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Re: Shawn22 post# 336913

Tuesday, 07/19/2022 11:26:11 AM

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 11:26:11 AM

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The issue of investor non-relations should be raised at the annual shareholder-victims meeting.

When and where is it this year?

Remember - give ____Ben a cuppla munffs from January 2022 to lett hm show ya whut he can do.

Then if he fails to perform, there is nott one thing that minority shareholder-victims can do about it.

The solemn promise and the LIES:

Amfil Technologies Inc., Announces Beta Launch of New Website, New Interactive Investor Relations and Communications Initiatives, Plus Additional Disclosure and Transparency Enhancements
Press Release - 07/15/2020

Amfil Technologies Inc., Announces Beta Launch of New Website, New Interactive Investor Relations and Communications Initiatives, Plus Additional Disclosure and Transparency Enhancements

Amfil Technologies Inc., (OTC: FUNN), is pleased to announce that it has launched its new website and investor relations portal, as well as the implementation of enhanced communications initiatives which will include features such as monthly newsletters, quarterly conference calls, Q&A, and more.

Firstly, management would like to acknowledge that investor communications have been sparse so far this year, the management team has been working diligently behind the scenes executing on the companys various growth strategies, overseeing the construction of Snakes & Lattes Tucson, as well as pivoting in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions to ensure the protection of shareholder value. This has been achieved thus far by negotiating with landlords, navigating government relief, and shifting focus to secondary sources of revenue temporarily until we are back closer to business as usual. In accordance with the work being completed behind the scenes, the Company is now committed to more frequent communications via formal press releases, social media, monthly newsletters, and of course through the Companys newly launched website and investor relations portal.

Amfil is pleased to unveil its new website. The primary purpose of the upgrade was to allow the company to communicate more effectively and more frequently with shareholders, as well as enhancing the companys online presence. The current website as seen today is just the beginning and in beta version until early next week when it will have the full unveiling. Over the coming weeks there will also be alot more content added and it will be ever evolving so check in regularly to see the updates and additions once they go live.

Overview of additional new website features:

Strategic Information: Such as primary objectives, projects, short to long term objectives, insights into decision making, as well as commentary on industry trends, opportunities, and obstacles.

Snakes & Lattes Venues (Under Construction): Including timelines, floorplans, and pictures of construction.

Snakes & Lattes Venues (Operational): Including key performance indicators, photos and floor plans, technical information, and financial information where appropriate.

Financial Information: All annual and quarterly reporting, a more in-depth glimpse into financial information including individual profit center breakdowns.

Board Game Publishing: Current and upcoming game titles.

Investor Relations: This section will include bios for Corporate Officers, Directors, and board members. Also, investor presentation decks, filings and reports, stock quotes, FAQ, and contact info which will allow the company to seamlessly add an approved IR firm when the company feels it has found the right fit.

Communications: Monthly Newsletter, press releases, message boards, shareholder surveys, Q&As, as well as the ability to schedule 1 on 1 conversations with someone from the management team. Please note: inbox will be monitored and shareholders can expect responses within 72 hours.

Future Initiatives: May include an online shop, membership rewards, message boards, quarterly conference call transcripts and recordings, events and team building, etc.

Please have a look for yourself and begin participating today!

Amfils Management Team is excited to bring the enhanced communication for shareholders and the investment community and continue to build upon the foundation laid over many years. The Company is committed to radical transparency, the good AND the bad. Many of our planned initiatives yield results, while others not as much, or are scrubbed entirely for various reasons. Regardless, Management realizes the need for 360 degree communication on all projects. Management is aware that there is currently a lot happening in the world. Situations can rapidly develop, opportunities appear, and the uncertainty around COVID-19 provides challenges. Regardless, management is committed to pursuing shareholder value and there is continually a lot happening across the entire organization. Accordingly, the Company is excited to announce that its planning on releasing at least 1 piece of news per week for the next 8 weeks.

Stay tuned for multiple updates in the coming weeks!

Please visit the new website at

For further updates from Snakes & Lattes and its parent company, Amfil Technologies Inc., please follow us on Twitter @AmfilTech