. FITX; Suspended February 2016;
3. IGRW; Suspended February 2016;
5. NHEL; Suspended July 2019;
6. ANVV; Suspended July 2019;
7. ADIC. Suspended February 2016.

And same cast of characters including:

A. Fred Schiemann; Permanent Injunction, SEC 2E and OTC Markets Prohibited Service Provider
B. Frank Petronis;
C. Henry Manayan, CEO of VIRATECH - Expert Market ;
D. Morgan Petitti; Permanent Injunction
E. Scott Watkins; plead guilty/awaiting sentencing
F. Russell Smith;
G. Ricardo Richardson; indicted/ awaiting trial
H. Joel Stohlman; plead guilty/awaiting sentencing
I. Edward Heil indicted / awaiting trial
J. Gary Wolff indicted /awaiting trial

Why $DSCR's Management should be indicted for securities fraud?

This company CEO lied to the WY SOS to illegally increase the authorized capital from 5,000,000,000 to 10,000,000,000 common shares.

All for the purpose of executing this corporate action of increasing the authorized common share capital, ALL without NOTICE of meeting and APPROVAL of the shareholders of $DSCR.

Further the CEO knowingly with scienter materially concealed (highest form of non disclosure), that this corporate action of raising the authorized common shares from any mandatory disclosures. Even to go as far as to omit this action from the "subsequent events" portion of ALL OTC mandatory reports, from June 2018 to current (4 years).

Here is where you can start reading of the level of fraud you have all been subjected to.

DSCR The $49,000,000+ Accounting Error

Further in support:

1. $DSCR a spoke in much bigger fraud

2. A call for an adverse bankruptcy filing

3. Further Evidence Supporting a Criminal Investigation. Part 6

4. Further Evidence Supporting a Criminal Investigation. Part 5

5. Further Evidence Supporting a Criminal Investigation. Part 4

6. Further Evidence Supporting a Criminal Investigation. Part 3

7. Further Evidence Supporting a Criminal Investigation. Part 2

8. Further Evidence Supporting a Criminal Investigation. Part 1

$DSCR Evidence in Support of a Securities Fraud 10b-5 Investigation

240.10b-5 Employment of manipulative and deceptive devices What are the elements of a 10b-5 claim?

“To succeed on a Rule 10b-5 fraud claim [based on an untrue
statement or omission of a material fact], a plaintiff must

(1) a false statement or omission of material fact;

(2) made with scienter;

(3) upon which the plaintiff justifiably relied;

(4) that proximately caused the plaintiff's injury.

In support of the above the following evidence is provided:

9. Exhibit 1 May 7 Twitter DSC Coin Communication;

10. Exhibit 2 May 11 Twitter DSC Coin Communication;

11. Exhibit 3 DSC Coin Not Registered May 7, 2021;

12. Exhibit 4. DSCR Trading History 12-23-2020 to 12-22-2001;

13. Exhibit 5 Discovery Minerals LTD., Press Release Dated May 11, 2021;

14. Exhibit 6. False & Misleading Information;

15. Exhibit 7. Discovery Minerals Placed in Caveat Emptor Status;

16. Exhibit 8. What is Caveat Emptor Status;

17. Part 1 - Using Twitter to Broadcast Non Public Information;

18. Exhibit 11. Social Media Used Pump & Dump;

19. Exhibit 14 Discovery Minerals Tweet May 4, 2021;

20. Exhibit 15-a Discovery Minerals Tweet May 7, 2021;

21. Exhibit 15-b Discovery Minerals Tweet May 7, 2021;

22. Exhibit 15-c Discovery Minerals Tweet May 7, 2021;

23. Exhibit 15-d Discovery Minerals Tweet May 7, 2021;

24. Exhibit 15-e Discovery Minerals Tweet May 7, 2021;

25. Exhibit 15 f Discovery Minerals Ltd Tweets May 6, 2021;

26. Exhibit 16-a Discovery Minerals Investors Hub Message Board Post (May 4 to May 11, 2021);

27. Exhibit 17.b Etherscan - Sales of DSC Coin Prior to May 11 Company Press Release Announcement (Yahoo);

28. Exhibit 18 Discovery Minerals $Volume & Trading History;

29. Exhibit 19. Discovery Minerals Announces DSC Coin on on May 21, 2021;

30. Exhibit 20 "Should I Buy DSCR Stock" the video;

31. Exhibit 21. Michael Handelman, CPA;

32. Exhibit 22. Annual Report 9-30-2019 filed 10-17-2019;

33. Exhibit 23. Why Does a Message Board Poster Have Access to Issuer Only Access Link?;

35. 39 Exhibits That Show Insider Trading Occured;

