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Thursday, 11/17/2022 7:52:26 PM

Thursday, November 17, 2022 7:52:26 PM

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Someone posted this on Facebook

Andrew Wortman ( @AmoneyResists)
So let’s go down this garbage ‘To Do’ list that the
@GOP “vowed to do if they retook the House.”

1. Investigate Hunter Biden & President Joe Biden
—Hunter Biden is a private citizen whose actions are not controlled by his father; his deals broke no laws and this will go nowhere.
2. Impeach President Biden
You need what’s called impeachable offenses or “high crimes and misdemeanors” to impeach a President. Biden hasn’t committed any. And even if they just force through a bogus partisan impeachment vote, they don’t have the senate votes to remove Biden.
3. Impeach Vice President Kamala Harris
Again, she’s committed no impeachable offenses and they don’t have the votes to remove her.
4. Impeach AG Merrick Garland
No offenses have been committed by the Attorney General and they don’t have the votes to remove him.
5. Impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
—No offenses. No high crimes. No misdemeanors. Not enough votes to remove.
6. Impeach Secretary of State Antony Blinken
—No offenses, crimes, misdemeanors, or abuses of power. Not enough votes to remove.
7. Issue subpoenas to the State Department
I don’t know which imaginary scandal they want to do this for, but these officials will show up and make clear that they broke no laws and committed no offenses. This will be nothing more than a public embarrassment for the GOP.
8. Investigate Joe Biden’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan
Trump is the one who put through the order to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and did everything possible to sabotage our efforts to do so with minimal collateral damage. This will be another sad self-own for the GOP.
9. Block further aid to Ukraine
We get it. The GOP are proud traitors to America. However, this will require them to unanimously vote against assisting a sovereign ally still fending off an unprovoked attempted invasion/attack by the Kremlin and backfire on them spectacularly.
10. Shut down the government
This doesn’t do anything to help anyone, including the Republican Party. I assume this is going to be their threat every week for the next two years if Democrats don’t concede to them on everything. Call their bluff. They’re cowards and disgraces.
11. Cut Social Security and Medicare
This requires both chambers of Congress, which they don’t have. Next.
12. Pass 15 week national abortion ban
Nope. Requires both chambers. Congressional democrats will never even bring this to the floor for a vote.
13. Pass national “Don’t Say Gay” bill
I honestly doubt that they could even get this one through the House. But even if they did, senate Democrats won’t bring it to the floor for a vote. Next.
14. Pass national bill to criminalize gender-affirming care for transgender children
Will never be voted on in the senate and will just confirm how much the GOP hates LGBTQ youth, for which this type of care is often the only thing that prevents them from contemplating suicide.
15. Defund the Justice Department/FBI
Oh please try this. The “law and order” party that “backs the blue” and hates democrats who want to “defund the police” actively taking funds from our DOJ and most prominent federal law enforcement agency will definitely go over well.
16. Investigate the “origins of the January 6th investigation”
This will do nothing but remind the entire nation that the GOP was not only complicit in a deadly terrorist attack on our Capitol, but are so guilty that they are trying to criminalize those who investigated it.
So yeah, all in all, great list of things to do @GOP. Our tax dollars will truly be hard at work over the next two years.
The only silver lining is that they can’t actually do anything on this list without screwing themselves over ten times worse