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Re: gistheman post# 630

Tuesday, 12/28/2021 1:59:04 PM

Tuesday, December 28, 2021 1:59:04 PM

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Until that rare earth is actually mined - it’s just a gold company doing exactly what they have been doing - years from now/ here’s what occurs here. They borrow, borrow, borrow, borrow until year 2060.

I wisely got out, except tiny % left. So when the “alleged” deeper pockets money folks etc on street we’re driving the PPS up, I GLADLY SOLD THEM MINE- for a big markup in net gains.

I usually- do exactly that. It’s not my first rodeo for buying way under valued mining corps, years before “discovered” by the street. I make it my business through decades of hard tough analytical research and buy large when it’s dirt cheap. Take huge positions. Knowing - that in the future- “those money guys” will only be buying mine later for a premium. Usually years later. That’s my price I only pay, is my “time” sitting on it collecting dust and cobwebs which I’m very ok with. But those “money people” what I call the Johnny come latelies, their price “to pay” later, are my much higher priced shares and retail investors that see PR’s after game and the party is over.

I have no problem “with the street” FINDING this. I banked out it many YEARS ago.

I’m not concerned about what if’s AFTER, IF the PPS increases after I sold dumped mine- before the RS. It’s irrelevant. But I always see other plays nobody knows of, meaning (money street guys) that are more attractive than this ONCE WAS.

I routinely beat the street, 30+ years and other investors into plays like this, years in advance. I’m already leveraged deep into 7 other plays, that I know years later, will likely play out as NJMC did. Steal for cheap, sell high, years later.

Basically I bank on kool aid investors & money street folks, coming in after me, years later after “discovering” companies such as Jersey. I wish Jersey well, it did right by me and my investment. But the rare earth component while its intriguing, it’s not occurring anytime soon. Not at all. There’s going to be a major time lag, more funds borrowed imho. I’m out, mostly.

Somebody else’s optimism is warranted bc they may have bought it and are excited and hopeful. For myself, that peaked already. My viewpoint, is rear view mirror mostly.

I dated this girl for years, LOL. She finally gave it up. Smiling ear to ear. I hope this increases 2/3/4 times for you. It’s just, I made my cash. I’m out, kind of like shark tank, think of me as a version of Mr Wonderful.

Rinse repeat.

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