36. Exhibit 26. DSC Coin Board Shows Insider Information was Broadcasted to Select Shareholders;

37. Exhibit 28.a. Use of YouTube To Broadcast Non Public Information May 6, 2021

38. Exhibit 37 Post index from Marauder Proves Coin Sale Occured

39. Exhibit 43. James M Donovan Esquire;

40. Exhibit 44 Jessica M. Lockett, Esq. filed 2/12/2019;

41. Exhibit 45. Par Value of Authorized Capital Not The Same;

42. Exhibit 45. Par Capital Does NOT ADD UP PART 2-;

43. Exhibit 46. DSCR Nevada SoS Certified Filings;

44. Exhibit 47. DSCR Wyoming Articles of Continuance;

45. Exhibit 48. Reincorporation into Wyoming to Increase shares to
10,000,000,000 circumventing shareholder approval and meeting;

46. Exhibit 54. Authorized Capital Increase from 5-10 Billion Common shares, Par Value $.0001;

47. Alt5 Sigma's Response on DSC Coin Sale

26 January, 2022

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE REGARDING ALT 5 Sigma Inc., and Discovery Minerals Ltd., and the Discovery Minerals Coin.

We are writing you further to the receipt of inquiries from Discovery Minerals’ shareholders and or purchasers of the Discovery Minerals Coin as it pertains to the role and relationship of ALT 5 Sigma Inc. and Discovery Minerals Ltd.

On March 9, 2021, Discovery Minerals Ltd entered into a technology and consulting agreement with ALT 5 Sigma Inc. to build the technology framework for the sale of the Discovery Minerals Coin.

ALT 5 Sigma provided the technology and consulting services to Discovery Minerals and Discovery Minerals proceeded with the sale of its coin whereby proceeds from the sale of the coin were remitted to Discovery Minerals Ltd and more specifically to the company’s president, Mr. Russell Smith.

ALT 5 Sigma Inc. provided technology and consultancy services only and was not party to the sale of the Discovery Minerals Coin.

It should be noted that Discovery Minerals Ltd. proceeded to file false and misleading statements with the OTC Markets namely the name of the control person of ALT 5 Sigma Inc. as being Brian Scott
is incorrect.

Neither ALT 5 Sigma Inc., nor Brian Scott entered into any loan agreement with Discovery Minerals Ltd. for the reimbursement of the Discovery Minerals Coin.

Shareholders, Stakeholders and or Discovery Minerals Coin holders should read the most recent filings by Discovery Minerals Ltd. at More attention should be placed on Note #8:

Note 8 – Subsequent Events Management has evaluated subsequent events pursuant to the requirements of ASC Topic 855 after the balance sheet date through the date the financial statements were issued. As previously disclosed in the Company’s period ending March 31, 2021 quarterly report and further press release dated April 30, 2021, the Company signed an agreement with ALT 5 Sigma for the development of its Discovery Coin and Gateway Payment. However, management has determined this course of action would not be in the Company’s or the shareholders best interest and has terminated the agreement and is no longer exploring a crypto currency initiative. In December 2021 the Company entered into an escrow agreement whereby all coin buyers will be refunded their full purchase amount.

We therefore ask that you contact Discovery Minerals Ltd. If you have any questions and or comments regarding the company, its coin and or the refund.

ALT 5 Sigma Inc.
ALT 5 Communications
420 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10170


48. Email from Discovery Minerals Admits Coin Sale

Date December 13, 2021 lack of memory is going to be your downfall.

From: DSCR Management
RE: DSC Coin Sale

"...Due to the high volume of emails, we will be having longer than normal response times. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are grateful for your support and patience.

DSCR is committed to transparency, and we are working tirelessly to ensure we have everything up to date on our website, social media and investor relations.

If you have questions about the coin, we will be issuing refunds. Please send a copy of receipts or purchasing agreements to us via email. Please allow 7 days for a response.

If you are inquiring about verified pink status on OTC, please know we have submitted all necessary paperwork and are awaiting updates as well.

If you are inquiring about The Ruby Mine or our JV, please know we have more details to be released in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate all of our shareholders.


DSCR Team..."

More Inside Information

To file a SEC Complaint you can file one here

To file a Wyoming Complaint with the Attorney General you can file one here