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Wednesday, 07/13/2022 1:33:05 AM

Wednesday, July 13, 2022 1:33:05 AM

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September 2020 - February 8 (roughly): $TSNP (at the time prior to name change)
$TSNP ran from $.0001 to $1.97 (a 1.97 Million % increase)

Since the 1 for 4 Reverse Split, Ticker Symbol & Name Change, which all took place sometime near 1st to 2nd week in February 2021, $HMBL HUMBL INC. has tanked for 17 consecutive months, progressively plummeting in price from a peak price of $7.72 post Reverse Split (February 2021) down to a dismal $.0450 (lowest so far on June 30, 2022).

Think about that for a moment. 17 months straight, until this moment right now (with ups & downs) it has progressively sank lower & lower, plus has more dilution coming.

Offerings are not a good thing for any stock in most cases due to dilution, but they are especially bad coming after a Reverse Split for an OTC stock. To make it even worse it's an OTC Stock that was hyped to be the next PayPal. Instead of getting on NASDAQ and then steadily going up in price like other major companies that were penny stocks (Red Bull, Monster, Bang energy, and Amazon), $HMBL has sunk like the Titanic.

Here's what every investor on this forum and elsewhere needs to start comprehending. Live by this rule if you are going to invest in ANY penny stock on the OTC Markets. Mark my words, I am right on this one, just look around at the other failed tickers, how many Reverse Splits they have had, and you will see for yourself.

99.999% (yes 1 in 1,000, if not worse) of OTC Market tickers that complete a Reverse Split fail and fall all the way back down to where they began. This is not a joke, this is an unwritten/unspoken Golden Rule in OTC Markets. Don't believe me? Let's look at tickers that have done them.


and I'm sure you get the point. The list goes on for days & days. And these companies haven't just completed 1 Reverse Split and tanked back to $.0001 every single time (or completed more Reverse Splits to avoid it dropping back this low), they've done Reverse Splits numerous times!!! They fail EVERY SINGLE TIME! And it really doesn't even matter if the OTC stock goes for NASDAQ, such as BRTX which is failing badly (it has tanked from $14.00 post Reverse Split and is now down under $3.00; getting crushed just like $HMBL and it isn't because of the recession or inflation, it's because of the Golden Rule). BRTX has been going down since before its 1 for 4,000 Reverse Split (about 20 months of straight decline). Now back to the Golden Rule.

So what am I trying to get across to you? Don't invest in OTC tickers after they've completed a Reverse Split no matter how good they look (my strong opinion based on fact). You end your position in them prior to the Reverse Split and be EXTREMELY cautious investing in them right after, because as you can see 99.999% of them tank all the way back DOWN to the BOTTOM (no I am not a financial advisor, but heed my words, I'm right).

Sorry to crush your spirits but obviously someone has to explain to you all how this works. There is obvious blatant major fraud in the OTCM, and I mean ridiculous fraud. It's even worse than what you all see & hear about in $GME & $AMC, but the ones pumping it are doing the same fraudulent type of shrug. I digress.

Just be extremely careful around companies that are known for completing Reverse Splits on a cycle such as RNVA, DLCR, BRTX, GAXY & BRGO to name some. you can bet they all fail & they all plummet back to dubs or trips if not the very very bottom at $.0001. This was TSNP's (HMBL's) first split (that I was aware of) so how could you know? Well now you do, so going forward help educate others please. I do see HMBL going all the way back to trips unless they complete another Reverse Split which will still ONLY hurt shareholders more (IMO).

Anyways, that's long enough to drive the point home. 99.999% OTC stocks fail after Reverse Split. End of story.

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